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flowman 6th Jun 2003 06:01

Mr Draper,
Perhaps one clock is three and a half seconds slow and the other three and a half seconds fast.
I stop all my clocks, that way they are accurate twice a day.

Duckbutt 6th Jun 2003 06:10

Excuse me Mr Flowman, is that a wind up?

By the way it is now dark here in Preston although there is still just a faint glow on the western horizon.

singaporegirl 6th Jun 2003 06:10

DLR is all consonants, though I suppose technically it's a line, not a station.

And technically it's not part of London Underground.

Sh!t, my battery's going fl

Woff1965 6th Jun 2003 08:01

I used to read the Beano when I was 8.

GotTheTshirt 6th Jun 2003 08:57

0200 UK time - a good time to post and miss the rush.

What about syndromes ?;)

the bus syndrome = you get on an empty bus, sit in the middle and the next person gets on and sits next you.

Is that a syndrome or what:D

seacue 6th Jun 2003 09:38

My great, great, great, ... , great grandfather arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts Colony in 1640. He didn't like the looks of the place and returned to England on the same ship.

Sultan Ismail 6th Jun 2003 10:52

My aunt has a red pencil box

Onan the Clumsy 6th Jun 2003 11:31

Wasn't that the code to the French Resistance to say the invasion was afoot?

Buster Hyman 6th Jun 2003 12:01

Is it still 0 for 5 on the cricket thread???:ouch:

Bob Upndown 6th Jun 2003 12:20

At 0337GMT today, there was a thunder storm in HKG

My hair fell out when I got married

reynoldsno1 6th Jun 2003 12:32

We have not caught a mouse for 13 days now, but have left one trap out just in case there are any stragglers...

Belgian Chap 6th Jun 2003 12:40

Good morning!
Lovely day, isn't it?

greybeard 6th Jun 2003 13:24

It's just as well D-Day was 59 years ago, we are all to busy posting to go if it was today.

C YA off for a cuppa a Bex and a good lie down.

Kolibear 6th Jun 2003 15:17

Air Filters improve with use.

tony draper 6th Jun 2003 15:29

That popular tree the poplar is in danger of becoming extinct, apparently they were used in the manufacture of matches, the wooden bit one assumes, the gas lighter and folks ceasing to smoke has led to their demise.
People are no longer planting poplars, the ones round the crematorium here were cut down last year.
I think the planting of poplars should be encouraged,perhaps a the possibility of a subsidy can be looked into, they should be used in the manufacture of pencil box;s and such, Sultan Ismails autie has a red pencil box, so there must be some demand.
They were a fine tall noble tree, it will be a great shame to see the remaining ones reduced to being used for kindling in cremotoriums.


Unwell_Raptor 6th Jun 2003 15:38

I think that draper is causing damage to the national economy by inducing people to post nonsense when they should be working. PPRuNers must waste a prodigious number of working hours. How do they get away with it?

under_exposed 6th Jun 2003 15:41

Just found out my 2001 diary has a map of the London Underground.

maggioneato 6th Jun 2003 15:42

This is my sort of thread, I always talk drivel. Thank goodness it's raining, that will stop the boring cricket. :p

flower 6th Jun 2003 16:01

I didn't have Orange Juice with my toast this morning

tony draper 6th Jun 2003 16:44

One is thinking of founding a organisation called
The Popular Front for the Preservation of Poplars
or PFPP.
One shall be appoint oneself Chairman and Treasurer of course,one could bring to bare the organisational abilities one demonstrated in NALC or Nut a Luvie Campaign, or indeed the highly successful SACB, or Sponcer a Cluster Bomb club.
We will have to take steps to discourage the Tree huggers from joining of course,but one has a very disturbed individual in mind as public relations officer.

One has taken delivery of a parcel this morning, the contents were protected by a square meter of bubble wrap,so one is naturaly sitting here squeezing the little bubbles, most satisfactory, very comforting somehow,almost sexual in nature, one thinks that the act of bubble wrap squeezing should have its own latin name like a proper perversion.
Any other prooners bubblewrap squeezophiles??.

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