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seacue 28th Sep 2003 20:10

Dudkbutt is lucky to have received only a dozen fake Micro$oft patch messages in a week. I've frequently had two dozen in a single day.

While it won't prevent the download, POPFile can allow your e-mail program to shunt these messages into a "badmail" folder. I find it 98 or 99% effective, though it does call a few good messages "bad" and vv.


Capn Notarious 28th Sep 2003 21:31

Shania Twain was singing in my home: today Ute Lemper.
Where does all my attractive charisma come from?

One wonders if Singapore Girl is a fine chaunteuse.........

Davaar 29th Sep 2003 01:02

Not only in the Wars of the Roses, Duckbutt. A former colleague was the navigator of the RAF transport that brought one of the Korean war VCs home for the investiture. The Hero gave him the Inside Story.

The Glorious Gs had been fighting the Chinese hordes in grim deprivation of vital needs: no beer. Some unforgivable logistic SNAFU had held up supplies. It was almost time for despair.

Then all the back supplies of beer, but no ammunition, arrived at the same moment. Jubilation! Consumption began.

At that very moment the Chinese army attacked. The lads now had lots of beer, but not enough ammunition. They ran out of ammunition, and were furious at the interruption to more serious matters.

The outraged VC began to pitch the beer bottles at the Hordes. As they broke, they released the foaming nectar, which the Chinese took to be the latest chemical weapon of mass destruction. They retreated in confusion.

tony draper 29th Sep 2003 01:16

Thats spooky Davvar, I actuallt saw that VC winner interviewed in a history channel doc about VC winners just a couple of days ago.
Err, he denied the beer bottle thing

Davaar 29th Sep 2003 01:56

Could be, Mr D. My particular RAF navigator informant and I were changing at the X Flight lockers at an RAF station somewhere in England, as they used to say, in the mid 1950s, when he casually related the events. It was no big deal.

As he told it, they had been flying the Award Winner into RAF Lyneham from the Far East when the Man himself told the tale. It is double hearsay (I heard my informant, and he said he heard the original), of course, but the circumstances tell me my chap was not deceiving me as to his own belief and his own passing involvement. I believe he was told the story.

The story was not publicly current at the time. Certainly, I had never heard of it. If the Man denied it, as I think you are saying, the story must have had some other more public circulation unknown to me. My information came from a quite independent private source close to the individual. Maybe it has been decided that it never should have official sanction. True or not, to my mind it does nothing to diminish the heroism.

singaporegirl 29th Sep 2003 02:36

It has been said, Capn N, that my rendition of Surabaya Johnny is truly Weill. :rolleyes:

tony draper 29th Sep 2003 03:05

Interesting chap,very frank about what the consiquences of being a VC winner can be, he said everybody wanted to buy him a pint and shake his hand and I thiink the celebrity led to some personel problems for him.
What I remember of it was he was a NCO, who had went forward to take charge and chivy the chaps up, they held of those human wave attacks with grenades, other thing I found strange he said he had no idea at all about the medal and was called to his commanding officers tent later, he thought he had done something wrong and was in trouble, he said a very senior officer was waiting for him and presented him with the VC there and then.
I thought a medal like that was always presented by the King.
And hey be carefull what you say about RAF Navs, me dad was a RAF nav.

Davaar 29th Sep 2003 03:51

I saw an interview once with another VC winner.

He was asked: What is the essential quality needed to win the VC?

He replied: Inexperience.

tony draper 29th Sep 2003 03:57

Another Interesting snippet, any nationality can be awarded the VC, no none American can be awarded the Congressional Medal Of Honour, one Brit was however awarded it.

Chaffers 29th Sep 2003 03:59

What happened to those four SBS dudes who were recommended for the CMO in Afghanistan Tony?

tony draper 29th Sep 2003 04:17

Err dunno Chaffers never heard of that, mebbee the law in the USA has changed.
The CMO became very cheapened and were handed out willy nilly at one time, Buffalo Bill Cody was awarded one, officers were awarded them for re enlisting, lots of silly stuff like that, one American President( I forget which) took umbrage at this and recalled a whole load of them, including Buffalo Bills, he did not however succede at getting the one back from the only woman to ever be awarded one.
I think five Americans have been awarded the VC.
The Victoria Cross can be withrawn from a recipient if they become involved in scallywagery of any sort after winning it,and this has indeed been done on a number of occasions.

UL730 29th Sep 2003 04:19

It is worth remembering that many servicemen who merited the Victoria Cross never received it because their actions went unnoticed, or the witnesses were killed, or whose self-sacrifice resulted in a lonely death in an unmarked grave. This is true no matter what the nationality of the person and is the reason why the tomb of a nation's unknown warrior usually has the highest gallantry decoration bestowed upon it.

tony draper 29th Sep 2003 04:25

This is true UR730 and it is the unknown Brit who lies in the Cenotaph who was awared the Congressional Medal Of Honour, the unkown American who lies in Arlington was awarded the Victoria Cross.

surely not 29th Sep 2003 04:41

Gentlemen, lets get back on thread.
You are both guilty of posting interesting and informative news about VC winners and the etiquette of this medal.

Back on thread................. my grass is now slightly longer than when I cut it a week ago.

:D :D

UL730 29th Sep 2003 04:47

Mr SN.

Couldn't agree more. The mods are likely to start moving things about.

Been thinking of ordering a personal title. See Mr Drapes has used a very subtle reference to FLT (Fermatís Last Theorem) A Mr Ribet helped combine the work of some oriental boffins.

Is there a protocol to follow other than pecuniary?

tony draper 29th Sep 2003 04:50


UL730 29th Sep 2003 04:57

Qualis vir, talis oratio

tony draper 29th Sep 2003 04:59

Solve the riddle and the treasure is yours.



Davaar 29th Sep 2003 05:07

"For quality footwear, heel and toe,
Jimmy Choo is the place to go."

with acknowledgments to Singaporegirl; if only those shepherds could read.

Unwell_Raptor 29th Sep 2003 05:12

I have never knowingly met a shepherd.

Jimmy Choo doesn't do my size

I am less than devastated by these two facts.

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