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Kalium Chloride 11th Nov 2002 14:52

Unfunny jokes
Here's a thought...

Do you have a joke which you absolutely hate reading or hearing, because it's simply too cringingly embarrassing and just not funny?

I'm not talking about "bad" jokes that make you groan, but jokes which make you wonder how anyone could find them funny, let alone insist on pasting up as humorous on Jet Blast...

My personal teeth-gritter -- the pathetic "Jesus is watching you" joke about the parrot and the Rottweiler, which is clumsy and annoying and just doesn't work. Stop telling it! It's [email protected]!!

djk 11th Nov 2002 14:54


That sounds like any of my jokes :D

mattpilot 11th Nov 2002 14:59

bob goes into a bar ....

Smokie 12th Nov 2002 11:15

......it was an Iron one !

Commander Bounce 12th Nov 2002 22:06

Whats brown and sticky?
A stick.


Whats brown, sticky and runs aeound a field?
A fence

Uncle Cracker 14th Nov 2002 21:19

Commander Bounce

I'm sorry but I found both those jokes funny.
Please find another thread.:D

Grim Reaper 14 15th Nov 2002 10:52

Why did the dead baby cross the road?
Because it was stapled to the chicken.

Grob Driver 15th Nov 2002 16:17

What to donkeys get for their dinner at Blackpool……. Half an hour!:D :D

rob_frost 15th Nov 2002 16:43

What did the dog say when it sat on sand paper? Ruff Ruff........

Knold 15th Nov 2002 20:27

Here is a better one...enjoy

On board the Titanic as the ship hits the iceberg three priests, all from a different persuasion find themselfes in the same room. One is a Rabbi, one's Catholic priest and one's a Protestant.
In midst of panic, the Protestant yells out: “Women and children first!”
Whereupon the Rabbi yells: “Fukc the children!”
The Catholic priest stops and responds: Really, we have time for that?”

flowman 15th Nov 2002 21:16

Q. What do you call a boomerang that won't come back?

A. A stick.


USE THE RUDDERS 15th Nov 2002 21:40

[email protected] Joke
What do you call a fly without wings

: A walk:p

Anthony Carn 16th Nov 2002 06:19

Two fleas about to cross the road. One says to the other, "Shall we walk, or go by dog ?"

Bet you wish you had'nt started this now ! :eek:

Select Zone Five 16th Nov 2002 08:19

I've not seen the original chicken joke yet so here it it...

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: To get to the other side.

Techchick 16th Nov 2002 15:13

Grim Reaper.......
You ever seen a dead baby????????
I have and it wasnt funny:mad: :mad: :mad:

A Very Civil Pilot 16th Nov 2002 15:17

Eddie Murphy's snail joke from 'Trading places'

A snail comes into some money, so decides to buy a flash car. He goes to the dealer and gets the biggest flashest car he can, but asks to have a custom paint scheme.

"I want a big S on the roof, another on the bonnet (well, as it was an American film, the hood), and one on each of the doors." he said.

"Certainly sir, but may I ask why?", says the dealer.

"Of course." replies the snail "Whenever I'm driving around, everybody is going to say 'Look at that S car go'. ".

Not particularly funny, but made up for by Jamie Lee Curtis' tits.

Just an other number 16th Nov 2002 15:23

Sorry - not a joke.
Toyota make a small van for asian markets.
Shaped like a 2CV and called the S cargo.

ndbfinal 17th Nov 2002 20:52


Sorry, it is a joke; Trading Places was made in 1983 - six years before the NISSAN S-Cargo was released.

Also, the S-Cargo name was Nissan's humourous attempt at the look and purpose (and speed?) of the car. It would appear to have been sold in other places as well; go here

franksnbeans 17th Nov 2002 23:51

why did the rooster cross the road??

it's dikc was stuck in the chicken.

Just an other number 18th Nov 2002 14:05

Thanks for the link. Sorry I can't tell the difference between Toyota and Nissan (is this an important skill?)
great pictures of japanese 20th century best vehicles

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