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jolihokistix 7th Apr 2021 06:46

Extreme E series
Since we already have an F1 thread, perhaps it might be better to start a new thread for these electric SUVs racing the world's wildernesses. I guess they will not be going away any time soon. "If you can't beat them............. then add some useful advice?"

New teams, e.g. Jenson Button vs Nico Rosberg vs Lewis Hamilton, etc. and they have just raced, most of them blinded by the desert dust of Saudi Arabia.

Has anyone watched any of this so far? I stumbled across it and watched the opening round. The whole event was fairly clunky, and plenty of questions popped up in my mind, but perhaps we should give them some time to sort out their package. There must be some serious money behind it. It seems to be aiming for a) Protection of the Environment, b) Equal Opportunity and c) Racing, but have they got, or will they get the balance right?
Next race, Dakar, end of May 2021.

What say you?

ORAC 7th Apr 2021 07:50

Watched but it doesn5 seem much of a spectator sport - more like hill climbs than rallying. “Pit” stops seemed clunky and I couldn’t work out the point of the set 45 seconds.

The time penalties for minor infractions also appeared excessive and seemed to destroy any chance if a team fighting back from them - might as well just of black flagged them.

Not something I’m planning to get up early to watch....

Blues&twos 7th Apr 2021 08:57

Watched the qualifying, but I was working on race day so I haven't watched it yet.
It has potential (no pun intended) to evolve into an interesting series, but I agree with earlier posters that there is room for improvement in the TV presentation. I really don't like the over dramatisation - music in thr background and making the lighting in the.. ahem... "Command Centre"... go red when the session is stopped. That's just crass and not appropriate for an adult audience, in my opinion. Similarly, I don't like the addition of the lights-out "beep beep beep" sounds in the F1 start coverage.
But I'll give it a chance to sort itself out, there are some cracking drivers taking part

I'm guessing, but I assume the 45 seconds minimum driver change time is safety related, to prevent rushing and getting injured or not doing the belts up properly etc etc.

Kiltrash 7th Apr 2021 10:34

Personnaly don't see the point. It's only a gimmick as it's electric
However prefer to see similar cars racing so it's down to the drivers skill in cars the average man in the street could aford. I donno something like 18 year olds racing round a circuit in Corsa's oh yes we already have that on the Birmingham Ring Road.

cattletruck 7th Apr 2021 11:03

Put spinning blades, thumpers or flippers on them and call it Robot Wars, much more exciting.

jolihokistix 7th Apr 2021 11:38

All good comments above. I have others, but I'll hold for a while longer.

Ancient Mariner 7th Apr 2021 14:41

Kitchen appliances on four wheels racing?
Nah, I'll stay with F2, F3 and Moto GP, Rallycross, WRC.

jolihokistix 7th Apr 2021 16:02

The whole thing strikes me as an artificial construct, like Robot Wars in some ways, but not as good, as yet lacking a certain je ne sais quoi.

Letting someone else say it here, but this was one of the things that had been bothering me:
There are five rounds ranging from locations in the Arctic to the Amazon and every team must field a male and female driver.

The next round of the championship will take place in Senegal on May 29-30 and series owner Alejandro Agag is already considering changes to the format of the races to make them more exciting and to force teams to pit the female drivers directly against the male ones.

"I'm thinking of tweaks and I have two in my mind -- one I just came up with while I was watching the shootout," Agag said after Sunday's race. "I'm thinking that maybe I do a draw, a lottery, for who races, so we mix female and male drivers for all the races.

"Otherwise we are seeing that the teams are lining up all the men at one point and the women second. But I will think about it, it's just an idea."

The only point at which a male and female driver were in direct competition came during the battle for seventh and eighth place, when Leduc was unsighted by dust and crashed into the back Huertgen's car as he attempted to overtake.

Pappa Smurf 8th Apr 2021 01:32

To promote saving the planet...still got to cart the cars and crew around the world,plus places are isolated so would need gen sets to charge the batteries.

jolihokistix 8th Apr 2021 01:35

Pappa, the good thing there is that they are using naturally sourced green hydrogen fuel cells to charge the batteries.

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