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Mr Mac 18th Oct 2020 18:16

The Luftwaffe arrive - Black Beaked European Black Birds
Not strictly aviation, but noted this weekend in Yorkshire that the European Black beaked Black Birds have arrived which is a tad early. I have not been shooting this year yet, but I am sure the Woodcock will be doing there low level stuff over the North Sea any day on the next moonlight night, not a bird I would shoot even given its Game bird status. One of the great things in living in a city (Munich) but also being able to come back to the country in the UK is to observe the changing seasons. I look forward to seeing the Swallows return in April and indeed the Swallows / Swifts and Cranes in Germany. I have a feeling that the coming winter maybe tough for all, both human and feathered, and I really will look forward to seeing the Swallows arrive in April in the UK, and hope to be here to great them with hopefully a better prospect for us all.
Kind regards
Mr Mac

treadigraph 18th Oct 2020 19:47

Don't see that many swallows around these parts but the swift is the true harbinger of the coming summer for me. But the skylark also greets early warmth, hear their lovely song quite often in Feb, once while I was looking at some taxiway problems close to the 27L: threshold at a very busy, noisy and smelly Heathrow!

Flocking rooks are sure sign of winter's approach round here...

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