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Bergerie1 29th Mar 2020 13:16

Music - a balm for the soul
During this time in the limbo of concern, how about posting some of your favourite music? It can be secular or religious, classical, jazz or pop, orchestral, solo, vocal or choral - the only criterion being that it should be something which brings peace and comfort to our troubled souls. May I start with this one which is doing the rounds?


trim it out 29th Mar 2020 13:40

Headphones essential. 8D music.

"Told you not to worry
But maybe that's a lie
Honey, what's your hurry?
Won't you stay inside?"

hiflymk3 29th Mar 2020 14:02

David Gilmours' soaring guitar solo from 4.45 brings out the goose bumps.

Saintsman 29th Mar 2020 14:31

I love this one

Discorde 29th Mar 2020 14:56

No idea what she's singing about but . . . wow! Renée Fleming . . . wow!

Alsacienne 29th Mar 2020 15:16

Lux Aeterna by Gyorgy Ligeti (you may remember this from 2001 A Space Odyssey)

Alsacienne 29th Mar 2020 15:20

Grey Mist of Wuhan by Arnar Gudjonsson - track 1 Mysterious mist engulfs the city - composed 4 years ago before any of the present horror started.

https://www.mbl.is/folk/frettir/2020...strid_i_wuhan/ - you'll have to click using this article, but it's worth it!

Sallyann1234 29th Mar 2020 15:29

Originally Posted by Discorde (Post 10732213)
No idea what she's singing about but . . . wow!


You can find it sung in English. But it's not the same somehow.

Geordie_Expat 29th Mar 2020 15:41

Totallly agree with posts #3 (the version on the Pulse video is stupendous) and #4, would also recommend "Slainte Mhath" by Marillion.

hiflymk3 29th Mar 2020 17:44

Don't stand so close to me. Police

Caboclo 29th Mar 2020 17:48

Caboclo 29th Mar 2020 17:54

Little cloud 29th Mar 2020 18:25

Bob Dylan, 78, live at Hyde Park last summer. Sandpaper voice you either love or hate but a great backing band,

BehindBlueEyes 29th Mar 2020 18:52

Soothing video too.

The Nr Fairy 29th Mar 2020 20:22

don't didn't know how to embed videos!

Mostly Harmless 29th Mar 2020 20:59

Trim it out: I love everything that is going on with that song.. the way it moves around the room.

Alsacienne: I also love the Ganye Ballet from the same movie.

WB627 29th Mar 2020 21:09

gemma10 29th Mar 2020 22:16

True music for the soul by Franz Liszt, a variation on JS Bach chorale. Georgeous lady at the end.

Caboclo 30th Mar 2020 00:42

SnowFella 30th Mar 2020 01:58

Originally Posted by hiflymk3 (Post 10732398)
Don't stand so close to me. Police

Local radio station must have someone with humor making the playlist, above was followed by REM - "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)".
Just lucked across a "classic" on a TV channel today.

TLDNMCL 30th Mar 2020 03:12

Why this has never been used for the background of an event-closing montage (Olympic games Tour de France, Football world cup, etc.) I just don't understand...

Krystal n chips 30th Mar 2020 05:00

My tastes are far too eclectic to post examples of....love listening to the harmony of Welsh choirs, pipes and drums for example in addition to numerous other formats and performers. This has a certain pertinence however......

bugged on the right 30th Mar 2020 10:39

Beautiful, talented young woman and what a song. Tear to the eye.

Bergerie1 30th Mar 2020 13:23


Not only balm for the soul, but a sight to gladden an old man's heart!! How about this?

KelvinD 30th Mar 2020 14:20

For me, it would be anything by Pink Floyd. However, one track I found to be calming and almost hypnotic while tramping over deserts and jebels in the Middle East was Kashmir by Led Zeppelin.

BehindBlueEyes 30th Mar 2020 14:41

Originally Posted by KelvinD (Post 10733362)
For me, it would be anything by Pink Floyd. However, one track I found to be calming and almost hypnotic while tramping over deserts and jebels in the Middle East was Kashmir by Led Zeppelin.

Excellent choice - especially this one:

KelvinD 30th Mar 2020 15:43

When I said anything by Pink Floyd, I should have added a caveat: Except Atom Heart Mother! Miles away, the daftest album ever put together and, unfortunately probably a legacy of Syd Barrett, the object of the "Shine On" track above. A wasted life!

Ancient Observer 30th Mar 2020 15:53

Right. Now. STOP it !!!!

I haven't got all day to waste listening to this lot. How many more times must I drift a dreamy afternoon away listening to Pink bloody Floyd. And anyway, there is no Ron Obvious to be had.

treadigraph 30th Mar 2020 15:59

I'm mostly listening to Pink Floyd at the moment and occasionally David Gilmour's first solo album.

WB627 30th Mar 2020 16:20

Try some Vangelis instead.....

WestofEMA 30th Mar 2020 16:29

A bit of Candy Dulfer soothes the soul, for me.

Harley Quinn 30th Mar 2020 18:42

Needs no words

Kelly Hopper 30th Mar 2020 20:52

denachtenmai 30th Mar 2020 21:45

For these times, Brothers in Arms.

Cornish Jack 31st Mar 2020 10:46

For serious listening, Bortniovsky's Hymn of the Cherubim by a Russian Orthodox 'Octavist' choir.
For foot tapping, 'makes you feel better' - Tuba Skinny, particularly their New Orleans street performances - Shaye Cohn 'directing' with her safety boots and the delicious Erika Lewis supplanting Ottilie Patterson in my affections! Brilliant frontline and the Sousaphone, washboard and banjo/guitars are rock-solid support! Lots on Youtube including some recorded concerts - 'Jubilee Stomp' could make you a fan!

Avionker 31st Mar 2020 14:18

Somewhat appropriate at the moment.

Slow Biker 31st Mar 2020 14:35

So much out there. I'll go along with any Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, The Stones; CJ's choice too. Yesterday listening to my Spotify favorites it came to me that much of it is rather maudlin, REM, Snow Patrol, you can guess the tracks. Hardly cheering in the current times. I set up a fresh list with some foot tapping music: Teenage Kicks; Paranoid and a classic from Mississippi Fred Mc Dowell: Shake Em On Down. But I had to include my all time favorite lump in your throat track (well, for me anyway) it's Elizabeth Schwarzkopf and Jeannine Collard singing that beautiful duet Life is Beautiful or Barcarolle; Schwarzkopf had such a pure voice.
Comfortably Numb has a special resonance with me. A few years ago I had a very close call with sepsis. The lyrics of the second verse:
There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can't hear what your'e saying...........

My goodness, that was me in hospital, hallucinating and unable to communicate. So whenever I hear that intro, it takes me back.

WB627 31st Mar 2020 16:01

treadigraph 31st Mar 2020 16:06

Wishful thinking...

WB627 1st Apr 2020 14:38

WARNING - Aviation Content
It's starting to feel like I'm about the only one posting here, if it doesn't pick up in the next 24 hours, I'll give up.

Perhaps some aviation content will inspire some of you to post.

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