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Minnie Burner 17th Apr 2020 13:21

Warning, aviation content

treadigraph 18th Apr 2020 13:11

A bit of an instrument-swapping jam going on here - don't know if this ever made it onto an album, but I like it...

Slow Biker 18th Apr 2020 17:58

Yes,The Lark Ascending. Whenever I listen to it I'm taken back almost 60 years. Sitting on the pan at Waddington in the summer, waiting for the Vulcan to return, watching and listening to a skylark. It's a long time since I last heard one.

KelvinD 18th Apr 2020 18:07

On my way to and from the supermarket, I was listening to Pink Floyd's Echoes, followed by Frijid Pink's House of the Rising Sun. Now, at home, I am listening to Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. A hypnotic sound that takes me, as someone who spent a great deal of my working life in the Middle East, to far off places!

Torquetalk 19th Apr 2020 20:31

Bergerie1 22nd Apr 2020 02:25

Beautiful music, beautiful flying, and a beautiful country.

Torquetalk 22nd Apr 2020 07:34

The haunting theme tune composed by Catrin Finch and Seckou Keita for the BBC series The Ratline. From minute 18, can’t find it is isolation.


KelvinD 22nd Apr 2020 07:54

I heard yesterday, as background music, a piece that I really love; Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. Took me back to my abortive piano lessons as a kid, when I learned that piece and his No 1 concerto. I was better at the latter than the first but really enjoyed them both!

gemma10 22nd Apr 2020 20:07

Who doesn`t like a fast piece of JSB from the very tallented Loreto Aramendi .

Saab Dastard 22nd Apr 2020 23:37

Very nice Gemma - but may I recommend the original? The first 5 minutes or so of this, from 30 seconds in:

A wonderful performance by the J.S. Bach Foundation

Video can't be played except on youtube directly, unfortunately - and the redirect strips out the start time of 30 seconds.

The Nr Fairy 23rd Apr 2020 10:44

skip_distance 23rd Apr 2020 11:18

enjoy :)

Discorde 25th Apr 2020 11:06

Here's another 'wow' performance:

Slow Biker 25th Apr 2020 21:20

A couple of soothing ones from left field: Wasis Diop - African Dream and The Manhattan Brothers - Lakushon' llanga.
Also the incomparable Sandy Denny - It'll Take a Long Long Time and Who Knows Where The Time Goes. Just relax and listen.

LordGrumpy 26th Apr 2020 08:28

Supper's Ready Genesis Digitally re-mastered in 2008.
I recommend a read of all; the sleeve notes lyrics etc.

Alsacienne 27th Apr 2020 21:37

Something from the Archives .... some of you will know what I mean when I say 'Hoffnung Concert Style' ... please be patient while this loads!

skip_distance 4th May 2020 09:50

Dan Dare 4th May 2020 11:36

How about this Cavatina? Balm for the soul or salt in it’s wounds depending how you feel at the time :{

Discorde 14th May 2020 17:53

And before Little Richard and Chuck Berry and Ike Turner and Carl Perkins and Elvis Somebody-or-other there was the lady who invented rock'n'roll . . .

sidevalve 14th May 2020 18:28

This choral piece is sublime..

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