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PDR1 1st Apr 2020 15:21

Well one family stuck at home put togther this piece to avoid becoming the miserable ones:


Bergerie1 1st Apr 2020 15:25


Just love that ship's siren at the beginning!!

BehindBlueEyes 1st Apr 2020 15:36

Alright, a bit of upbeat aviation escapism - and what pilot, military or commercial hasn’t had this track in his/her head at some point? Just for fun.

spInY nORmAn 1st Apr 2020 20:30

Harkening back to simpler times.

gemma10 1st Apr 2020 21:05

Loved Jethro Tull to bits. I`m not all classical!

visibility3miles 1st Apr 2020 21:35

A-Ha Take On Me

Filler Dent 1st Apr 2020 22:18

One of my favourite bands, highly underrated.
I can listen to this all day long.

TURIN 1st Apr 2020 22:24

RIght then Floyd fans, get a load of this.
These two incredibly talented young ladies have played in the great Albert Lee's band....

TURIN 1st Apr 2020 22:41

And just in case the global phenomenom that is The Hu have passed you by.

visibility3miles 1st Apr 2020 23:29

Crossing Muddy Waters - Sara Watkins, Sarah Jarosz, Aoife O'Donovan

Now a band called, "Im With Her."

WB627 2nd Apr 2020 12:40

Picked up a bit :ok:

Bergerie1 :ok: Those were the days.... speaking of which...

BehindBlueEyes :ok: I'll see your Mighty Wings and raise you

Noah Zark. 2nd Apr 2020 14:38

Guys,help please. How do I lift a portion of YouTube to put it on here, please?

WB627 2nd Apr 2020 15:08

Copy and paste the URL. That's it simples ( Ok so I had to go searching for the answer as well :confused: )

Added..... then post reply you cant see the video until you do just the url

Geordie_Expat 2nd Apr 2020 18:56

List of some YouTube titles I have watched/listened to of late:


Noah Zark. 2nd Apr 2020 19:38

Thanks for that, but I still can't make it happen. In the meanwhile, would you please do me (and us all!) a favour and kindly go onto YouTube and upload from there -

Jorg Hegemann - Boogle Woogie

...and oblige. Thank you.

treadigraph 2nd Apr 2020 20:02

This the one Mr Zark?

BehindBlueEyes 2nd Apr 2020 20:05

WB627, it was actually a toss up between Might Wings and Danger Zone but I wondered if DZ might be a bit tactless in the current climate?! ;):}

My guilty secret. All the music from Top Gun on my iTunes and listening to it when I’m driving alone.

Noah Zark. 2nd Apr 2020 20:06

It certainly is! Thank you for that. Enjoy it, guys. He needs a water-cooled piano!
Thanks treadigraph.

Ancient Observer 2nd Apr 2020 20:51

Has to be Floyd.
They played quite a lot in Leeds in late 60s/early 70s. I know I went, but I do not claim to remember too much about it. (If you remember it, you weren't there).

They called one of their tours the Moo Cow tour. (Oh, all right, Atom Heart Mother Tour).

TURIN 2nd Apr 2020 21:28

Originally Posted by Geordie_Expat (Post 10737234)
List of some YouTube titles I have watched/listened to of late:


Excellent choices. Nice mix of old and new. Sheep is my favourite Floyd track.

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