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Torquetalk 1st Jul 2020 09:13

Not sure about a balm, but certainly not lacking in soul:

Slow Biker 1st Jul 2020 21:27

Chris Smither - Killing The Blues

Bergerie1 23rd Jul 2020 12:01

Time to get this thread going again after a lull. How about this 12 year old singing so beautifully?

artee 23rd Jul 2020 22:48

Originally Posted by Bergerie1 (Post 10844288)
Time to get this thread going again after a lull. How about this 12 year old singing so beautifully?

Beautiful. And on a different note -

Hadley Rille 24th Jul 2020 00:35

VOCES8 are a recent discovery for me and I can't believe this Bach Cantata has been around since 1707 and nobody told me. Great variety of music from them and they are sublime.

AeroSpark 24th Jul 2020 01:56

Another one sadly gone...

artee 24th Jul 2020 02:26

Something out of left field:

Bergerie1 24th Jul 2020 04:45

artee and Hadley,

Lovely!! How about this to space you out?

artee 24th Jul 2020 06:04

Bergerie1, Magical! How about this:

Bergerie1 24th Jul 2020 09:43

artee, Excellent, and here is another of my favourites - I like the complexity

jethro15 24th Jul 2020 22:15

In terms of live performances, the highest grossing band of the 70's

Lucky enough to see this performed live at Birmingham Town Hall.

ShyTorque 24th Jul 2020 23:21

I found a speck of dust in my eye when I listened to the following.

These two girls are just 16 and 10 years old!

Caboclo 25th Jul 2020 00:29

Caboclo 25th Jul 2020 00:34

Caboclo 25th Jul 2020 00:41

Caboclo 25th Jul 2020 00:49

Barksdale Boy 25th Jul 2020 03:29

To lift the spirits try the Grand March - Fame and Glory, which was composed by an otherwise obscure English trombonist, Albert E. Batt. Oddly enough the best version IMHO is by the Banda dell'Arma dei Carabinieri. You can almost hear Vic Greenop shouting "Bags of swank gentlemen, bags of swank!".

bnt 26th Jul 2020 18:47

sidevalve 27th Jul 2020 18:52

Crank the volume up to max!

Caboclo 29th Jul 2020 02:41

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