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rogerg 14th Jan 2019 06:19

saw palmetto
Like quite a few older male JB ers I have found that I make frequent visits to the loo at night. I have started to use Saw Palmetto capsules and have found them a great help. Not expensive and worth a try, just about halved my visits.

vctenderness 14th Jan 2019 08:45

Are you taking the p***? ��

bafanguy 14th Jan 2019 09:59


How long did you take them and in what strength before you saw distinct positive changes ? And, does one have to take them in perpetuity to keep the good results ?

The Rx med for BPH is a life sentence...and takes 12-18 months to produce results.

rogerg 14th Jan 2019 10:34

The capsules are 1440 mg. I take one a day and the it took only a couple of days to have a result. I presume you have to keep taking them all the time.

57mm 14th Jan 2019 16:04

Finasteride and Tamsulosin work fine for me and they're free on prescription from the doc.

Pontius Navigator 14th Jan 2019 16:18

Two observations:

If I omit my two cups of tea after 7pm I usually sleep through till 4.

To avoid putting on the light I sit. I have found I void less than if I stand.

If I have more than two pints I can sleep longer 😆

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