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Ancient Observer 3rd Dec 2018 13:21

The Death of DIY??
I regard myself as being average at diy. So if a garden or home "thing" breaks down, or needs improving, I will have a go. Before motor engines became all electrical and clever, I would take them apart. And try to re-build them. My brother is much the same.

However, in the UK it appears that anyone under 40 just can't be bothered any more. DIY stores are suffering sales drops. Is this a lazy Brit thing, or is it more common?

Bob Viking 3rd Dec 2018 13:36

Do you know ALL the people under 40 in the UK? Thatís impressive.

Can you be so sure that demographic alone are responsible for the death of DIY?

Maybe less people under 40 have a house and therefore less need for DIY?

Clearly Iím being facetious but perhaps, as your title suggests, you are a little out of touch with the younger generations and shouldnít be so quick to judge?

Now Iíve gone and done it...


UpaCreak 3rd Dec 2018 14:01

Maybe DIY is not everyones bag. No1 Son in law (35) is computer genius, software writer, and amazing chef, but doesn't know which way to hold a screwdriver. I can manage to just about cook scrambled eggs, and work a laptop, but I have built several scale model live steam locomotives.

Blues&twos 3rd Dec 2018 14:39

It's a combination of things, I reckon.
1) Things aren't designed to be repaired any more.
2) Things are cheap to replace
3) Spare parts are often more expensive than replacement equipment
4) Spares are frequently not easily available
5) A majority of people seem to no longer have the will or time to do the repairs
6) Electronic things are not particularly easy to fault find, and you need special equipment and knowledge
7) All of the above has lead to a general de-skilling, so quite a lot of people wouldn't have the first idea where to start, even with simple repairs.

lomapaseo 3rd Dec 2018 15:07

It's likely due to the influx of cheap labour brought about by too many people at the bottom of the shrinking food chain

obgraham 3rd Dec 2018 15:52

I think AO is correct, however, when I note how many people are incapable of unblocking the trap under the kitchen sink.

(Of course, that skill would not be so needed if wimyn would stop putting potato peels down the disposer.)

racedo 3rd Dec 2018 16:05

Problem with DIY chains is they constantly expect people to buy more and more.

What has been obvious since 2008 crash is people are not moving house, therefore doing up and extending property they are in. Secondly many of the propertys that have been done up were in the rented sector where Landlords bought and did these up or tenants did it.

Now having done up property why do you need to do it again, so instead of painting every 1-2 years its 3-4 years. Natural end of life cycle.

gemma10 3rd Dec 2018 16:22

These are the people for spares. https://www.espares.co.uk

Ancient Observer 3rd Dec 2018 16:23

As Mr Viking points out, I do not know everyone under 40. However, I have two children in their 20s and they have lots of friends. None of them will touch diy. For our children, I get called in.
I have pondered this for a while. Even the British Times was commenting on it today. I can't paste a link as it is behind a paywall.

The "buy new" trend is a problem. Who will sell me the bits? My Mountfield leaf blower was poorly. Without Mr Google I doubt that I would have found spares. It was only a cheap leaf blower, but UKP25 on spares is better than UKP150 on a new one.

I need diy providers to stay in business!

pr00ne 3rd Dec 2018 16:24

I have always avoided DIY like the plague, far more enjoyable and fun things to do with both my time and my money. If a lot of younger folk are cottoning on then good for them.

Ancient Observer 3rd Dec 2018 16:32

If there was an important diy project to be done, I would be doing it in my man cave, not typing on pprune.

pr00ne 3rd Dec 2018 16:40

A man cave? Don't tell me, you call your wife SWMBO as well?

And I totaly fail to understand the meaning of an "important" DIY project, never come across one in all my 71 years. (Edited to say it's 70 and a bit years...)

ATNotts 3rd Dec 2018 16:57

I use DIY stores infrequently as I am totally useless with screwdrivers, saws, hammers, wallpaper, taps and the like. When I do it generally involves two trips. One to buy what I believe I need, and then a second later the same day to return it because I've picked up the wrong stuff.

Principal DIY-er in our house is Mrs. ATN!

Pontius Navigator 3rd Dec 2018 16:59

I am fitting shelves in a new house. The airing cupboard was easy. The Utility with adjustable shelves was more difficult and the pantry, so far, has been impossible.

The difficulty with the Utility was finding a DIY store that had the right number of the correct size brackets.

The pantry presents a similar with the addition of getting the right size of material for the shelves.

The DIY stores I have visited have some stock but maybe one or two items rather than the number I need, so clearly there is DIY but not much.

Tankertrashnav 3rd Dec 2018 17:30

First house - I put up a shelf which fell off the wall and nearly brained our one year old son who was in his rocker on the kitchen floor. One year later I built a wall out of those ornamental concrete blocks you made in a mould. Got the concrete mix wrong for the mortar. Son (now a strapping two year old) pushed it over. Then turned to car mechanics. Shocked at the price of a new exhaust for my old Wolseley I decided to save a fiver by fitting it myself. Took me several hours and managed to graze my knuckles and damage my starter motor pulling the old exhaust off - cost of repair - ten quid!

At which point Mrs TTN suggested that maybe DIY wasnt my thing. I was quite happy to agree and ever since I have always "got a man in" when anything needed doing!

treadigraph 3rd Dec 2018 17:37

and nearly brained our one year old son who was in his rocker
Good job it missed him or he would have been off his rocker.

Been doing too much DIY in recent months but I'd rather do things I can do myself than pay somebody else...

DType 3rd Dec 2018 18:51

Paid the callout charge to get a man in to fix the hob on our cooker. He returned to base then told us there were no spares for such an old model.
Went on the manufacturer's website and took a guess at a likely part, which was cheaper than the callout charge. When it arrived it fitted straight in and has worked AOK ever since.
Note:- FType does not like DIY, she was hoping for a new cooker.

Uplinker 3rd Dec 2018 19:04

Problem I get is that some so called “tradesmen” are either useless, or don’t do a good job or don’t know what they’re doing. A painter who was a family friend painted the windows without rubbing them down first so then they jammed and wouldn’t close, and the same guy put the bathroom tiles on like a row of crooked teeth. When challenged about the tiles, he said “they’ll be alright when they’re grouted”. No they won’t, I want them flat and straight, goodbye.

I am able to tackle most DIY projects and have put in a complete central heating and hot water system from scratch, ditto complete house wiring, ditto a complete kitchen, flooring out a loft and putting up shelves. And fixing the washing machine and family cars.

I can build a brick wall but it won’t be very neat, ditto plastering, so for those latter two, I need to find a real expert tradesman. I am not good at painting - I always make a mess despite trying not to.

Problem is, white van man can be a Leonardo da Vinci or an idiot from the job centre, and you don’t know which until it is too late.

Pontius Navigator 3rd Dec 2018 19:12

Uplinker, I guess my best car DIY was dismantling a 2-speed wiper motor and also on a separate occasion the control stalk. Had to drill out rivets and improvise to fasten it all together. Both worked.


Random SLF 3rd Dec 2018 19:25

Luckily for me all of our kids can DIY, and the eldest grandson too. Even though I've successfully fitted bathrooms & kitchens in the past, I've got myself banned from wallpapering because it gives me Tourette's Syndrome... :*

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