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421dog 6th Dec 2017 01:15

Best Really Provincial Foods
So, as a budding old fart, I am developing an appreciation for really good food from obscure origins.

I'd like to start the list with Chislick, that is, South Dakota grass fed beef chunks, seasoned, and deep fried in butter.

tescoapp 6th Dec 2017 01:28

leeds Bradford tripe baguette.

Fecking horrible if you are not a local. Knicker dropping treat if your CC is a local and you let her get one. "Eee fancy ya cock sucked pet if't I can'st get a tripe lunch from murgatroids"

Yar alright love I will tell the taxi driver.

Are you sure captain its really no bother.

I didn't want to ask if she was talking about sucking my cock or missing out on the tripe baguette I made it a priority to get the tripe lunch and keep my zip up

Ascend Charlie 6th Dec 2017 05:07

Fresh bread from the bakery, take the crust and smear it with butter and Vegemite. Oz traditional snack.

M.Mouse 6th Dec 2017 11:57

I love Marmite. When I first went to Oz in the early 90s I bought some Vegemite thinking it would be similar! Couldn't abide it.

Ancient Mariner 6th Dec 2017 12:01

Smalahove and lutefisk.
Gnoogle is your friend.:E

wiggy 6th Dec 2017 12:08


Utterly yummy in cold weather but it's heart attack on a plate....

Recette Cassoulet toulousain

And just for the "In English please" brigade:


Wyler 6th Dec 2017 12:08

Gravy on Chips....GET IN!!!!

TLDNMCL 6th Dec 2017 13:08

Potato and meat or meat and potato (yes,there is a difference).

gemma10 6th Dec 2017 16:06

Paella Mixtur, but purchased in Valencia.

Simplythebeast 6th Dec 2017 16:24

Ham and pease pudding on a stottie.

Eric T Cartman 6th Dec 2017 16:24

A real Yorkshire Pudding - delicious ! According to my Lancastrian pal, apart from the East Coast mainline trains, it's the only good thing to come out of Yorkshire & it's the only foreign food he'll eat ! ;-)

gearontheglide 6th Dec 2017 16:36

Originally Posted by Ancient Mariner (Post 9980567)
Smalahove and lutefisk.
Gnoogle is your friend.:E

You sir are evil!!:E

Ancient Mariner 6th Dec 2017 17:36

Originally Posted by gearontheglide (Post 9980834)
You sir are evil!!:E

Glad to be of assistance.
Planning for lutefisk this weekend. With Yule Tide beer and Akevitt, of course. And plenty of both.

Ancient Observer 6th Dec 2017 17:38

Cornish cheese.

cavuman1 6th Dec 2017 21:08

To Per
The Rhyme of The Ancient Mariner, Part Deux:

A true story concerning visual impairment and foreign adult beverages: Long ago and far away (when I was a much younger man), I lived on St. Simons Island, Georgia, U.S.A. I had a dear friend named Nestor Jarvis, a Norwegian by heritage. Ness owned a bar called Murphy's Tavern (pretending to be bog-hopping Oirsh) and was fond of every whiskey known to modern man. Especially the terrible tasting but extraordinarily potent Akevitt (water of life), which I believe is made from chicken lips, pig anuses, and politicians' hearts. But I digress...

One hot and humid summer afternoon, Ness had consumed the better part of a fifth of Akevitt. He was wavering between semi-consciousness and a delta stage coma. Fortunately he lived but a one minute drive away from the tavern and was able to navigate his zig-zag way to his humble bachelor quarters. There he fell, fully clothed, onto his unmade rumpled bed. (You should know at this point that coastal Jawja receives daily onslaughts of magnificent, towering thunderstorms each and every afternoon in the summertime. This day was no exception, and, as usual, the power to the whole island was knocked out for three or four hours.)

Ness awakened along about 9:30 P.M. He was immersed in total permeating darkness, for though he remained unaware of the fact, the capable linesmen of Georgia Power were still working to restore power/drink their asses off/wolf whistle at pretty ladies.

With throbbing head and alcohol-induced diplopia, Ness reached for the lamp located upon his bedside table and, with Herculean effort, twisted the knob to ON. Nothing. He tried again. (It was one a them 'ere 3-way laght doohickeys.) Nothing. Ness panicked! In a voice loud enough to be heard over a radius of half of Oceanicus Atlanticus, he screamed forlornly: "OH! MY GOD! I'M BLIND!!!"

Just as I (and half the twelve thousand persons who lived on the island) stopped what we were doing to rush to Herr Jarvis' aid and assistance, the power flickered on. Ness, relieved to learn that he would not require a white cane and a tin cup, was otherwise distressed to learn that his bed was covered in copious vomitus comprised of chicken lips, pig anuses, and politicians' hearts! :eek: :bored: :yuk:


- Ed

ZeBedie 6th Dec 2017 21:40

North Staffs oatcakes

broadreach 6th Dec 2017 21:45

Ceviche or Cebiche, spelled both ways. Preferably Peruvian rather than Chilean.

TheFiddler 6th Dec 2017 21:51

A man of distinction...

Originally Posted by ZeBedie (Post 9981148)
North Staffs oatcakes

Few know the pleasure of these with bacon, sausage and some cheese - though not how they were originally served!

My Grandparents had an oatcake shop in Fenton when my Grandfather demobbed. I still make our own now, but only a couple of times a year as a special treat.

From other areas, after a few drinks, a chicken parmo can beat a doner kebab!

Ancient Mariner 6th Dec 2017 21:56

Originally Posted by broadreach (Post 9981161)
Ceviche or Cebiche, spelled both ways. Preferably Peruvian rather than Chilean.

Plus one, and to cavuman1, that would be Akevitt inhaling as per normal.
Shoted and chased. Particularly during the coming Yule Tide. Woohooo.

ShyTorque 6th Dec 2017 22:00

Mackerel, lettuce and Marmite sandwiches. :}

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