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fleigle 6th May 2017 19:03

I just found this on the BBC World News site.
I am sure that there will be lots of comments on here.

Stephen Fry faces blasphemy probe after God comments - BBC News

yellowtriumph 6th May 2017 19:19

When I was a little boy I used to enjoy watching a show here in the UK called ‘Steptoe and son’, one of the main characters was fond of using the phrase ‘oh my God’ pronounced in typical cockney as ‘aw my gawd’. I used the phrase once and was resoundingly berated by my Mother for blasphemy. I didn’t really understand and thought the phrase I was using was quite innocent. I was really shaken to the core by this telling off and have never uttered any form of blasphemy since. You see, I thought the expression I was saying was ‘All my gold’ – as that’s what I thought it was - as that was what the cockney version of the expression sounded like.

I still wince when I hear any utterance of blasphemy to this day. Given that 'omg' seems to have become a commonplace expression I wince a lot.

Ancient Mariner 6th May 2017 19:21

Religions? No thanks.

G-CPTN 6th May 2017 19:21

Then there's "Cor Blimey" - which is an invitation to be blinded (derived from 'God blind me').

Hempy 6th May 2017 19:34


The law prohibits people from publishing or uttering "matter that is grossly abusive or insulting in relation to matters held sacred by any religion, thereby causing outrage among a substantial number of the adherents of that religion".
There's 99% of Jet Blasters in a world of legal pain if the Irish ever come knocking here then :eek:

Old Nic 6th May 2017 19:51

You want to worship a sky fairy of your choice?, go ahead. You want to force me to respect your chosen sky fairy?, **** off

meadowrun 6th May 2017 20:13

Define "substantial" M'lud.
Would that be 48% or 52%?

old,not bold 6th May 2017 20:28

Religion is the root of all evil.

An old saying, for which the evidence can be seen every single day by simply reading a newspaper. It has been proved true, somewhere in the world, every day since since the third millenium BC.

hiflymk3 6th May 2017 20:39

OMG! Lol...

Nigerian Expat Outlaw 6th May 2017 21:12

The Jehovahs Witness ladies came to the door last week. Clever combination of mid 20s attractive and late 40s slightly authoritative. After the older one had made the opening statement about finding God I asked what their thoughts were on contract killing. They turned on their heels and walked away.

Hopefully my address is blacklisted. I'll ask the Mormons when they come.


Gertrude the Wombat 6th May 2017 21:19

Most of these religions claim that their particular sky fairy is in some way "all powerful". Why should an all powerful sky fairy GAS what anyone says about it? - doesn't make any sense.

Methinks blasphemy laws are all about insecure priests trying to protect their "authority".

Blues&twos 6th May 2017 21:23

"Blasphemy" is nonsense. Another control attempt by religions.

Appallingly, in some places voicing disagreement with religious beliefs ('beliefs' being the operative word) can be punished under law. It's simply wrong (the enforcement, not the non-religious opinions)!

denachtenmai 6th May 2017 21:24



fleigle 6th May 2017 22:17

It is a slippery slope if you get too vocal in your "beliefs" in most places in the world.
'Tis a strange place we live in.

Gordy 6th May 2017 22:23

I believe this is the interview in question:

annakm 6th May 2017 22:31

I think it's an absolute brilliant observation by Stephen Fry.

I also subscribe to that other quote about religion explained as a breakfast cereal:

"Even though every colour of fruit loops tastes exactly the same, I have decided I like the purple ones best and I will kill anyone who likes any other colour."

Hempy 6th May 2017 22:33


It is a slippery slope if you get too vocal in your "beliefs" in most places in the world.
'Tis a strange place we live in.
You don't even need to be 'vocal'. Ask the women wearing hijabs

Fairdealfrank 6th May 2017 22:46

Yet another attack on freedom of speech.

Blasphemy laws being used: is this Ireland or Pakistan?

TURIN 6th May 2017 23:19

Bring it on I say.
I would pay money to watch Mr Fry run verbal rings around any legal team that thinks it can hold such an idiotic law up to scrutiny.
First off. Prove the existence of your imaginary friend.

Sallyann1234 6th May 2017 23:24


Originally Posted by Gertrude the Wombat (Post 9763162)
Most of these religions claim that their particular sky fairy is in some way "all powerful".

I know believers in a number of different religions. Strangely enough none of them have ever said they believe in someone/something in the sky, whether fairy or otherwise.
To be honest, isn't the 'sky fairy' tag simply an attempt to offend?

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