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CityofFlight 6th Apr 2016 23:55

RIP Con-Pilot
It's with the utmost regret that I post this message. I've just found out, through Dushan & ultimately Facebook, that one of our sage posters here in Jet Blast, Con-Pilot, has passed away.

He stories and his persona were bigger than life itself. He was humorous, gracious, wise and never took himself seriously, despite his staunch beliefs.

He will be remembered. He will be missed.

RIP Con-Pilot.

10W 7th Apr 2016 00:08

A larger than life character and part of the furniture here.

Whether you agreed with him or not, there's no doubt his passing will be missed.

RIP Con Pilot

11Fan 7th Apr 2016 00:14

Man, that some tough news to read.... :sad:

CityofFlight 7th Apr 2016 00:18

I know...11Fan...it's been a sh!te few months here lately. I'm feeling aimless all over again, at this news.

broadreach 7th Apr 2016 00:21

Thank you CoF
Very sorry to hear that. Sage indeed and I hope his closest ones understand how much his presence on this site, amongst peers and the more earthbound, has been appreciated.

gupta 7th Apr 2016 00:27

Read on FB this morning - stunned
A loss whichever way you turn

PPRuNe Towers 7th Apr 2016 01:13

Sigs don't appear here but Con's was alway there, just tucked out of sight:

Different is different, not right or wrong, neither good nor bad, just different.
A wonderful presence on the site and will be sorely missed. I'd known it was likely he was unwell again and had written to him a few weeks ago as he hadn't logged since the 10th March. As a bit of distraction therapy he'd been moderating here for the last year or so which he thoroughly enjoyed. It was a real pleasure working with Alec rather than just following his posts.


CityofFlight 7th Apr 2016 01:20

Rob...thanks for sharing that. I didn't know he was doing a bit of moderating, but know him well enough that it must have been a true honour to do so.

rotornut 7th Apr 2016 01:31

Well, didn't always like his comments on my posts but so what, sorry he's gone.

Turbine D 7th Apr 2016 01:34

This is really sad news, indeed. Con was a great professional poster here on PPRuNe with a great personality. He will be sorely missed here and by his family and friends. May his spirit look down and smile on all those he has touched as he always did using this smile: :p

Nervous SLF 7th Apr 2016 01:40

When I first saw this thread it gave me quite a shock as I always enjoyed a
lot of his posts. R.I.P. Con-Pilot a very sad loss to his family and PPRuNe.

megan 7th Apr 2016 01:42

So sad to hear that another of the Pprune "characters" has passed. Always found him entertaining, full of good advice and all round champion. I'm sure he and 411A will be sharing one right now.

Pinky the pilot 7th Apr 2016 01:45

Oh damn, damn, damn, DAMN!

One of the really great members of the Aviation fraternity gone.:sad::sad:

And I never ever did get to share that bottle of single Malt with him.:sad:

Rest easy Alec; Mate.

Metro man 7th Apr 2016 01:48

I always enjoyed his posts, perhaps it's time for a roll of honour listing all the characters who are no longer with us.

RatherBeFlying 7th Apr 2016 02:12

RIP for a fine and sagacious gentleman.

Not that I always agreed with him, but he played by the rules.

Dark Knight 7th Apr 2016 02:24

RIP an erudite, mannered PPruner will be sadly missed.

Buster Hyman 7th Apr 2016 02:43

Oh...sad news indeed.

We're losing so many 'known' people in 2016.:(

Out Of Trim 7th Apr 2016 02:51

Damn it.. I had a lot of time for that great guy! I'm going to miss Con
Pilots contribution. I sure hope he had a decent Malt in his last days.

RIP and dream of 727s. :{

Stanwell 7th Apr 2016 03:07

Oh dear.
That news has pulled a cloud over my day.
His unique brand of sagacity, enthusiasm and very dry wit will be sorely missed.
RIP and condolences to his loved ones.

parabellum 7th Apr 2016 03:14

One of the very best, rest peacefully Alec.

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