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BWSBoy6 2nd Apr 2016 22:14

Alien 1979
Just watched this again on Film4. Forgotten what a good film it was, scared me s****less first time I saw it but one thing has always puzzled me; if the alien's main prey is humans, what was it surviving on until the ship, Nostromo, just happened to land on its planet?

Mrs Bws.

Chesty Morgan 2nd Apr 2016 22:20

Sprouts and mushrooms.

That's why it was so pissed off.

G-CPTN 2nd Apr 2016 22:53

Originally Posted by BWSBoy6 (Post 9331417)
if the alien's main prey is humans, what was it surviving on until the ship, Nostromo, just happened to land on its planet?

Mrs Bws.

Hooman beans.

SVK 2nd Apr 2016 23:16

At the risk of sounding Uber-geeky:

The whole point of the alien creature or 'Xenomorph' as it has become known, is that it was originally designed as a tool - for purposes never discussed (bio-weapon, terra-forming). It is generally thought that it can gestate in most life-forms and it takes many of the properties of the life-form it gestates in. Hence, the xenomorph in Alien and Aliens (human) is different to the xenomorph you see in Alien 3 (dog).
Right - now that geekery is out of my system, I'm off to drink more whisky and talk to girls!

Edited to add;
Alien was still the first and scariest horror film I ever watched.

ChrisJ800 2nd Apr 2016 23:36

I thought the second one was even better (Aliens) and one of the few franchises where the 2nd is better than the first. But thereafter they became rubbish (IMHO!).

Buster Hyman 2nd Apr 2016 23:53

Right, well, they were dormant as eggs until disturbed. Simples.

As for Aliens, yes, I enjoyed that too but the first was a Space horror film whereas the second was a Space action film. Alien 3 was an attempt to tone down the action and try to recreate the original but Alien Resurrection was pure LSD induced writing.

Prometheus was just plain disappointing and let's not even bother with the A v P films, although the concept was intriguing.

timgill 3rd Apr 2016 07:39

Mrs Gill and I went to see Alien when it came out in 79, and she spent the entire film with her hands over her eyes

tony draper 3rd Apr 2016 07:59

You have to watch Prometheus to get all the answers,if you do get the answers please post em for me.:uhoh:

wiggy 3rd Apr 2016 08:10

I recall being on QRA and watching it on video one evening as soon as it came out on VHS/Betamax. After the film finished yours truly, as the junior pilot, was for some reason tasked by one of the squadron wheels to nip out to the aircraft in the adjacent "shed" before we turned in for the night......

I think his parting shot to me as I headed off into the gloom of the hangar was: "If you don't come back in ten minutes we won't come looking for you....":{

UniFoxOs 3rd Apr 2016 08:18

And the real attraction in the film - Sigourney Weaver wearing very little.

Captain Dart 3rd Apr 2016 09:25

It was almost as if the shots of the interior of the 'Nostromo' had been filmed on board the tired old aircraft carrier I was flying off at the time, when I first saw it. It was a bit spooky alone below decks at 0200 for a while after!

For me, the best science fiction film ever made. Nothing else has come close.

AtomKraft 3rd Apr 2016 09:37

Confession time.

Trip to cinema with two daughters to see 'Seebiscuit'......yawn........

Multiplex cinema, and once inside I noticed the directors cut of 'Alien' had just started.

Youngest daughter went to see the film about horseys, 10 year old daughter asked to come with me......I know, I know.....but it was dark, so we slipped in.

Watching the movie for a while......boring daddy, she said.

Then the alien came out John Hurts chest, at which point she leapt out of her seat and ran from the cinema as fast as her young legs would carry her, which was surprisingly fast.

I had little choice but to continue watching and hope nobody saw where she started running from.:\

She seems to be ok now, 12 years later.....:)

Blink182 3rd Apr 2016 09:47

Great story, Atomkraft :)

Windy Militant 3rd Apr 2016 09:59

Happened to be visiting rellies in London when it came out. Cousin was raving about it, so my brother and I went with him to the Odeon Leicester Square to see it. It was, as said a good film but the thing I remember most about it was that at that time smoking was allowed in Cinemas and the theatre was split into Smoking and Non smoking. My cousin had booked us into the Non smoking side.
We noticed that every time the Alien pounced on someone the Smoking side lit up as nearly every one lit a gasper or inhaled heavily after the event! :eek:

BWSBoy6 3rd Apr 2016 11:36

Glad to see from all the above posts that we agree Alien has really stood the test of time.

Ok, some of the predictions of IT were a bit off; the makers could never have imagined the quality of today's graphics, let alone what they will be like in the future when the action is set but for sheer terror, it's still holds its own. I think the skill was the fact you actually see very little of the monster, just enough of its drooling jaws to let your imagination fill in the gaps! The flickering and flashing lighting unsettles you and keeps you on edge along with the nooks and crannies in the space ship where the b****r can hide. :sad: I can remember actually asking a mate to accompany me to the toilet afterwards as I was so rattled :eek: I also recall being petrified, for some reason, that Jones the cat was going to get eaten.

Good point about the squel, Aliens. Very, very good film but I'm afraid Prometheus really didn't do it for me.

Mrs Bws.

gruntie 3rd Apr 2016 11:45

A friend once encountered a trapped leopard in his outside kazi, one dark night in Africa.
It was described as being "just like encountering that alien in the airduct on Nostromo".

MG23 3rd Apr 2016 16:04

The aliens can clearly survive on non-human creatures, because they'd killed the pilot of the ship where they were first found. I think Prometheus mentioned something about that, but it was such a bad movie that I've pretty much blanked it out in my memory.

Not just a great horror movie, but one of the first SF movies that tried to portray space travel in a realistic manner, all oily and grimy rather than white walls and bright lights.

Dan Gerous 3rd Apr 2016 20:51

Remember going to see this when it came out, but looking back from now, the computer system is so outdated, compared to what we have now. Not a lot they could do about that back then though. Is it really nearly 40 years old!

Great film, as was Aliens. 3 was sh1t, Resurrection was a decent enough movie. Got them all on Blu Ray. Was watching it in the house alone in the dark one night, when something moved across my living room floor. It was a big spider and I didn't quite sh1t myself, but it gave me a bloody good scare.

Considering they are easily the best space creatures ever, the AVP movies were garbage and a big disappointment.

Prometheus promised a lot, but failed to really deliver. Hopefully the sequel will add to the story. Last I recall reading it's due out this year.

(Oops, just gaggled it and it's out in Aug 2017, called Alien: Covenant. Guess we'll have to wait a bit longer.)

meadowrun 3rd Apr 2016 21:28

Great flick but Sigourney's undies were not very flattering. Unlike Susannah's. (someone was going to do it).


Clare Prop 4th Apr 2016 01:41

I love how Sigourney Weaver took the mick by being the complete opposite of Ripley in Galaxy Quest (IMO the best space travel movie of all time) "We are actors, not astronauts!"

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