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tony draper 16th Mar 2015 19:07

Been a dreek day here may as well be out fishing,just realized never ever been actually fishing here, did a bit when on the high seas,caught a catfish up the river plate once,not a pass time that appealed really,we have a family friend who is a keen fisherman though, always buggerin off hither and yon fishing, never seems to catch much though.

wings folded 16th Mar 2015 19:31

Give a bloke a decent sized fish, and he can feed his family for two days.

Teach a bloke to fish and you get rid of him for a whole weekend.

west lakes 16th Mar 2015 21:01

'Tis a small world

On the book of faces I'm friends with someone from the same part of the country as me.

Who now lives (and has for many years) on Guernsay

Who posts the occasional link to Aldernay, including a link to the Book of Faces page for the Aldernay Wildlife Trust.
I wonder if Beaufort 1's photo appears on there?

beaufort1 16th Mar 2015 21:21

Possibly, I don't use the Book of Faces myself though. ;)

IB4138 16th Mar 2015 21:45

Didn't have steak tonight, substituted it with leg of lamb. :ok:

tony draper 16th Mar 2015 21:49

I seem to have lost me link to the Puffin Cam so I googled and came up with a website wi picks of a bloke fettling the camera as well.:)

4mastacker 16th Mar 2015 22:36

One shall not be applying for the job of Mackem's boss.

tony draper 16th Mar 2015 22:46

Indeed a Tankless thask.:)
Strikes me it's time they started sacking bloody players and banning them from playing with another club for a few years,but that wont happen, footy is all about money now nowt to do wi sport.

gupta 17th Mar 2015 04:58

Thanks to all for your kind thoughts & words

Back in the office after the first round of chemo & radio, not feeling anything except bloated from all the fluid & water. Wee-ing about every 10 minutes. (I know, TMI - sorry)
1 down, 34 more radio's to go :hmm:
6 more weeks of chemo

Good to hear you're on the up BH

BlueDiamond 17th Mar 2015 06:28

Puffin vote submitted. :ok: Cute li'l critters they are. :)

handsfree 17th Mar 2015 07:28

Greetings ladies and gentlemen and a very jolly St Patrick's Day to those of a green tinge.

Good to hear you've cleared the first hurdle unscathed gupta.

Let's see if ian16th manages to get through the day unscathed as well.

A very Happy Birthday to you Ian

A grey start to the day once again and the forecast isn't very cheery either.
At least it's getting light when I fall out of my pit in the mornings now.

PS I think the puffins must have gone shopping as none have been seen while I've been watching.

Exascot 17th Mar 2015 07:49

Good news Gupta may it continue well.

Happies Ian.

A grey start here as well HF. Most odd. Warm of course. We were going to take the boat up river to the safari camp for lunch but maybe not now.

OK I have resisted asking this question for a very long time. HOW DO YOU TELL WHEN IT IS SOMEONE'S BIRTHDAY? :ugh:

handsfree 17th Mar 2015 08:37

If you include your birthday details in your personal profile then it will be included in the list of birthdays for that date at the very bottom of the pprune homepage.

alisoncc 17th Mar 2015 08:43

we have a family friend who is a keen fisherman though, always buggerin off hither and yon fishing, never seems to catch much though
Drapes, there are two kinds of people who go fishing. Those who do it to catch fish and those who do it for therapy.

tony draper 17th Mar 2015 09:12

Morning peeps dull and damp here again,the national bird has to be the Robin,tiz the only small feathered critter that is common throughout the land,if not the Robin one shall opt for the Swan,the most dignified of birdkind.

beaufort1 17th Mar 2015 09:18

Morning all, grey day today, hoping to see some sunshine later.

The puffins don't come ashore immediately, last year they were late due we think to the number and severity of the winter storms. I think they came ashore around the 10th April, in previous years they have been seen ashore from the 20th March onwards. Ten were seen on the water directly in front of the camera yesterday. :ok:

EDIT : The gannet cam is still going ahead, the camera we used last year should be returned to us very soon after it has been repaired/refurbished in the Netherlands. This year more solar panels and more batteries will be installed to give better back up and hopefully reliability. The conditions on the Ortac rock are hugely challenging. Some gannets are going to be tagged, and using GPS technology they will be tracked so we can see where they forage. Other studies elsewhere show some individuals fly hundreds of miles a day looking for food. This tracking will be able to be seen live from the link I provided yesterday. That is the plan anyway. :hmm:

ian16th 17th Mar 2015 09:30

Best of luck to Gupta, I missed your post yesterday.

Thanks for birthday wishes, now a grumpier and older man.:sad:

ian16th 17th Mar 2015 09:38

I have a few webcams bookmarked, depending on my mood and the time of day, I look at these.

Decorah Eagles, Ustream.TV:

Redcar's Lifeboats - saving life at sea for more than 200 years

Whitby Web Cam

South Georgia Webcam2 - South Georgia Website

travel webcam live from the World

Hotel restaurant Boucan Canot - Reunion Island : Webcam on the Boucan Canot beach

A variety of life.

tony draper 17th Mar 2015 09:51

Item on sky news saying that in future pupils will be obliged to learn poems and recite same without reference to a book, so the fearless news team test em,with a bloody modern poem! which are shite instead of a proper one about the sands of the desert being scarlet red or even the one about daffodils.
:suspect: :rolleyes:

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