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Checkboard 25th Feb 2015 14:44

That looks like a cabin from the old TRABB - the one which has just sunk :eek:

Bit slow disembarking, Bluey? ;)

BlueDiamond 25th Feb 2015 14:55

I just decorated it to look like the old one, Checkers. Honest. :O

RAFish 25th Feb 2015 14:55

Mornin' all!

Bit late. Got lost trying to row around the harbour with only one oar in the water.
Story of me life!
Staggered on board in the dark of night so I haven't had a good look at, what I surmise, are her graceful lines.
Did find a cabin however. Helpful chap with a cutlass jabbed me till I made my way down the ladder.
Hope I might convince the FSL to improve my quarters. Sharing with the guns is one thing. But a Goat! Perhaps it's fluffy's next meal. Makes me wonder if I might also fall into that category!
Hope the piccie shows.
This Photobucket thingie is new to me.img_2487_zpstpvxa5cd.jpg Photo by mark_gearing1 | Photobucket

lasernigel 25th Feb 2015 15:35

Good day all. Another day on the grind teaching. The Canuuks seem to divert away at will from what is needed to be done. One will be having words this morning.

Cpt_Pugwash 25th Feb 2015 17:10

Ahoy, shipmates! Request permission to come aboard, FSL?

Yes, of course I'll clean up later.

Does the new vessel have one of those hydraulic boom observation pod thingies like that cruise ship advertised on TV recently? Would like to see the failure mode analysis for that


angels 25th Feb 2015 17:17

Ah Checkers, there's a little piece in The Times today about someone on an Easyjet flight who was most unhappy with her driver because the flight had experienced a touch of turbulence.

"He could have apologised." :rolleyes:

And it wasn't one of your flights because it was to Gatters. But do make sure you drive carefully old chap. :8

I don't know, it's only page 5 and joy ride has already gone into the drink Goon style.

Wodrick 25th Feb 2015 17:34

Under the Boring heading.
I have just spent an entertaining half the afternoon filling in an application form from the Electricity Company in Spanish. (the web site is in The Queens, but as soon as you deviate - Spanish)
However I think, but do not know, that I have successfully applied for and got my bill in twelve, equal, monthly instalments. The acknowledgement is also in Spanish.
Previously the bill was bi monthly from a reading and could spring a surprise like 470€ in December or, what I expect at the end of this month, about 700€.
It will typically drop in the summer to about 70€.
170€ per month is so much better.
This method of payment has not been available previously with my company and it is nice that they have joined the 20th century in the 21st :D

Wake up at the back ........

meadowrun 25th Feb 2015 18:54

That woke me up Wodrick.

I pay approx. $30 for two months. Diff. places/sizes, one guesses.

Wodrick 25th Feb 2015 19:03

Lekky is very expensive in Spain, and all my downstairs (bedroom) heating is electric, in fact everything except the hob is electric. Factor in a pool pump (1.5 Kw) running at least half an hour all year, much more as it gets warmer and it's easy to see where the bills come from.
I know that there are more efficient ways of heating the shed but I don't like A/C heating - too dry for me head.

Rwy in Sight 25th Feb 2015 19:30

Permission to come abroad.


I don't like A/C heating

I would say the main disadvantage is that a space / room heated via an A/C cools extremely rapidly once the system has been turned off.

Rwy in Sight

tony draper 25th Feb 2015 20:01

Just spent a hour thinking I had blew up me new posh Monitor,Colour all to pot, visions of having to take it back to shop ,dragged old CRT monitor in that weighed half a ton and that was the same,ergo had to be graphics card,did fettley stuff wi that,new drivers ect,eventually found it were the DVI lead come slightly loose at back of the bloody puter,stupid boy Draper!:(

Checkboard 25th Feb 2015 20:21


tony draper 25th Feb 2015 20:45

Damm!! last episode of Wolf Hall tonight,apparently we have to wait until Mrs thingy writes the next book to follow the rest of Mr Cromwell's doings.:(

Checkboard 25th Feb 2015 21:03

I gave up on Wolf Hall - it was just too slow and woebegone for me. :8

On BBC4 and 2200 there is also "New Wolf Hall: The Inside Story" - a look back at the series and wander around the Tower of London.

G-CPTN 25th Feb 2015 21:09

Can you get iPlayer on those screens in your cockpit, Captain Checkboard?

Checkboard 25th Feb 2015 21:24

Hah! I wish :)

Capn Notarious 25th Feb 2015 23:35

The good Captain's screens: display the information for pilots.
The system is known as Why player high player.

meadowrun 26th Feb 2015 03:48

Dolphins do It Better

Exascot 26th Feb 2015 06:42

Morning folks. Another hot one, we have a bit of a drought problem here.

Mrs Exascot deals with home finance, indeed I never carry cash. This talk of leccy charges got me thinking. Apparently we pay 120 a month to run the generator (4 hrs a day). Bottled gas for the fridge and cooker 100 a month and wood for heating water is 50 a year. In Greece we have solar for charging phones etc and oil lamps. Bottled gas for the fridge and cooker is very expensive as we have to pay for a donkey to bring it up the mountain. Water is provided by God in both places. Rain in Greece, lagoon here.

My father seems to be sleeping most of the time now in Wythenshawe Hospital. Outstanding place. My brother is playing him his favourite music. Choral and military bands. One wonders if he is going to drift of his mortal coil or march off it :)

EDDNHopper 26th Feb 2015 07:17

Morning all,

this is what happens when you are the last one to board the new ship. You get the only cabin left. :*


But then again, wait a minute... :)

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