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Krystal n chips 28th Nov 2015 12:55


Yes, I have indeed walked around Southall....and, apart from Tower Hamlets, every other location mentioned.....and a few more besides.

Thus far in my sheltered life, one is totally unscathed.


Thank you for today's sociology lecture.....a fan of Mr Pickering perchance ?

SpringHeeledJack 28th Nov 2015 14:56

From the Daily Mail, but all the same enlightening, let' hope it's just journalistic license.

Germany's refugees may bring anti-Semitism after Angela Merkel opened the doors | Daily Mail Online


SOPS 29th Nov 2015 23:19

And for that Basil, you have to thank Mz Merkel. But in her eyes, everything is normal and under control.

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