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SOPS 29th Oct 2015 09:10

Runway makes a valid point.

Fareastdriver 29th Oct 2015 09:27

The Middle East has been civilised for at least three thousand years through the Pharaohs to the Hittites, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. From that time to the present day they have stayed static, in many cases wearing the same clothes as thousands of years ago. Inventions such as electricity, motor vehicles or aeroplanes never occurred to them. In order to kill each other they have to get their arms and explosives from another continent.

Now, having achieved nothing for all this time they now think that they have the right to move to Europe and take, for free, all the benefits that European civilisation has generated over the last five hundred years.

Peter-RB 29th Oct 2015 10:05

Strange thing is we all hear and read details of illegal migrants and true war escaping migrants or refugees coming to the EU, are any of this type either war escaping or illegal job seekers going into Spain or Portugal, for those two countries seem pretty quiet through all this worrying time..?

AreOut 29th Oct 2015 10:40

they go after benefits not after work (being it illegal or not), Portugal and Spain are broke and benefits aren't that good anyway so they all want to go to Germany & Sweden

SOPS 29th Oct 2015 10:50

100% correct. The bulk of them are welfare shopping. That's why they want Germany, Sweeden, The Netherlands or the UK. If they wanted a safe place they could have stopped in Turkey or Greece or in the Balkans.

This is what was stopped in Austealia. Those arriving by boat mostly were not refugees, just welfare shoppers.

MG23 29th Oct 2015 14:56

Originally Posted by Rwy in Sight (Post 9161704)
So it would take an immense amount of problems for anything to happen as special behavior will be tolerated for a long time while any voices against those issues will be accused of fascist, racist and xenophobia.

Meanwhile, Austrians are loading up on shotguns, and the only countries who have nothing to worry about are the ones who've built 'xenophobic' fences.

People tend not to worry about what names you call them when they're facing an existential threat.

Peter-RB 29th Oct 2015 15:27

Has anyone else noted that the main TV news in the UK BBC and ITV seem to be almost mute on any subject of the alleged war escaping/ scared migrants..?

skydiver69 29th Oct 2015 23:30

Refugees or no refugees the UK population is expected to rise by 9.7m during the next 25 years but currently we aren't even building enough houses for our current population., let alone schools and hospitals. We're also cutting our armed forces and police at the same time as population grows.

UK population 'to top 70 million in 12 years' - BBC News

ORAC 30th Oct 2015 09:47

Good analysis of the current situation - which has no apparent solution.

Why Germany Cannot Stop the Flow of Migrants

parabellum 30th Oct 2015 10:26

Have you thought about writing a book at all ?
It has already been written, Mein Kampf.

MG23 30th Oct 2015 14:40

Originally Posted by ORAC (Post 9162708)
Good analysis of the current situation - which has no apparent solution.

There are plenty of solutions. But they all require abandoning decades of SJW-ism.

So the left will keep doubling down on the stupid instead.

StickMonkey3 30th Oct 2015 15:34

There's a simple solution:


Illegals entering Hungary have dropped off the charts - from 6,353 per day to 29 per day in a week.

Guess when they finished the Fence? :ok:

Hungarian Border Fence So Effective Illegal Immigrants Are Now At Pre Migrant-Crisis Levels

MG23 30th Oct 2015 18:43

Originally Posted by StickMonkey3 (Post 9162986)
There's a simple solution:

But Germany can't do that without admitting that good fences make good neighbours. Which breaks The Narrative.

Metro man 31st Oct 2015 01:57

Perhaps someone more enlightened than me can come up with a more realistic scenario ? 10 000 illegals per day with no end in sight as the number of poor people wanting to move to rich countries is in the hundreds of millions.

Once its realised that you can simply pack up sticks and arrive in Europe and be given a free house, free medical care and welfare payments do you think the numbers are going to increase or decrease ?

European countries were facing crisis in pensions, social security, housing and health care BEFORE this influx started.

10 000 per day is nearly 4 million a year, the top target countries; Germany, Sweden and the UK have a combined population of 160 million therefore in ten years 20% of the population will be illegals, often non local language speaking, without relevant skills, having large families to house and provide education and health care for.

Surely you don't need to be a prophet to see where this is going to end ?

Stanwell 31st Oct 2015 03:31

Well, I wonder could it be down to the 'Will of Allah'?
I'm told he works in mysterious ways.

Pinky the pilot 31st Oct 2015 05:04

and arrive in Europe and be given a free house, free medical care and welfare payments
But what will happen when all the free houses are taken and the welfare/medical bills become unsustainable?:uhoh:

Fubaar 31st Oct 2015 05:13

Metro Man, if you go back to the first pages of this thread, you'll see that quite a few posters here have been asking that very question from Day One.

I try to put myself in the position of the people living in the small village (population approx 100) in Holland who find themselves with 1000 new neighbours, who will occupy an empty office building in the village. That's ten newcomers to every original inhabitant. It puts a whole new perspective on the concept of sharing.

WTF are the people running the governments of the EU thinking?

Who do they owe their first loyalty to?

prospector 31st Oct 2015 06:43

I heard many years ago a saying supposedly originating from some Imam in the desert, that the next World War will be won by the wombs of the women of Islam.

Is he going to be proved correct???

Not an Imam, this fellow



SOPS 31st Oct 2015 07:01

I asked the question when I first stared the thread...where will all these people go? And now we have examples of a Dutch village of 100 being expected to welcome 1000. In sure the newcomers will quicly learn Dutch and adapt to a dutch customs.....not:yuk:

The governments of Europe have lost the collective plot. The far right will rise, there is no doubt about it. And when all these newbies work out that they are not getting free houses and streets paved with gold, it is going to get very ugly.

MTOW 31st Oct 2015 08:18

I'm repeating something I said quite a few pages back, but the poor buggers I feel for are those from the Middle East and Africa who went to Europe quite some years ago and who got a job and fitted in. (There are such people - more than some here might think.) When the ultra righties emerge, as they surely must when the invasion passes critical mass, those people, be the 'moderate' Muslim, Christian or of no religion at all, unfortunately, will be lumped in with the troublemakers just because of their race.

Which is exactly what the troublemakers want - for those who thought they'd succeeded in fitting in will have to choose sides, and I don't think love and understanding will be very thick on the ground on either side in that dystopian Europe of the near future.

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