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Andy_RR 16th Apr 2015 07:41

Chemtrail debunking...
Not sure if this is worth the pain, but a friend is upset that "they" are spraying stuff overhead and wants to know what it is and why. :ooh:

She took this photo overhead the eastern suburbs of Melbourne (Nunawading) at 1152 EST on 15/04.


Is there anyway (Flight Radar 24 etc) that I can find out which flight this might have been for her to convince her of reality, rather than the conspiracy that she seems fond of? I tried FR24, but I don't know enough info to even have a chance of tracking it down.

Compylot 16th Apr 2015 07:54

Don't waste your time.

You'll never ever "convince her of reality".

Do a search for "Confirmation Bias" and "Inductive Reasoning"...

Desert Flower 16th Apr 2015 08:01

Just tell her to make herself a hat out of alfoil & line it with a thick layer of peanut butter, then she will be safe from it! ;)


Pinky the pilot 16th Apr 2015 08:19

Tell her that the 'stuff' is Dihydrogen Monoxide.:ooh:

Then let her figure it out for herself.

Andy_RR 16th Apr 2015 08:28

OK, so we've been through all the rational and scientific arguments about why and how*. They're not very effective against the non-and-pseudo-scientific of the world.

I reckon if I could demonstrate that it was VA666 or whatever and show her the FR24 plot, it stands some chance of convincing her that even normal scheduled flights can do this in the right atmospheric conditions.

I have no idea what flight might be travelling over Melbourne so high though, so searching for it on FR24 is the proverbial needle and haystack stuff.

*haven't mentioned peanut butter though. I might try...

Stikman 16th Apr 2015 08:31

Can't remember the flight no., but a radio host, who happens to be a plane-spotter as well, said it was en-route to Singapore from Auckland.

currawong 16th Apr 2015 08:32

Refer her to "contrails" on Wikipedia.

It has a pretty fair blurb.

ShotOne 16th Apr 2015 08:35

That wouldn't work Andy, it would only "prove" Qantas etc were in on the conspiracy.

There is a serious side to your point. Our airline industry does a poor job of telling the world about what we do. Even some intelligent people who don't subscribe to the chemtrail nonsense believe there is something noxious about contrails, likewise many people believe the tip vortices on landing are fuel dumping.

TWT 16th Apr 2015 08:40

It was SQ298 from Christchurch to Singapore at 36,000 feet.Over Nunawading at 1149.

Andy_RR 16th Apr 2015 08:48

Thankyou gentlemen!

I'll report back on the effects of evidence and peanut butter...

FGD135 16th Apr 2015 09:18

Don't expect your "evidence" to have any effect on her beliefs.

ACMS 16th Apr 2015 09:30

Tell her to visit western Europe on a nice cold winters morning and look up.

She will wet her pants seeing multiple vapor trails criss crossing all over the place.

Actually you'll see a few over Canberra in winter as well.

Woop dee doo...:ok:

TWT 16th Apr 2015 09:52

Does she also believe that cooking in a microwave oven kills all the 'life force' in food ? I know someone that does.Her belief cannot be altered whatever evidence I present.Just give up ;)

CaptainMidnight 16th Apr 2015 09:55

Maybe send her this link, although she probably won't believe what the various spokespersons said.

Great HP's though :)

Contrails left by jetliners | Ipswich Queensland Times

Incidentally looking at WebTrak, the only aircraft consistent would be JST705 ML-HB @ 1132EST-

AerocatS2A 16th Apr 2015 10:06

You can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into.

Kiwiconehead 16th Apr 2015 10:37

Yeah - I'd just get a new friend - less heartache

Track5milefinal 16th Apr 2015 11:09

Or refer her to this facebook page its an absolute pi$$er!! :}:}


Andy_RR 16th Apr 2015 11:21

Originally Posted by Track5milefinal (Post 8945757)
Or refer her to this facebook page its an absolute pi$$er!! :}:}



I especially like this photo!


john_tullamarine 16th Apr 2015 11:23

I know someone that does. Her belief cannot be altered whatever evidence I present. Just give up

Microwave units ...

My elderly mother is in the same boat .. she caught the disease from her younger sister. The latter knows it's silly but just can't help herself. Other than that, she's quite lovely.

Guess the genetics ordain that I will be a handful for Sal when I really get into my old-timer's dotage

cowl flaps 16th Apr 2015 13:28

Don't waste your time with these greenie types of imbecile.

They follow like sheep, and attain a mindset that it's all a conspiracy.
It's a serious concern to many that they are allowed to walk amongst us.

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