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Dea Certe 15th Apr 2015 20:22

Rubio isn't serious this time, he's just practicing and teething a bit for 2020.

Always such fun to haul the old Reagan spokesmodel carcass out. And Monica. That poor, sick woman who got used by so many men for their own personal agendas. You should be ashamed. Bill was the one at fault. She was the victim. She's suffered enough.

So, looking forward, who's possible for the future? Who is actually a viable option?

Lonewolf_50 15th Apr 2015 20:25

This fella may suffice.

Dea Certe 15th Apr 2015 20:26

Lonewof, I might regret this but the link is "page not found".

Lonewolf_50 15th Apr 2015 20:29

Originally Posted by Dea Certe (Post 8945134)
Lonewof, I might regret this but the link is "page not found".

Sorry, it was a link to a picture of an "Alfred E Neuman for President" poster.

Did this link work?

Dea Certe 15th Apr 2015 20:36

It did! Thank you! I needed the giggle!

PAXfips 16th Apr 2015 08:54


All Hail Hillary: Students Locked In Classrooms As Clinton Visits "Everyday Iowans" | Zero Hedge

the attendees were carefully selected and students were locked inside classrooms to avoid any embarrassing questions being asked...

There you go serfs.

MTOW 16th Apr 2015 10:26

Who's misguided brainchild is it to have Hillary meet the plebs... sorry, people on their own turf? I have NEVER seen a politician look so uncomfortable and totally out of place (and out of her comfort zone) as Hillary Clinton mixing with 'ordinary' people.

I don't know about average everyday Americans, but I can tell you that the bullshitometer of the average Australian voter would be off the scale if she tried that with a bunch of average working class Aussies.

MadsDad 16th Apr 2015 10:36

The 'lock people up so they can't ask embarrassing questions' is common amongst most of the political parties over here as well (particularly amongst the 'man of the people' candidates).

It would be interesting to know if we (Brits) nicked the idea off you (Americans) or vice-versa.

ORAC 18th Apr 2015 08:11

barit1 18th Apr 2015 15:57

The Hillary glossary
A vital resource: Eclipse's Political Signature Quote Collection: The Clintons, Chapter 3

Especially: "The American people are tired of liars and people who pretend to be something they're not." Sixty Minutes, 1992

ORAC 19th Apr 2015 11:01

Just love the comments section......

Is satire, really, finally, dead now?

The original statement was that satire was dead when Nixon was elected: thatís from Tom Lehrer. Myself I think Kissinger getting the Peace Prize was a sterling moment. But, sorry, it ainít dead yet:
President Barack Obama announced in his weekly address that he will travel to the Florida Everglades on Wednesday, which is Earth Day, to bring attention to the dangers of climate change.
That is, Barack Obama, the President, will travel with his own 747 Jumbo Jet, with an advance party in another, larger, cargo plane carrying his armoured limo (s), with a back up plane in the air just in case. In order to give a speech on how aviation emissions, among other things, threaten the ******* planet?

Umm, donít they have a TV studio in the White House? Or maybe satire is finally dead?

ORAC 20th Apr 2015 08:09

The Times: A glimpse of Hillary? You’ll be lucky

It was just before 1pm and we were standing in a college car park in a tiny town called Monticello, Iowa. It was a warm day: pale sunlight gleamed on the colossal steel silos of a fertiliser dispensary and bounced off the white roofs of television trucks. Men in suits sweated gently as they made live TV reports for their viewers. I recognised a few faces: a chap from the BBC, a British newspaper reporter I’ll call Dave, and a British photographer who usually does big celebrity shoots for magazines. I’ll call him Gareth. Gareth had arrived in a pair of luminous orange trousers. “He doesn’t stick out at all,” Dave muttered to me, as we watched him tramping towards us across a field.

Somewhere out there in the undulating countryside of eastern Iowa, Hillary Clinton was at large. A few American reporters had seen her briefly the previous day. They had been summoned to a bakery in one town, and then given the address of a cafť in a tiny village a 20-minute drive north along the Mississippi river. Even these lucky few had not seen much. A French reporter for the AFP agency claimed to have seen her black van. “What did it look like?” another reporter asked him. He shrugged. Everyone leant a little closer. “It was a black van,” he said at last. We all wrote this down. I underlined the word “van”.

I’ve covered political campaigns in Britain: there is usually an assumption that you will at least see the candidate. But Mrs Clinton was campaigning in secret. At this, the first openly acknowledged event, most of us would not be allowed inside. “She’ll come in the back,” said Dave. “I’m going round there. I’ve come all this way, I do at least want to see Hillary Clinton.” The back of the college was fenced off and a police car was already stationed at the gate. The front, by contrast, was open. Reporters, students, teachers and two men with anti-Hillary placards, demanding that she “Give The Saudi Money Back”, milled around.

Then a cry went up: there on the highway, traversing the edge of a far field, was a black van. Dave and I decided to hedge our bets: we walked out to the turn off to the front of the college. The van rolled past, heading for the back entrance. We began to run, but like people who are trying to pretend they are not running. Then we looked back. The entire American and European press corps had come charging out of the car park behind us. The two men with placards were near the front, like the standard bearers of a Roman legion. Gareth was advancing at a tremendous pace too, his orange trousers blazing. It was an utterly pointless race. At stake was a fleeting glimpse of a presidential candidate, through a fence. On the other hand, we were in the lead. It felt rather exhilarating. We began to sprint. Dave shouted: “This is the greatest scoop of our lives!”

Unfortunately, we were on live television. An MSNBC reporter had begun a report and the camera cut to us, charging after Hillary Clinton as if she was the last train out of Guildford on a Saturday night. “The guy in the orange pants is pretty quick,” said one of the presenters.

Days of mockery followed. The clip appeared on The Daily Show. I’ve always wanted to be on The Daily Show. In egotistical daydreams, I’ve tried to imagine possible scenarios in which I was invited to discuss an important piece of journalism. Instead, there I was, chasing a van like an excited labrador. The star of the sideshow, however, was Gareth, who was being referred to across the land as “orange pants”. When I last spoke to him, he was trying to persuade Mrs Clinton’s staff that she ought to wear orange trousers for a day. “I’m working on sponsorship right now,” he added.

And we didn’t even see her. Our view was blocked by the black van.

Vercingetorix 20th Apr 2015 09:10

Hillary gets my vote :ok:

Lonewolf_50 23rd Apr 2015 14:05

A different version of the Elian Gonzalez story, this time with Interpol involved and Mexican law enforcement.
Alondra Luna Nunez, Mexican Teen Forcibly Sent to U.S., Is Allowed Home - NBC News

In a nutshell, lady in Houston gets John Law to intervene and "return" her daughter to her ... except that the 14 year old lived in Mexico with her father, and DNA test later showed that this wasn't her daughter.
Kid was forcibly sent from her home in Mexico to the US by Mexican officials based on a request (which was based on incorrect claims) made by a lady in the US.

Mexican agents assigned to Interpol took Alondra from her middle school on April 16 and transported her to a courtroom, according to a statement from the federal Attorney General's Office. In court, Alondra's parents and Garcia each presented birth certificates and gave testimony, then the judge ruled in favor of Garcia, ordering the girl into her custody,
according to the court in Michoacan.
Alondra and Garcia went by bus to Houston, with the birth certificate of Garcia's daughter and the court order, according to the Foreign Ministry which later intervened to request a DNA test. Many things remained unclear, including who called Interpol from the U.S.
Providing this report is correct on the facts, there is a whole lot that is wrong about this.

It irritates me that someone (on the US official side) did not perform due diligence and determine the validity of the Houston woman's claim before this young lady's life got disrupted.
She is home in Mexico with her father again, as she should be. I won't comment on Mexican courts.

rgbrock1 23rd Apr 2015 14:42

Mexican courts, LW50?


Lonewolf_50 23rd Apr 2015 16:02

Originally Posted by rgbrock1 (Post 8953399)

I don't think Mexican Judges use the wig.

rgbrock1 23rd Apr 2015 16:05

Well, LW50, I suppose that all depends on how many Dos Equis the judge might have drunk beforehand. :}:}

WingSlinger 23rd Apr 2015 23:06

Looks like a kangaroo court to me.

con-pilot 23rd Apr 2015 23:09

Looks like a kangaroo court to me.
Whatever gave you that idea? :p

rh200 23rd Apr 2015 23:35

I don't think Mexican Judges use the wig.
Couldn't hurt if they did:p

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