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mikedreamer787 20th Dec 2014 12:21

well, there goes the ozone layer
Hmm...good idea! Contact your local loony Greenie rep complaining how sprouts wreck the Ozone Layer, create greenhouse gases that cause typhoons in the Flipperines, and that eventually the vegetable will be blamed by the NPCC for the ocean finally reclaiming the Maldives. No need to dig up supporting graphs - anything you make up will of course be readily accepted.

Bingo! No more evil little green balls from the Depths of Hell! :)

om15 20th Dec 2014 12:54

My Grannie used to favour the WWI era practice of boiling sprouts to a grey green mush and then standing over me with her hands on her hips making sure I finished them off, terrible memories.
However the versatile sprout has been recognised as the tasty and beneficial vegetable it is, whether the Parisian sprout served encased in dark chocolate, or the Glaswegian sprout battered and deep fried in used chip oil, it is enjoying a resurgence.
Here in Dorset sprout puree is a favourite.


mikedreamer787 20th Dec 2014 12:58

the Parisian sprout served encased in dark chocolate, or the Glaswegian sprout battered and deep fried in used chip oil
Ah...the Devil's Work in action. :eek:

om15 20th Dec 2014 13:17

Apologies, the link doesn't work, this is suggested by Hugh Fernley Whitingstall

250g Brussels sprouts, prepped
25g butter
2 shallots or ½ small onion, sliced
1 garlic clove, chopped (or crushed)
50ml double cream
A bit of olive oil
8 rashers of smoked streaky bacon (I think you can get away with smoked back bacon as long as you ensure you make it super crispy when frying)
4 slices of black pudding, peeled
Salt and pepper

Cook the sprouts in salted boiling water for about 6 minutes until tender. Drain well – let them sit in the colander for a minute or two to let the steam & water escape otherwise they’ll be too wet for the mash / purée

Meanwhile, melt the butter in a (large if you only want to use one) frying pan over medium heat, add the shallots or onion, and the garlic. Cook until softened – don’t let them catch.

Tip the onion / shallots and garlic (including any buttery juices), sprouts, and cream into a food processor (if you have one – otherwise into something deep enough and use a hand blender). Blitz briefly to a reasonably course purée. Season well and keep warm.

Heat large frying pan over medium heat. Add a bit of oil, then add the bacon and fry on both sides until crispy. Push the bacon to the sides of the pan. Add the black pudd and fry for 2-3 minutes on each side.

Divide your sprout purée between warm plates and top with the black pudd & crispy bacon. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and you’re ready to serve.

mikedreamer787 20th Dec 2014 13:23

That's a nice recipe and I might put the new GF onto it Mr 15.

We'll just leave out all references to the sprouts component.

OFSO 20th Dec 2014 14:43

..and do not forget Rosenkohlenwürst, the centrepiece of every Christmas table in Hessen.......

Tankertrashnav 20th Dec 2014 15:28

Thanks for providing me with 'rosenkohl' OFSO. Didn't know that before.

I can now add the German word to my vocab (see also 'choux de Bruxelles' and 'брюссельская капуста'), so I'm good to go in English, German, French and Russian speaking countries :ok:

radeng 20th Dec 2014 19:45

no real answer.

Do sprouts haters also hate cabbage?

Do they hate sauerkraut?

Assuming they would eat sauerkraut made from cabbage, would they eat sauerkraut made from sprouts and would it really be edible?

foresight 20th Dec 2014 20:59

Blutwürst mit Sauerspraut - delicious! Or maybe not.

meadowrun 20th Dec 2014 22:02

Brussels Sprouts Slaw with Bacon Recipe

Yield: Serves 4 as a side.
Total Time: 20 min


  • 1 lb Brussels Sprouts, sliced or shaved thin
  • 1/2 teaspoons Celery Salt
  • 1/2 cup Mayo
  • 1 clove Garlic, minced
  • 2 teaspoons Lemon Juice
  • zest of one medium Lemon
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon Mustard
  • Sea Salt to taste
  • about 4 slices of fried Bacon, broken into small pieces
  • about 1/4 cup toasted Pecans


  1. Wash and trim edges of brussels sprouts. Slice brussels sprouts very thin.
  2. In large bowl, combine celery salt, mayo, garlic, lemon juice, lemon zest, dijon mustard and salt. Add shaved brussels sprouts and combine well.
  3. Then add bacon and pecans to the mixture. Toss well, but gently.
  4. You can serve immediately or allow to chill in refrigerator.

MadsDad 20th Dec 2014 23:08

And for all the Brussels Sprout lovers out there, from todays Guardian, I give you:-

Our 10 best brussels sprouts recipes | Life and style | The Guardian

Flash2001 21st Dec 2014 00:13

I think a variation on "How to cook a loon" might do for sprouts.

Place loon in a pot with a rock of equal weight.

Cover with bourbon.

Simmer until the rock is soft.

Throw the loon away and drink the bourbon.

For sprouts I suppose you could substitute 3/4" clear gravel for the rock.

After an excellent landing etc...

Out Of Trim 21st Dec 2014 00:27

I have to admit; I've had Sprouts for dinner for 3 consecutive days this week!

Can't help loving these, good winter Veg, with carrots, runner beams and potatoes.


probes 21st Dec 2014 07:01

No more evil little green balls from the Depths of Hell!
better green balls than no balls :E - all the starving people would say!

I love sprouts, all sprouts, even the Brussels ones - thanks, Mads!

wings folded 21st Dec 2014 07:25

Can't help loving these, good winter Veg, with carrots, runner beams and potatoes.
Runner beams have to be simmered for quite a while to make them tender...

funfly 21st Dec 2014 09:40

Just a reminder to get your sprouts on the boil today so that they will be ready for your Christmas day dinner and your house diffused with at lovely fatty smell of Christmas cooking. :ok:

OFSO 21st Dec 2014 11:26

I must admit I had to look up the German for "brussels sprouts" as they were not included in any meal served in Hessen.

Ze Hessen Weinachtsmittagessen (Christmas Lunch):

Possibly der Peas
No gravy, no salt und pepper on ze table, and definitely NO brussels sprouts.
No Puddink ("pudding" in Germany is some kind of icecream or joghurt or (shudder) blancmange or jelly).

Cake - LOTS of cake, no, even more than that, enough cake to sink the Titanic - and coffee served at 4 p.m. sharp

In the evening a huge block of sugar is put in a special frame and a bowl of schnapps put under it and ignited. The sugar melts into the schnapps and you all sit around watching. Not sure what happens next. All die of boredom or commit suicide ? Or maybe this - the sugary bit - happens on the 24th when you open the presents. It's all getting a bit "far in the past" now.

G-CPTN 21st Dec 2014 12:12

Today I saw an otherwise normal-looking middle-aged lower-middle-class male walking through the nearby town carrying a shopping bag containing a complete stalk about two foot long with the sprouts still attached.

Who (in a town) would buy sprouts in this manner? - and why would the supplier choose to offer them like this?

Is it cheaper to harvest/transport the complete plant rather than strip the sprouts and pack them?

Does the retailer charge less (or more) for the privilege of having the stalk included?

OFSO 21st Dec 2014 12:19

a) It's a sign they are fresh and "organic" (Although what non-organic brussels sprouts are I can't imagine.)
b) It can be used as a club when attacked by brussels-sprouts-stealing gangs
c) It can be used to cushion the shock of landing after being picked up by a tornado and deposited back on earth.

gemma10 21st Dec 2014 13:49

I think they are known as sprout tops. They last longer and can be snapped off when required. More expensive to boot.

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