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onetrack 27th Sep 2014 00:32

Meanwhile .. back in the Good 'ol NK ....
... it looks like the Little Fat Wun is suffering severely from excessive indulgence in the rich foods and strong drinks of the Capitalist Pigs .... :E

One can only hope that careless associates accidentally kick his big toe on regular occasions .... :E :D

Kim Jong Un suffering from "discomfort"

Dushan 27th Sep 2014 00:45

Maybe he is spending too much time in the Mongolian bar, with you know who.

Cacophonix 27th Sep 2014 01:05

too much time in the Mongolian bar, with you know who.
Hell, if we could all be there I'd buy them both a drink and you too! :p


Dushan 27th Sep 2014 01:09

Caco, they have the same rules as PPRuNe. No YouTube videos by Caco.

Cacophonix 27th Sep 2014 01:11

No YouTube videos by Caco.
As the tears ran cold and bitter from my big blue eyes... :ok:


Nervous SLF 27th Sep 2014 01:18

He could well be renamed "Big fat wun" soon then ?

Cacophonix 27th Sep 2014 01:23

As the article implies, the bugger has gout and no doubt due to the Swiss cheese he eats...

Those perfidious Swiss! :)


Dushan 27th Sep 2014 01:36

Hard to believe you can get gout from eating grass and roots.

mikedreamer787 27th Sep 2014 07:39

said Ms Park's speech in New York
on Wednesday amounted to the
malign ravings of a "psychopath"
and "confrontation maniac".
Commies who live in stone houses
shouldn't throw glass. :=

onetrack 27th Sep 2014 09:19

Mike - What's that old standby comeback that we love to use? ... "It takes one to know one." :ok: :D

Windy Militant 27th Sep 2014 10:47

I need new glasses I thought it said "Back in good 'ol MK"

Still MK is similar to NK and as Wild Willy Barrett said "There be many ways in, but there baint be any out, especially if you happen to be a tourist huk huk " *;)

*from the intro to MK Special

Capetonian 27th Sep 2014 11:12

I enjoyed the news about his father on a local radio station :

"Kim Jong Il is no longer ill. He is now dead."

Maybe there will will soon be equally cheering news about Yung Fat Wun.

Sallyann1234 27th Sep 2014 11:35

Kim Jong Un prescribed new wonder drug

eastern wiseguy 27th Sep 2014 12:06

Since he has gout and has become unwell is it proper to address him as Kim jung ILL ?

Hat coat and exit Gangnam style.

Rather be Gardening 27th Sep 2014 12:16

That poor guy next to him looks terrified - more than a sheen of perspiration there! Must be like standing next to Caligula, only with a worse view.......

Keef 27th Sep 2014 12:20

He should look terrified! He hasn't had the same "demon barber" haircult!

Fareastdriver 27th Sep 2014 12:40

Lousy welding on the flange.

sitigeltfel 27th Sep 2014 14:01

Originally Posted by Fareastdriver (Post 8674182)
Lousy welding on the flange.

And half the bolts are missing. Manager at Bolt Factory No3 executed for not meeting production targets. ;)

onetrack 27th Sep 2014 14:08

Lousy welding on the flange
That's usually the best that prison labour can do, I'm afraid. I'm sure the beatings will continue until the morale (and welding) improves. :suspect:

Am I correct in assuming that that's most likely a lithium-soap based lubricating grease going into those drums?

With [2"] and [304] (stainless type) cast into the pipe fitting, I'm guessing some capitalist Western Pig industrial products have managed to find their way to NK?

The look on the blokes face on the left speaks volumes to me. He's sweating and thinking ...

"Sh!t, I hope this jerry-built batch of industrial plumbing keeps working while Glorious Leader is watching! If it breaks down while he's watching, it's 30 years in a gulag for me!!"

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