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500N 27th Aug 2014 07:44

This seems to me to be another case of everyone is so intent on not offending the Pakis - and possibly infringing their "human rights" that everyone forgets about the children and that kids were being raped.

The question I would always ask if someone said that to me (ie the cover up) would be "what if it was your child" ?

"Even the BBC is outraged at the behaviour of those men; now there's something."

It's called a guilty conscience, they are as bad as the council and the Police but they
want people to forget the past.

Andy_S 27th Aug 2014 08:40

Originally Posted by 500N (Post 8626456)
It gets worse. In that link, the PCC was "PCC Shaun Wright was responsible for children's services at Rotherham Council from 2005 to 2010." So not only is he now PCC but was in charge of the children during that time!

I think that says a great deal about the state of local government in this country. Jobs in the public sector seem to be handed out by local party hacks to their own activists as a reward for good behavior or to return a favour rather than on the basis of competency or experience. And these people then just seem to circulate round local government from one juicy sinecure to another. It never ceases to amaze me the heights to which such utterly useless oxygen thieves are able to rise within the system. And of course, when they do eventually get caught out they’re able to depart with generous payoffs, full pensions etc.

Perhaps the time has come to charge some of the people who knew, or at least had a very good idea what was going on, with conspiracy to rape or to traffic children. If some of these people began to understand that they might actually be accountable for their decisions, to the extent that they might end up in jail, then maybe they'll be a bit more careful.

Solid Rust Twotter 27th Aug 2014 08:45

Please tell me you won't be holding your breath waiting for that to happen, Andy S.

tony draper 27th Aug 2014 11:17

All in front of the Camera this morning saying they were shocked at these revelations,I suspect it was common knowledge from them at the very top right down to the chap who empties the waste paper baskets,people gossip about juice like this at home and in the pub.
Presumably they must still have names of those doing the kiddy fiddling,the girls and boys fiddled with are still around, some anxious to tell their tale going by the telly,why dont they go out this very day and feel some collars?
If they can build a case agin a load of celebs dating back forty years surely they can manage to have some of these scumbags up in front of a Judge?
Perhaps with the media frenzy going on at the mo members of their own community wont be so keen on protecting them.

500N 27th Aug 2014 11:25

If they can build a case agin a load of celebs dating back forty years surely they can manage to have some of these scumbags up in front of a Judge?
A very good point, I hadn't thought of that.

And all the victims and perps would still be alive.

Capetonian 27th Aug 2014 11:27

If they can build a case agin a load of celebs dating back forty years surely they can manage to have some of these scumbags up in front of a Judge?
The 'celebs' were British, white, and in the public eye.

500N 27th Aug 2014 11:32

When it comes to some crimes, fine, but child abuse ?????

The disgust should cross culture lines as in from white to coloured,
I know it wouldn't the other way.

brickhistory 27th Aug 2014 11:49

Not one comment about such heinousness being reflective on the whole of Britain or British society. Which is it not.

Another lesson to be learned.

Along with capital punishment being deserved sometimes.

charliegolf 27th Aug 2014 12:01

The disgust should cross culture lines as in from white to coloured
The vitriol has ironically (but not surprisingly of course) focussed on the white people in the council. Their pain should hopefully follow.

But no-one has questioned what the abusers' families knew. I firmly believe they were fully aware of what their men were doing, and chose to go along with it. We also know in advance that nobody is going to go after them. They should.


goudie 27th Aug 2014 12:09

But no-one has questioned what the abusers' families knew.
In a male dominated culture they would, I'm sure, plead ignorance.

And what of the children's parents, guardians, carers?


Not one comment about such heinousness being reflective on the whole of Britain or British society. Which is it not?
Good point, child abusers are not confined to one ethnic group.

G-CPTN 27th Aug 2014 12:25

And what of the children's parents, guardians, carers?
Many of the children were 'in care' and thus at loose ends (sic) and went hanging around where these vultures pounced and offered them 'love' and attention which they lacked.

One parent who tried to get his daughter back from a house where she was being abused was threatened with arrest by the police and one 'raid' by the police on a house where a girl was being abused resulted in the arrest of the girl and not the abuser.

The girls (despite their immaturity) were classed as slappers by the police and treated as such.

Capetonian 27th Aug 2014 13:27

Tory MP Gerald Howarth says Enoch Powell 'was right' in notorious Rivers of Blood speech - UK Politics - UK - The Independent

Of course most right thinking (pun intended perhaps!) people knew this, but many were too lily-livered to say it in public. Had more taken heed of the words of Mr. Powell and other who opined similarly, the country might not be in its current mess.

Capot 27th Aug 2014 14:00

There are two connections here that we need to think about.

Firstly; am I right in thinking that the Police force which over a decade and more ignored the sex crimes being committed by gangs of Pakistani youths and men is the same force that decided to raid Cliff Richard's house on the say so of a single unreliable informant, and to do so with a posse of 8 thugs who needed 5 cars to get there?

Secondly; it occurs to me that the Pakistani youths and older men involved in the Rotherham crimes are exactly the same in many respects as those who become "jihadists", probably a concept that they actually understand little about, with the common feature that their lives and actions have the single purpose of getting as much sex as possible, and necessarily doing so at gunpoint or under some other duress. The mass capture and imprisonment of girls in Syria and Iraq by these people has that sole purpose.

It must be infinitely more exciting to rape - in the name of Allah - a terrified, half-dead 12-year old tied up in a room in Northern Iraq than to have a solitary Islamic w**k in front of a computer in a sordid bedroom in Rotherham.

Perhaps if the media, and genuine Muslims, would (correctly) stigmatise these so-called jihadists as the sex-obsessed scum they really are we may see fewer deciding to have a go. On the other hand, it may encourage a few more "Muslims" to get out there and join in the fun.

tony draper 27th Aug 2014 14:25

Always said in this country minorities are allowed a far louder voice than their numbers merit, that particular ethnic and religious community loudest of all,they also have exaggerated or amplified political power in that they are large groups in particular areas who tend to vote for who the top god man tells em,a lot of Councilors and even MPs will tiptoe around them and treat them with caution.

charliegolf 27th Aug 2014 15:23


I wasn't referring to any majority. I was referring to my belief that wives, mothers and sisters knew this was going on. Bollocks to the threat they were (probably always are) under to keep out of it or else. Now is the time to show them and their 'men', that they are complicit. Five years ought to have an effect.

I suspect that whatever we think of Rotherham Council, the VAST majority of their employees are completely untainted by this. Do we think the bin men knew?


tony draper 27th Aug 2014 15:36

There were probably a few people up and down the ladder who would have liked to have spilled the beans, but whistle blowers are not treated well in this land of ours, despite all the bollix to the contrary, the black mark would have followed them for the rest of their lives along with the probability of powerful people going all out to destroy their credibility by any means to hand, and the chances of any kind of continuing life in their chosen career skittled.

G-CPTN 27th Aug 2014 15:36

BBC News - Rotherham child abuse: Police commissioner will stay on

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