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ORAC 8th Jun 2021 21:33

I will leave the article to speak for itself.

Doubtless if the immigration services eventually turn up to deport them the locals will gather en mass, copying the Scots, to explain how valuable to the local community they are…


Rochdale grooming gang abusers fighting deportation: We have not committed that big a crime

Two men who were part of the notorious Rochdale grooming gang have claimed they should not be deported because “we have not committed that big a crime”.

Adil Khan, 51, and Qari Abdul Rauf, 52, have been told that they are to be sent back to Pakistan for the public good after both were part of a gang convicted of a catalogue of serious sex offences against young girls.

However, appealing against the decision, Khan told an immigration tribunal hearing today that deporting him to Pakistan would breach his human rights.

He also claims to have renounced his Pakistani citizenship, which would make him “stateless” and be a bar to deportation.

Khan was handed an eight-year prison sentence in 2012 and released on licence four years later after being convicted of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child and trafficking two 15-year-old girls for sexual exploitation.

Khan also impregnated a girl, 13, but denied that he was the father. He then met another girl, 15, and trafficked her to others, using violence when she complained.

Rauf was sentenced to six years for conspiracy to engage in sexual activity and trafficking. They were both served with deportation orders last July.

At a tribunal hearing to fight Home Office attempts to remove them, Khan blamed the media for exaggerating their crimes.

Speaking via videolink and through a Mirpuri translator, he said: “The journalists have made our lives a living hell. We are not that big a criminal. We have not committed that big a crime.

“I’m innocent. I’m not committing any crime. The journalists made us out to be big criminals.”

Taxpayer-funded legal aid has been granted for both men to fight Home Office attempts to strip them of UK citizenship and deport them.

It came on top of more than 1 million of legal aid spent on the gang’s unsuccessful defence at the original trial, including 282,000 each provided for Khan and Rauf to fight the charges against them.

In 2015 the Home Office stripped them of their citizenship, which the two men appealed against on the grounds that it breached their human rights.

However, two levels of immigration tribunal rejected their arguments, with the first tier tribunal declaring that the consequences for the men and their families did not outweigh the public interest in ending their citizenship.

Mr Mac 9th Jun 2021 19:37

Totally agree it is unacceptable as it would be should the perpetrators be White. For me quite happy to deport them. but where do we send the White ones ?
It may surprise you but I would quite happily dispatch people for some crimes, though there would have to be suitable fund set aside for when we get it wrong, as we would in some cases.
Mr Mac

radeng 10th Jun 2021 11:39

The sooner they can be shipped out the better. I wonder what will happen to them in Pakistan? That's probably what they are afraid of....

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