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500N 2nd Sep 2014 08:32

I did like this post on that page.

"One child taken to get possible life saving treatment & social services & the police are all over it ... 1400 children groomed & raped
by 800 Muslim men & nothing is done . DISGUSTING !

Also the one "where are the politicians ?".

G-CPTN 2nd Sep 2014 11:03

BBC News - Rotherham child abuse scandal: South Yorkshire Police starts probe

500N 2nd Sep 2014 11:13

Nice to see the Labour Party take action against it's own current members
who were leaders in the area at the time, even if they have now moved on.

To be honest I am surprised but good to see.

Can't wait for the report on the Police and Council, it will be interesting to see if it is a whitewash or the real truth.

TBirdFrank 2nd Sep 2014 11:26

I'm sorry but the EDL and BNP are just as bad as the scum they have jumped on the bandwagon to protest about.

I am already booked on a ferry to Ulster that day so won't be able to attend - but with those people leading it - I wouldn't anyway!

Where are the ordinary decent people to show the disgust we all feel, not just about the incidents themselves, but of the craven self serving sweeping under the carpet that followed, and is still likely to occur if we let officialdom get away with it?

500N 2nd Sep 2014 11:29

I'm sorry but the EDL and BNP are just as bad as the scum they have jumped on the bandwagon to protest about.

On what basis do you say they are as bad ?

I haven't seen any reports that EDL/BNP members routinely groom, assault and rape underage girls.

bosnich71 2nd Sep 2014 13:28

T Bird ... we are told that EDL and BNP are a very small minority so maybe it is time for the majority to join them and get out on the streets.
At the moment the British authorities are playing you, the majority of the British, for bunch of plonkers..... 'Oh please do not join the racist/fascist/white supremacist EDL and BNP in their marches'.
Just go back to sleep it will all be over in another generation anyway.

Capot 2nd Sep 2014 13:38

Can't wait for the report on the Police and Council, it will be interesting to see if it is a whitewash or the real truth
Wanna bet? Monkey on the whitewash.

goudie 2nd Sep 2014 13:46

The government is considering conducting an inspection of Rotherham Council in the wake the child abuse scandal, Home Secretary Theresa May says.
Considering, considering! I would have thought it a given.

BOING 2nd Sep 2014 15:49



Then he raped her again, and soon the rules changed. The girls were to speak only when spoken to. They had to sit quietly in town and wait. Taxis would come by and pick them up. They were raped by different men in different places, mostly outdoors.

There seemed to be no way out. “They threatened to gang-rape my mother, to kill my brother and to firebomb my house,” Lucy said.

Once, she said, when they thought she might go to the police, a man with gold teeth whom she had never seen before dragged her into his car, a dark-green Honda with left-side drive, and put a gun to her head: “On the count of three you’re dead,” she said he told her. He pulled the trigger on three, but nothing happened. “Keep your mouth shut,” he said. “Next time there will be a bullet inside.”
I can just imagine the reporters interaction with the police.

"Well, I mean, it's so difficult to work these cases. All we know is that the criminal was in a left-hand drive dark-green Honda and that he had a mouthful of gold teeth. What does that give us to go on?

But he had a gun, isn't that a serious offense????? Well, actually we consider a gun to be a valid religious and cultural artifact for certain cultures so we don't get excited about it."



500N 2nd Sep 2014 15:56

I had to laugh at this comment in the Telegraph from about the Ashya case.

"Former Tory Home Office minister David Mellor told LBC: “I think any decent person will feel disgusted by this"

“There’s this Assistant Chief Constable Shead in Hampshire pursuing these people, making me think, why wasn't he in Rotherham ? The police never cease to amaze me."


500N 2nd Sep 2014 16:00


One day, these people are going to meet someone who won't have a family
who is meek and mild and the shoe will be on the other foot !

Ancient Observer 2nd Sep 2014 16:35

The wages of sinners......
One element that has emerged is the fact that lots of people in this Local Authority are paid £80,000 - 120,000p.a. or more.

When "Deputy Assistant Directors" in Local Authorities are paid UKP 90,000 I really wonder why they are paid that.

The logic for raising their money was that they did tough jobs, and take Accountability for what goes on in their bits of the empire.

Indeed, most job assessment schemes give most marks for Accountability.

So if some one is Accountable, and makes a complete b*lls up of it, shouldn't they either resign or be fired??????

500N 2nd Sep 2014 16:37

When does someone become "criminally negligent" ?


Agree. But those of the left are never accountable for stuff ups !

You even have Krystal n Chips criticising the EDL for protesting in Rotherham !!!
Ideology over action on display again !

So another lefty who is happy for children to be assaulted and raped
and for the perps to get away with it.

BOING 2nd Sep 2014 16:39


Well actually someone did find such a family, it is featured in a thread next door and the wusses are complaining about vigilante justice.

If anything like this had occurred in my village my father could have dealt with it on his own but he would actually have had a lot of help from the other fathers in the community.

Somebody managed to suck the backbone out of England. The situation that the country faces now demonstrates that the slow, persistent, pressure of propaganda and wrong thinking wins in the end. It is the boiled lobster effect combined with the Stockholm Syndrome but on a national scale.


500N 2nd Sep 2014 16:47


Yes, I had noticed.

The silence is deafening from people like Krystal n Chips.

I seriously wonder what would happen if someone did to their children what happened to those in Rotherham.

There wouldn't be a "next time" with a lot of people I know and like your father, most would handle it themselves but help would be available.

I am not a parent but since my GF has kids, it has been brought to my attention just how many perps there are out there.

west lakes 2nd Sep 2014 19:23

I don't think this has been mentioned but SYP have a very poor record overall, at the end of the day a further inquest/enquiry is on-going into the Hillsborough Disaster

Hillsborough disaster - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Perhaps as a force they should be treated as some hospital trusts and disbanded

flash8 2nd Sep 2014 19:37

The authorities are hoping this can be swept under the carpet, they may well be right as scary as it seems.

We do not under any circumstances want to upset our "friends" in the Muslim community as lets face it, community cohesion (if only illusory) is far more important than justice.

The British public are so apathetic.

My French friend said to me if this had happened in France the Police would not be able to guarantee the safety of the perpetrators as there would be riots on the streets and not isolated either (I won't tell you what would happen in Moscow but it wouldn't be pretty)..

Not the UK though where all wait meekly for "factor x" and other reality shite and the average attention span is measured in seconds.

In the end, the final verdict though is, the UK is lost. If this can happen imagine what we don't know is happening (but can only suspect) in other Cities.

500N 2nd Sep 2014 19:45

If this can happen imagine what we don't know is happening (but can only suspect) in other Cities.
The thing is, it IS happening in other cities as shown by the list.

The thing is, how many MORE is it happening in which haven't yet seen the light of day.

I bet some orders are being issued in Police forces across the UK to air any issues they have and clean up those that have been "covered up".

west lakes 2nd Sep 2014 20:16

Nor forgetting the actions of the SYP during the infamous miner's strike

A widely reported clash, known as the 'Battle of Orgreave', took place on 18 June 1984 at the Orgreave Coking Plant near Rotherham, which striking miners were attempting to blockade. This confrontation, between about 5,000 miners and the same number of police, broke into violence after police on horse-back charged the miners with truncheons drawn - 51 picketers and 72 policemen were injured.[23] In 1991, the South Yorkshire Police paid compensation of £425,000 to thirty-nine miners who were arrested during the incident.[24] This was due to the fact that those arrested were charged with the wrong offences in law. Other less well known, but also bloody, police attacks took place, for example, in Maltby, South Yorkshire.[
From: -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UK_miners%27_strike_%281984%E2%80%9385%29

tony draper 2nd Sep 2014 21:01

Like I said earlier the perps themselves will be sat in grandads house in Pakistan now,and will stay here until the heat dies down which wont be long, they must be laughing their dicks off,as everybody thrashes around blaming the police the politician and the social services and forget all about them.

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