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tony draper 16th Aug 2014 07:34

The Really Really Boring and Totally Pointless Snippets of Information Thread XXIV

Buggah! you peeps have been busy overnight.:uhoh:

handsfree 16th Aug 2014 07:36

Sorry Mr D. Is it a bit early for you ?

Right off to find my palatial cabin.

tony draper 16th Aug 2014 07:38

Made a arse of the title I have,one cant function this time int morning.:uhoh:

handsfree 16th Aug 2014 07:52

I've just been up on the bridge.
All the instrumentation has been replaced with just a red and a green light. Something seems really amiss with the steering and I can't get the radios to work.
Not only that but all the monitor screens are showing nothing but blue.

Rwy in Sight 16th Aug 2014 07:55

Steeping aboard ready to offer any help if necessary.

Rwy in Sight

tony draper 16th Aug 2014 07:56

A puzzle to start the voyage,what year would you say this photo was taken? caption says 1954,yon Engine seems to date well before 54 to my eyes,one could be wrong of course.

IB4138 16th Aug 2014 08:00

I'ii unpack the tool kit and the replacement instruments for the bridge and get em in, up and working. Better get theFSL's Fender Strat installed and working first.

Yon loco is carrying it's BR (LNER) after nationalisation number Mr D, so 1954 could be correct.

Here's a potted history of it:


handsfree 16th Aug 2014 08:01

The Really Really Boring and Totally Pointless Snippets of Informarion Thread XXIV
Loco built 1900, withdrawn 1961, cut up 1962.
Last shed Gateshead so 1954 could well be a true date Mr D.

Don't forget to install the big green button Ibbie.

IB4138 16th Aug 2014 08:08

Don't forget to install the big green button Ibbie.
Noted handsfree, next job after setting up the drum kit.

Whiskey Kilo Wanderer 16th Aug 2014 08:12

On the Bridge Wing
Enough room on the Bridge wing to do Meridian Passage and Evening Stars? Good, I’ll get me sextant out of the kit bag.

No, not up in time for Morning Stars….

BlueDiamond 16th Aug 2014 08:13

Yayyy ... here we go! Brand new ship, same old captain. Ooops, sorry, yer Captainship, sir, 't was said in an affectionate manner. Don't worry about the thread title, one of the mods will be along soon enough and fix it up. Now, did I remember everything? Punnets full of neatly packed fish puns and our ship's cats. Everything else is coming over with the next lifeboat.

Fluffy ... looking as cuddly as ever.


Spot ... watching the dogs come aboard.


And Sooty ... he's a bit grumpy 'cos his sleep was disturbed but he'll be okay in a minute.


Now ... off to inspect my new stateroom and make sure there's room for the cats; they do like to sleep on my bed. :O

Wholigan 16th Aug 2014 08:15

Ibbie, can I go all retro and ask for Avedis Zildjian cymbals and hi hat please?

tony draper 16th Aug 2014 08:20

Once carried a live bull as deck cargo from the UK to Ceylon,bad buggah it was as well,it was kept in a container though,poor buggah.:uhoh:

angels 16th Aug 2014 08:23

Blimey, I must dash back and read in! Sunny here.

Right, editing this after reading in.

We should be ok until tomorrow.
You were right Drapes, it's just you got up late! You're lucky the mods are lenient with you, informarion indeed!

Anyway, AA SLF and the other people kipping can catch up in the Tardis.

I love that leopard bluey, it really looks like it's got eyes on something delicious. I would not like a big cat looking at me that way. I'm afraid I've rather last my pace in old age!!

IB4138 16th Aug 2014 08:34

can I go all retro and ask for Avedis Zildjian cymbals and hi hat please?
No probs Wholi. Will go well with the Gretsh Catalina Maple set.

Juud 16th Aug 2014 08:36

Sturdy little ship by the looks of it.
Fast too. ;)

No SCK about I trust?
Spa set up, and the bar?
Life boats in good order and manned by stowaway?
Cardboard boxes in plaice under the pool table?
'T is all as it should be then.

Now just for a lick of pink paint here and there ....

tony draper 16th Aug 2014 08:37

We should have been towed out the Piers by one of these chaps.:)

angels 16th Aug 2014 08:39

We were.

But you were kipping in the cabin. :eek:

Ducks to avoid incoming from Tyneside....

4mastacker 16th Aug 2014 08:41

Morning folks. Full of bleedin' cold, stuffy nose, sore throat, hacking cough.... it just goes on. :(

One feels as if one has been transported to another place and is somewhat dis-orientated by the cabin layout - the windows are now on the other side of the room. Mrs 4ma was up and about during the night. I did wonder what she was up to.

IB4138 16th Aug 2014 08:44

BTW Bluey, I've brought my pet Egyptian Mongoose, Gander, with me on this trip, to keep snakes, and other pets at bay. Beware if you mistakenly call him "goosey", as he don't like it.

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