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El Grifo 14th Dec 2014 18:33

Either way up, the developing situation North of England, appears to be increasingly significant in the big picture.

El G.

Trossie 14th Dec 2014 19:54

... the polls may be as wildly inaccurate as they were prior to 18 Sept, in which case Labour may well enjoy a resurgence
... or with Labour and the SNP squabbling away it could very well let the Tories and UKIP slip in between their split votes and gain a few seats there! Nothing is impossible and with the inaccuracies of the polls, anything could happen! That would rattle a few cages!

JFZ90 14th Dec 2014 22:33

Not seen this before. Interesting.


Nigd3 14th Dec 2014 23:39

BNP and SNP looking similar again, with close numbers of nutters voting for each.

B or S it doesn't matter much, they both need someone to dictate to, deceive and control.

It would be interesting to see a recent breakdown.

Trossie 15th Dec 2014 07:35

I am sick and tired of those outside Scotland insulting my my country, my people and the politics of my fellow Scots.
GCE, The only insulting that I've seen over pages and pages and pages here has been of the English and a very particular group of "...the politics of [your] fellow Scots." The country and the people have not been insulted. The group of politicians that have been insulted have been that same group that would have been (and have been) insulted anywhere in the world from England to Germany to you name it, viz the national socialists.

I do not take too seriously the claims of the sudden surge in SNP membership as I do not believe that this is genuine membership but rather a 'sign them up to make the figures look good' campaign that will not have any long term sustainability and as such is rather irrelevant. Also, those mass sign-ups will be 'low quality' members that will not be able to sustain the party (much like the problems that UKIP is running into with their surge in membership membership). Now what do I use as evidence for my thoughts on this? How about the SNPs own conference decisions: BBC News - SNP to allow non-members to stand. (And note carefully that they are not just talking of those who don't meet the 12-month-membership rule, they are talking about those who are not members at all.) Why would the SNP be prepared to contemplate non-members standing as candidates if they have such a large pool of members to draw on?

Remove your blinkers for a moment, GCE. Bashing the national socialists and bashing the concept of 'Scottish independence' is NOT 'insulting' Scotland or the people of Scotland. Quite the contrary, it is looking out for the best for Scotland which can only be achieved with the idea of 'independence' being consigned to history as something that wasn't going to happen, as was so clearly shown by the sovereign will of the Scottish people on 18th September, and also can only be achieved with the national socialists losing their strangle hold on the best interests of the people of Scotland being advanced.

I, like many, many other posters here wish Scotland and its people all the best. That means forgetting that 'independence' folly and ridding the place of national socialists.

(Sadly the EU is restricting the fish that you are allowed from your own waters. I am sure that you could find some Spanish fishermen who could provide you with some, then you could thank them!)

Low Flier 15th Dec 2014 09:45

One's place of birth is a pisspoor indication of nationality, race or tribe.

A couple of centuries ago, long before the era of mass travel, people didn't live 'abroad' very much, other than people involved in the colonies. One's birthplace pretty much defined one's nationality and tribe and race, and in some places, even one's religion.

Scots abroad tend to be quite nationalistic, though not necessarily of the separatist variety of 'nationalism'.

I should declare a personal interest here. I'm Scots, but my ancestry is Scandihooligan and American with a wee bit of Englishness somewhere in the mix.

Never forget that we Scots are all of immigrant descent. We didn't evolve from heather, lichen or ptarmigan. All Jock Tamson's bairns are the decendants of illegal immigrants.

Vercingetorix 15th Dec 2014 09:55

This saga has been running for quite some time:


Time to build rebuild Hadrian's wall and have done with it.

P.S. The time scale referred to in the article is, to a Celt, like it just happened yesterday!

G-CPTN 15th Dec 2014 16:49

BBC News - 'No Trident renewal' key to any post-election SNP deal

om15 15th Dec 2014 17:55

She joined with Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood and leader of the Green Party in England and Wales, Natalie Bennett, to state that all three parties will unite whenever possible to "battle the Westminster parties' obsession with austerity".
On a different planet.

Mike744 15th Dec 2014 17:57

Nicola Sturgeon and David Cameron agree to lower voting age to 16 by Scottish election in 2016. Better start indoctrination in schools now to ensure the wee wains follow the party line.

G-CPTN 15th Dec 2014 20:54

Nicola Sturgeon and David Cameron agree to lower voting age to 16 by Scottish election in 2016.
What happens if Cameron loses the GE?

alicopter 16th Dec 2014 02:00

What happens if Cameron loses the GE???????????????????????????????
How could he possibly be winning the next GE???? Do you really believe he will win over the votes he lacked in order to have a majority in the last one???? Especially after such a poor performance during this mandate!!!

Wingswinger 16th Dec 2014 06:02

Yes. You have to. The alternatives are too awful to contemplate.

MagnusP 16th Dec 2014 08:04

Brent crude currently at $59.97. Whatever happened to $110? Any sensible comment from the perthling would be interesting.

Wingswinger 16th Dec 2014 08:43

What, not here yet? Late on parade? Or perhaps he's gone AWOL.

om15 16th Dec 2014 09:40

The alternatives are too awful to contemplate.
Whilst we sit back and watch the whole scale destruction of the Scottish economy, business and social fabric in Scotland under Sturgeon, there is dreadful possibility that this may spill over into the UK, with the SNP smugly and spitefully declaring that they will hold the balance of power on their terms.
There is a possibility that we haven't yet considered, I put forward that England declares UDI and we leave the festering celts to submerge under their own socialism, at the moment Scotland seems to be having it all on their terms, it would have been so much better if Cameron hadn't encouraged them to vote no to independence.
Yesterday there was a thought that Brent crude would go down as far as $40 a barrel.

Trossie 16th Dec 2014 13:43

What happens if Cameron loses the GE???????????????????????????????
How could he possibly be winning the next GE???? Do you really believe he will win over the votes he lacked in order to have a majority in the last one???? Especially after such a poor performance during this mandate!!!
And just who else has the credibility to win then next GE? Most definitely not those two empty 'Eds, they'll make a complete Balls-up of the next GE! Expect a strong Tory/UKIP showing (that'll be UKIP taking votes from Labour and not the Tories). And that'll be even more so south of the Border...
SNP? Nah, they'll take a few seats in Glasgow and Dundee and that's about it.

om15 16th Dec 2014 16:00

The following article address's the problems that are now arising from the situation in Scotland.

England won't put up with Scotland's behaviour for long - Telegraph

Do the people and politicians of Scotland honestly think the rest of the United Kingdom is going to simply sit back while they carry on the way they’ve been carrying on before, during and after September’s referendum? Do they genuinely believe they can continue demanding a series of referendums on independence in perpetuity, until they get the result right, or get bored of asking the question? When Jim Murphy boasts “what happens in Scotland will be decided in Scotland” does he not wonder what conclusion his English colleagues and the people they represent will draw? Did Darling, Brown and Alexander honestly think they could unilaterally rewrite the UK constitution, and offer “Scottish Home Rule”, funded via the Barnett Formula, without any English reaction at all?
Scotland is a nation that has become drunk on constitutional arrogance and self-righteousness. “We might stay in the union. We might not stay in the union. We’ll let you know when we’re good and ready.” “Better off together? Forget that. You keep your noses out. What happens in Scotland will be decided in Scotland.” “What? You want English votes for English laws? Who the hell do you think you are? You can talk about that in due time. Now shut up, and keep writing the cheques, or we’re off.”
Well, Scotland can stay drunk if it wants. But England isn’t going to keep picking up the tab. These issues didn’t really matter much in England so long as they remained on the political back-burner. But the Scots keep insisting on pushing them onto the front burner. And in Ukip, England now has its very own SNP. English votes for English laws are the minimum that is required to head off a serious backlash.
I’m not sure what’s going on in Scotland at the moment, and I’m not sure I want to know. But I know this. Diana has gone. And someone up there has to start to get a grip.

MagnusP 16th Dec 2014 16:06

Pretty impressive piece of sweeping generalisation, there, om15. The writer in the Telegraph appears to have forgotten that "the Scots", i.e. the majority, had no interest in lunging towards Eck the Fish's putative Jocktopia, but would prefer to continue working within and contributing to the United Kingdom, of which we are all citizens.

G&T ice n slice 16th Dec 2014 16:30

But, Magnus, this is what I experienced at my workplace form a couple of gnats, who just wouldn't and couldn't stop mouthing off about how the English (insert perceived slight, distorted history, it's our oil etc) to the point that I up sticks and worked from home to get away from them.

Somehow the Simply Nasty People have to be voted out of power at all the next few elections at local, Scotland and UK levels.

I'm faithfully still buying Innis & Gunn's products as a sign of my continuing support of the Union. It is a small personal sacrifice. Some evenings I force myself to consume more than "just the one then".

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