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MagnusP 11th Jun 2014 14:41

I wish you success with the paper work
The roll is just adjacent to the seat.

dubbleyew eight 11th Jun 2014 14:50

min min lights? oh for f sake.

periodically refraction occurs right on the horizon. this bends light from way way over the horizon so that it appears to be on the horizon.

the min min lights were explained as the refracted headlights of cars on a distant road.

look out from perth on such a refractive day and a mirror image of rottnest island appears hovering in the sky above the faint image of the actual rottnest.

tony draper 11th Jun 2014 15:23

How come after the untold millions in foreign aid we spend those furriners are all still as raggidy arsed as they ever were.

onetrack 11th Jun 2014 15:30

dubbleyew - Don't tell me you wouldn't crap yourself big-time, if you were travelling alone in the Outback and a set of lights in the middle distance started following your every move!! :ooh:

I've been travelling up the Gt Northern Hwy, well North of Wubin, on my way to Cue, very late at night, in my Landcruiser wagon, with almost non-existent traffic, when I encountered a set of headlights coming towards me.
This set of headlights was puzzling, because they were dull, like an old 6V Vee-Dub's headlights, as compared to all the normally bright headlights and spotlights I'd been encountering up until then.

I gauged the headlights were about 5kms away (relatively flat country out there) when they first popped into view, and I watched them approach with some curiosity, wondering who would be travelling very late at night out there in an old VW.

The headlights got to within about a km of me (they always appeared to be on low beam from first sighting, and they never dipped) - when suddenly, they turned left off the highway (to my right) and totally vanished. It was like the lights were turned off, straight after they turned 90 deg left.

I backed off the speed to see if I could find the truck bay or side road where the vehicle might have turned off.
I slowed to about 25kmh, put my high beam and spotlights on - but there was nothing to be seen.
There was just endless solid bush (native vegetation consisting of scrubby bushes and small trees). No side road, no truck bay, nothing.

I stopped and turned off the 'Cruiser and listened. Not a sound broke the still night. I turned around and drove back a kilometre, looking to see if perhaps the vehicle had crashed into the scrub. There was absolutely nothing but the unbroken bush.

I turned around and drove on, towards Cue, totally and absolutely flummoxed. I have no explanation for what I saw, and I've spent a lot of long lonely nights in some seriously remote and isolated places in Australia.
The lights followed the road exactly towards me, and I know they came within about a km of me, because I could see them lighting up the road.

Hydromet 11th Jun 2014 16:16

The Min Min lights haven't been seen for some time, now.

You can't get the wood, you know, Min.

Akubra, Dryzabone, etc.

Fox3WheresMyBanana 11th Jun 2014 16:51

We'll all be murdered in our beds! ;)

ShyTorque 12th Jun 2014 01:05

My brother and I have, for some years, been trying to get European funding to research the enigma that is the "phantom turd". You know - the ones when you feel it go, you hear the satisfying splash but when you look around in the bowl, there's nothing there. My brother and I have discussed this many times over a beer and feel there must be a link with Dark Matter, which physicist say accounts for much of the universe's mass but remains unseen.

Our nuclear physicist sister has shown little interest as has the rest of the scientific community. Typical!
Enough to drive one completely round the bend!

West Coast 12th Jun 2014 02:11

G spot, where that damned thing go?

Pinky the pilot 12th Jun 2014 02:29

Who was the reprehensible scoundrel who stole the cork from my dinner?:mad:

Fox3WheresMyBanana 12th Jun 2014 02:32

West Coast - You've just got to know where to look. Try here..

The Cosmo G Spot Finder - G Spot Techniques and Positions - Cosmopolitan

I can assure you it exists, but the size and extra intensity of the effect does seem to vary a lot from woman to woman.

500N 12th Jun 2014 02:32


What happens when you have a few hundred to a 1000 kms between you and the next road ?

Like in the middle of Aus, Woomera, Gibber Stone Desert, Simpson Desert etc.

Dushan 12th Jun 2014 03:10

Did OJ really do it?

Lantern10 12th Jun 2014 03:21

How come wire coat-hangers breed like rabbits?

con-pilot 12th Jun 2014 04:08

How come wire coat-hangers breed like rabbits?
No, how do pens grow legs, go into your closet and turn into coat-hangers, is what I want to know.

mikedreamer787 12th Jun 2014 06:08

Mysteries unsolved
Why is it you'll store odd pieces of useless
junk for years and years on end, eventually
throw it out, and within a week have a real
need for some of it? Then one has to go &
buy the new items, when the formally kept
ones, though used, would have been quite
adaquate. Worse, and happens often - the
item(s) aren't manufactured anymore.

Who'd actually started the craze of eating
cows? I mean who first looked at Bluebell
and decided then and there to chop her up
and make a BBQ of her? Someone must've.
Someone bloody hungry too.

Why is sex outside marriage so tabooed by
the world's major religions? Is it because it
is so pleasurable? With that logic having a
lovely good shit should get you the Lake of
Fire sentence too. Same having a good tug.

Why do brand new highlighter pens run out
when you need to do some really important
highlighting, only to find shortly thereafter
while just idly doodling with the said pen it
works just fine?

If Latin is a dead language, why do doctors
et al write prescriptions in it? Also Latin is
used in everyday life in many written / oral
vernaculars, so am I wrong in saying it aint
really dead at all? QED.

Why is the space bar the first thing to break
down on any keyboard? Over use? Then why
aren't space bar keys........friggin' reinforced
.....?.......Especially......when they..........get

onetrack 12th Jun 2014 07:21

In that vein - who was the friggin' idiot who put the CTRL button right below the SHIFT button - so when you go to type a capital letter, you hit CTRL instead, and send the cursor flying to some distant part of the text - or it deletes every single thing you've just written up in a flash - or shuts the page down entirely?? :{

ShyTorque 12th Jun 2014 13:17

What was the best thing before sliced bread?

Alloa Akbar 12th Jun 2014 13:27

How fast does shit come off a shiny shovel?

Fox3WheresMyBanana 12th Jun 2014 13:28

Shy - linoleum. I asked my maternal grandmother that 40 years ago, and she said "The best thing since linoleum" preceded sliced bread.

Mike - Doctors write in Greek, lawyers write in Latin. The purpose of using a dead language was originally because the terms originated in that language, but now it is so that there can be no confusion over meaning, as could happen with a dynamic, living language like English.

Sex outside marriage isn't the only reason agnosticism/atheism is popular, but it's a pretty good one :ok:

'Shit off a shiny shovel' travels faster than 'greased weasel shit' but slower than 'the speed of a thousand gazelles' - about 700 kts.

Thomas coupling 12th Jun 2014 13:35

Will Septic Bladder ever be deposed at FIFA?

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