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Cpt_Pugwash 19th Dec 2013 21:44

Where on Earth? Mk II
Nearly 3 hours with no takers? How about this...


Capetonian 19th Dec 2013 21:46

Is that snow in the background?

Cpt_Pugwash 19th Dec 2013 21:49

Yes, indeed it is. This was taken in January 1989.

finfly1 19th Dec 2013 22:07

East Bath house, Jones Beach State Park, Long Island, New York, USA??

Cpt_Pugwash 19th Dec 2013 22:21

Right state, but wrong island and beach.

finfly1 19th Dec 2013 22:26

Second guess would be Smith Point State Park, Shirley, Long Island.

But it is basically not a different island.

broadreach 19th Dec 2013 22:30

And why the square sunglasses? Snow glare, preparation for nuclear holocaust?

If Long Island, presumably southern beach not the Sound-facing part?

Cpt_Pugwash 19th Dec 2013 22:30

Not Smith Point State Park. This island is quite long , but not Long Island. I remember lots of horseshoe crabs on the shoreline, and getting ribbed by our US hosts when we mentioned where our afternoons drive had ended up, due to the apparent reputation of this location.

broadreach 19th Dec 2013 22:34

Fire Island

Cpt_Pugwash 19th Dec 2013 22:34

Broadreach, that's the customary black maskers to preserve the anonymity of two officers of Aunty Bettys war canoes:)

Also a lot of kite flying going on at the beach.

Cpt_Pugwash 19th Dec 2013 22:36

Correct. Somewhere on the western end of Fire Island National Seashore.


broadreach 19th Dec 2013 22:37

Blackmasks, immediately identifiable by the beards....

broadreach 19th Dec 2013 22:38

Not many alternatives to LI than Fire Island Pugwash! I have nought on hand so Open House.

Cpt_Pugwash 19th Dec 2013 22:53

After checking on Google maps, Smith Point State Park is at the eastern end of Fire Island, so technically Finfly1 was correct, and can take control.

superq7 20th Dec 2013 10:57

Where on Earth Mk II
I'm sure Fin won't mind,

Name the town.


Little cloud 20th Dec 2013 11:10

Santa Cruz De Tenerife, unless there's a doppelganger hideous concrete monstrosity elsewhere!

Fox3WheresMyBanana 20th Dec 2013 11:17

Not a doppelganger, but the Auditorio Alfredo Kraus over on Gran Canaria definitely gets into the concrete monstrosity category also. Perhaps it's the local industry. Nice sound inside though.

superq7 20th Dec 2013 11:18

Spot on LC, I think it's let's say unusual.


Little cloud 20th Dec 2013 11:40

Thanks s7.

I've nothing suitably challenging to hand, so OH.

superq7 20th Dec 2013 12:05

Where's this ?


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