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Ascend Charlie 2nd Jul 2016 00:27

Horsefeathers, Parabellum!

I would hope that anybody with an IQ higher than the room temperature will see Shorten Curly as the union puppet that he is, rolling around in the mud and only using negatives in his campaign. Mal didn't need to get down in the mud with them.

CoodaShooda 2nd Jul 2016 00:32

Searched the ballot paper for a viable independent - but in vain.
So reverted to a "none of the above".

Captain Dart 2nd Jul 2016 00:54

The backstabbing 'intellectual' Waffler from Wentworth with no runs on the board may not roll in the mud but he did not distinguish himself by visiting a mattress factory while our dead diggers were being repatriated. He also invited some rather undesirable dinner guests, who reportedly would not eat from plates that had been previously used by Christians. Not so bright.

As a delusional conservative (I want Tony back), I voted Nationals in the Reps, ALA in the Senate, with Labor and the lunatic Greens last.

chuboy 2nd Jul 2016 01:11

You numbered every box?

If Labor or the Greens win seats in the senate, how will you sleep at night knowing one of the votes they received was yours? :E

parabellum 2nd Jul 2016 13:08

What say you now Ascend Charlie?

Mal didn't need to get down in the mud with them.

SOPS 2nd Jul 2016 13:27

Well it's a mess. Bloody 'Jobs and Growth'. Down a dirty was needed, not stupid 3 word slogans, and look at were we are now.:mad::ugh::ugh:

chuboy 2nd Jul 2016 13:36

Who in the Liberal party would have achieved a better result as leader? Perhaps the tree needs a shake.

I don't believe it's a sign of Australians becoming more progressive or left wing considering Pauline Hanson has picked up a seat in the senate.
Can't blame the voters at the end of the day.

Stanwell 2nd Jul 2016 13:56

Interesting to speculate on the result had Tony been 'leading' the Coalition troops into battle.
Had that been the case, Labor would now be sitting on the Speaker's right with a clear majority.
Just my two cents' worth.

SOPS 2nd Jul 2016 15:13

I'm watching the Senate results on the AEC web site. It seems the new voting rules ( at the moment) have destroyed the minor parties.

Ken Borough 2nd Jul 2016 15:23

Interesting to speculate on the result had Tony been 'leading' the Coalition troops into battle.
I have to agree with Stawell. The outcome would have been a non-event with the ALP romping it in. What a surprise to know that our Tone spent millions on the TURC in an effort to discredit Shorten was so successful? It now appears that a own-goal of epic proportions has been scored.

Flying Binghi 2nd Jul 2016 15:42

"Interesting to speculate on the result had Tony been 'leading' the Coalition troops into battle..."

Considering you didn't pick the actual election result I'd say your credibility when it comes to speculating on alternative outcomes is all waffle..:hmm:

Looks like the corrupt bankers boy turnbull has achieved yet another clustafeck that will cost the country dearly. Meanwhile them 'carbon' profits just keep rolling in for the select few..:hmm:


SOPS 2nd Jul 2016 16:25

Hate to say it, FB, but I think you are correct. It seems Malcom really misread the electorate.

Wait....Trump would never win...Brexit will never happen...maybe it's time they took their collective snouts out of the through. But don't get me wrong, BS as PM scares me.

Stanwell 2nd Jul 2016 17:35

Looking forward to your next post when you lay yet another selection of Andrew Bolt's 'words of wisdom' on us.
Oh, and please don't hesitate to let us know what the rest of Murdoch's minions think, as well, OK? :ok:

FullOppositeRudder 2nd Jul 2016 21:18

Well Malcolm, that wasn't such a good idea was it .....!:rolleyes:

BlueWolf 2nd Jul 2016 22:34

Interesting to speculate on the result had Tony been 'leading' the Coalition troops into battle.
Um, I hate to be a sh1tp1cker, but if Tony was still leading the Coalition troops, there wouldn't have been a battle.



Ethel the Aardvark 2nd Jul 2016 23:36

3% swing against Malcolm and a 10% swing against the ex monk. Does that spell it out !
Why are the votes not being counted on sun and mon? didn't the Libs get rid of penalty rates..
Would love too see the fool Dutton thrown overboard but alas he may scrape in!

Takan Inchovit 3rd Jul 2016 00:08

Smile, wave! Here they come :)


Ethel the Aardvark 3rd Jul 2016 00:24

Thanks Tacky, that must be a labor archive photo as their are no children being thrown overboard.

Takan Inchovit 3rd Jul 2016 08:06

Boat looks too seaworthy for any labor era invasion. :)

Captain Dart 3rd Jul 2016 08:10

...and they are not mainly military aged men in designer tee shirts, carrying mobile phones.

Michael Smith's 'Shaz of Christmas Island's photos' from the last invasion were eye-opening to say the least. Worth 'Barney Googling'.

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