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Ethel the Aardvark 27th Apr 2016 01:48


Just like with Airbus the standard phrase will be " why did they design it that way ? Because they are French"

bosnich71 27th Apr 2016 02:42

Ethel ...... this French sub couldn't possibly be as bad as the last one built in Sth.Oz.... could it ?

parabellum 27th Apr 2016 03:17

If the French use CAE I hope their submarine work is a few levels higher than some of their simulators I have flown!

wiggy 27th Apr 2016 03:33

DCNS (the French boat builders) supposedly manufacture their own sims ...whether that's an improvement or not on CAE I'll leave others to judge.

SOPS 27th Apr 2016 12:40

So, they are closing Manus. That is not what Malcom wants this close to an election. Two Dads will be delerious. Wait until she works out that they are not on tomorrow's flight to Sydney, she will have an attack of the vapours.

SOPS 27th Apr 2016 14:37

Yep, as I thought, the lentil weavers are out in force on the ABC tonight. They are almost wetting their collective pants. I note that PNG has said they can stay in PNG, but the 'refuges' say they only want to come to Australia. So, once again, they are country shopping.

MTOW 28th Apr 2016 01:12

If the 850 on Manus were released into the PNG community, there'd be a convoy of 4WDs down to Daru and a fleet of tinnies assembled for the trip across Torres Strait within a fortnight - and probably arranged, not by people smugglers, but by well-meaning Australians who think of themselves as having a social conscience, led by people like Sarah Hanson-Young, if not Sarah Hanson-Young herself.

MTOW 28th Apr 2016 21:51

OK, perhaps not the most appropriate thread for this comment, but short of opening a new thread, I didn't see another that was obvious.

I went to see 'Eye in the Sky' last night, which, apart from having 70+ year old Helen Mirren playing the role of a serving military officer, (which she pulled off extraordinarily well), was, I fear, an absolutely 101% accurate representation of how things work in today's high tech world of military communications, which allows micro (no, make that NANO) management by people absolutely remote from the battlefield (please, don't leap upon what some might opine is my inappropriate use of that word).

9/10ths of the world - i.e., damn near everyone outside the Western democracies, and 100% of those we're "fighting" - would be scratching their heads wondering WTF all the agonising was all about.

I'd go so far as to suggest that the title of the movie should include a sub title: "And This Is Why We Will Lose this War".

I'd be interested to hear from any currently serving military people as to how accurate the movie is. I fear I know the answer - that much overused word "absolutely".

Hempy 29th Apr 2016 08:59

Old mate Sen. Sinodinos looks like his corrupt chickens are coming home to roost. Who would have thunk it...

MTOW 29th Apr 2016 09:10

I have to agree with you Hempy. He looks as dodgy as dodgy gets. His memory loss over the Sydney Water business should have been evidence enough to prove that he doesn't possess the mental faculties to remain a Member of Parliament - but it needs to be said that if we applied that same rule to everyone in Parliament, they'd have a hard time forming a quorum.

Particularly on the Labor benches.

Stanwell 29th Apr 2016 09:15

Couldn't agree more, chaps.
A bit of a worry, innit?

Hempy 29th Apr 2016 11:31

He was chairman of Australian Water Holdings, a company which remains the subject of an ICAC inquiry, and concurrently treasurer of the NSW Liberal Party. The company he was chairman of was making donations to the political organisation he was treasurer of, and he 'can't recall'??

That's not a lack of mental faculty, that's downright deceit..

parabellum 29th Apr 2016 13:54

Which does nothing more than to prove that both sides are as bad as each other.

As any politician will tell you, it doesn't pay to try and cut someone off at the ankles because then they will cut you off at the knees, next the hips, etc. etc.

Hempy 29th Apr 2016 15:36

Oh, very good. I see how it works now...if the union movement or Labor or the Greens or the independents are seen as being somehow unethical, it's 'hang them all' and 'a disgrace'. If the Libs get found out it's 'well what do you expect, they're only being as bad as the others.'

In another setting, that attitude is called 'enabling'. Top marks for carrying on the indifference :ok:

Flying Binghi 2nd May 2016 01:26

via Hempy:
I see how it works now...if the union movement or Labor or the Greens or the independents are seen as being somehow unethical, it's 'hang them all' and 'a disgrace'. If the Libs get found out it's...

...its get rid of the corruption from the party.

The turnBull gov-mint will go down in Oz history as the most corrupt and incompetent we've had.

Meanwhile, more comes out about the turnBull gov-mint corrupt clustafek of a sub deal...

"...With another bloated budget looming ... that could further undermine Australia’s AAA credit rating, it is opportune to reflect on the integrity of the Turnbull government’s bold decision to punt $50 billion on building 12 French submarine “concepts” that have yet to be designed, produced or proven in the water..."

Buying subs from the fickle French is a huge and expensive gamble | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog


bosnich71 2nd May 2016 06:32

Another 'paper boat' just like the Collins Class ... and that was a huge success wasn't it?

Clare Prop 2nd May 2016 13:18

With the way drones etc are developing surely by the time these are built submarines will be remote controlled?

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 2nd May 2016 14:02

Unfortunately, that has a major drawback, as when you hold the remote control under water, the batteries short out. :}

Hempy 8th May 2016 18:50

Our RWNJ's seem to have gone all quiet for some reason.

Election July 2nd. Who will you vote for? :}

CoodaShooda 8th May 2016 22:04

I'm waiting to see who the candidates are, Hempy.

But I think I can safely rule out the incumbent, her Labor opponent and whoever the Greens put up.

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