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At ease 14th Feb 2016 06:53

At least we are getting somewhere.

Thank you for posting the list dr dre.

I would need some time to look into it.

@ Stanwell, see how easy it was.

I am much better to be discussing a document that has been supplied by a third party, rather than one that I have obtained myself.

It suggests impartiality and lack of bias.

I must have learnt that when I was doing my company auditing module back at Macquarie University.

But, I have spent a lot of very pointless time here today, and other duties have suffered, so this may need to wait till tomorrow.

At first glance, in comparison to the millions receiving a Catholic education, the numbers affected Australia wide are indeed very small.

At ease 14th Feb 2016 06:54

A belief in the sky fairies whatever their colour or denomination, especially after one becomes old enough for independent thought, is simply the result of either brainwashing or a feeble mind tbh.
I'll match my brain and verified education level with yours any time.

I KNOW I will come out on top.

Have you trotted out the "sky faries" bit before?

You need to come up with something a bit newer & with a bit more cachet.

Stanwell 14th Feb 2016 07:31

Just one word: pathetic.

chuboy 14th Feb 2016 07:40

Originally Posted by At ease (Post 9269297)
No, you are incapable of putting your money where your mouth is.

I have first hand knowledge of the subject.

I did not experience any instances of abuse.

Mate even the Pope has admitted it is an outrage. My local parish lost a priest after there became an "urgent vacancy" at a parish down the coast. The predecessor suddenly arrested and charged with, for want of a better phrase, being too familiar with children. Nothing in the parish newsletter about that of course.

The likes of yourself who continue to stick your heads in the sand are the reason Catholicism has 0% credibility today. Your experience, while first hand, is not representative of every Catholic child.

By the way, "as a Muslim", I can tell you with first hand experience that I have not promoted any sort of jihadist ideas, nor have I ever mistreated a woman nor harboured ill will against any non-Muslim. So what's your problem with Muslim schools again? :hmm:

chuboy 14th Feb 2016 07:55

at ease: You can see a summary of the worst of it already compiled on Wikipedia for your reference. You can of course cross reference this with legal records if you feel there is some sort of "grand conspiracy" at play.

I think you will find the reason you have not personally been made aware of every sickening transgression is not because they didn't happen, but because the victims did not feel empowered to share their terrible experience with you. How many non-religious incidences of rape or sexual assault on your close friends/relatives are you aware of? You don't seem a particularly empathetic type to be quite honest - so probably none, am I right?

I suspect none, probably for the exact same reason the victims have not spoken out to the authorities - a mixture of shame and simply wanting to move on. There's rarely any evidence strong enough to convict when events took place behind closed doors decades ago and there were no witnesses. Why drag up the memories through court and have to relive the experience in front of your family and the perpetrator only to have them found not guilty beyond reasonable doubt? :ugh:

MTOW 14th Feb 2016 08:46

i'd highly recommend the people on both sides of this argument about Catholic education to go and see 'Spotlight'. By far the major message of the movie, for me at least, was the almost universal, some would say willful, refusal of the Catholic laity - (who could, if they had chosen to, have 'called out' the priests and bishops on what was so clearly going on) - to admit to what WAS going on.

The movie deals with the parish of Boston in the USA, but I've heard an interview on Richard Vidler's 'Conversation Hour' with an ex-Victorian policeman who was basically 'sent Bush' by the Catholic lay 'mafia' in VicPol when he tried to 'out' a priest who was a serial offender paedophile, and who was able to continue to molest children in parish after parish for decades.

So I'd suggest it's a problem that's worldwide and crosses all cultures.

Stanwell 14th Feb 2016 09:43

Those interested might also like to look up the story of Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox from around 2012.
He's another one that was rolled by the Catholic Mafia (within the New South Wales Police Force, this time).
The whole sordid affair didn't do Premier Barry O'Farrell's career much good, either.

As for Cardinal Pell, there was a very good reason why he was urgently 'bumped upstairs' to the Vatican.
He, and his ongoing cover-ups over many years, were becoming a serious embarrassment (and a liability) to the Church.
They had to get him out of the way and move him to the 'accounts department', in Rome.

When he did answer that subpoena last time, he found it uncomfortably warm in the witness-box.
No wonder "ill-health" (ahem!) precludes a return to the limelight.
Much more comfortable to have your mates and (experienced) advisers within arm's reach - and someone holding up prompt-cards
under the CCTV lens.

Hempy 14th Feb 2016 10:15

Originally Posted by At ease
I'll match my brain and verified education level with yours any time.

I KNOW I will come out on top.

Oooh oooh, a 'mines bigger than yours' retort. How wonderfully puerile. Did you use that one with Fr. George behind the shelter sheds at recess as well?

I'll stand by my previous comment, thanks. You've only managed to justify it.

At ease 14th Feb 2016 10:33

No, not "bigger" than yours, just better. ;)

Hempy 14th Feb 2016 10:51

Originally Posted by At ease
No, not "bigger" than yours, just better.

To quote Sun Tsu;

"Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance".

At ease 14th Feb 2016 11:09

According to some posts, I thought I was the one supposedly deceiving himself and others.....but it looks like you have got the deception business well and truly covered.

What a wonderful acolade to have bestowed on one's self.

chuboy 14th Feb 2016 11:19

In your position I would have waited a few days to reply... Then you could plausibly deny having read the many different responses against your initial point of discussion.

Now, with nothing to post except deflectionary personal attacks... Well suffice it to say you've proven a point about the Church generally maintaining a wilful ignorance of the matter.

Stanwell 14th Feb 2016 11:43

Apropos of nothing, I now remember something a wise old man once told me:
"Arrogance and ignorance are not a good mix."

Hempy 14th Feb 2016 12:04

Stanwell, as George Carlin said; "Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."

Hempy 14th Feb 2016 15:13

Written, spoken and authorised by At ease..

Flying Binghi 16th Feb 2016 01:51


I think I will put some distance between the current....err, 'discourse' and my reference to Oz politics..;)

Hmmm..... I see Joyce is talking about being pragmatic...:hmm:

Uh-Huh. Has turnBull gelded him ?

A gelding is pragmatic. What else can a gelding be but 'pragmatic' ...A Stallion on the other hand, stamps his feet, struts his stuff, and gets the job done.

Will the Nationals be led by a turnBull dominated gelding or...


Flying Binghi 16th Feb 2016 02:07

I see Bolt and Blair are starting to entertain the thought that perhaps it is best to vote Labor at the next election to get rid of that festering corruption that is turnBull..:ooh:


Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog


chuboy 16th Feb 2016 02:29

I'll take Turnbull or di Natale over Shorten. Bolt has lost the plot, if he hadn't already

chuboy 16th Feb 2016 07:38

Something different to talk about

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale Wants Pill Testing In Australia

Not partaking in such indulgences myself, and not having any children who might be tempted themselves, I wonder if any here have a view on Dr di Natale's opinions on this matter?

He didn't mention whether the pill testing would be taxpayer funded, but apparently such programs have been successful in Europe. And apparently the costs of enforcement and hospitalisation are quite high so this would supposedly save money and lives compared to the status quo. Not sure whether I agree with government-funded testing of illicit substances that are promptly consumed, but I certainly agree that testing should be made available if it isn't already.

Flying Binghi 16th Feb 2016 08:47

Better yet, hang the drug dealers and flood the druggo market with deadly fatal drugs and finnish the problem once and for all..:hmm:


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