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bosnich71 5th Feb 2016 10:11

Chuboy ...as I said,Abbott is at least working whilst others aren't.
As for Gillard,parachuted into my electorate,didn't see a lot of her except if there was a photo opportunity,I.e.opening something or other.Then again with a 67 % share of the vote she really didn't have to do much and after she got the flick she was off like the proverbial rat up a drainpipe back to South Oz where she came from.Then the local plonkers named a new library after her but I don't think that she blessed us with her presence at the opening.....so,no,not pining pining for Gillard.Are you ?

Hempy 5th Feb 2016 12:22

bosnichs reply to chubboy has me all reminiscent. Much like Clive Palmers answer to Lisa Wilkinson this morning on whether Queensland Nickel had donated to the PUP. A lot of hot air and blustering, but no real answer to the question.

Seems a common trait.

Stanwell 5th Feb 2016 14:39

I'm going to be up in Townsville next week.
It'll be interesting to hear what the lads have to say.

Hang in there, Clive!

SOPS 6th Feb 2016 04:56

Have not heard that Triggs women on Two Dads jumping up and down over this.

Women convicted over 'repugnant' genital mutilation of two girls 'showed no remorse' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

bosnich71 6th Feb 2016 09:48

Hempy ...'a lot of hot air and blustering,but no real answer to the question'.
Just following the common trait as exemplified by the non answers from your good self.

Flying Binghi 7th Feb 2016 06:32

GST... faffed it. turnBull and mates have no idea what to do next... apart from line their own pockets..:hmm:


MTOW 7th Feb 2016 07:22

The most often repeated word on other sites when referring to Turnbull is 'waffle'. I think the masses have the man tabbed in one word.

SOPS 10th Feb 2016 22:55

The person who let her daughter get married at 15, now is crying out to get her grandchildren back from Syria. Give me a break.

Islamic State fighter Khaled Sharrouf's wife, Tara Nettleton, dies in Syria - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

TWT 10th Feb 2016 23:32

Play with fire and you'll get burned.

How is it anything at all to do with the Oz Government ? Are they responsible for people's poor personal decisions ?

Maybe Australian Special Forces can go and get the kids ? Don't think so :ugh:

criticalmass 11th Feb 2016 20:08

IMHO the entire Sharrouff family is "toxic". Leave what's left of it where they are. Seems that is what the present government intends to do.

CoodaShooda 11th Feb 2016 20:59

There's not much the Australian government could do in the current circumstances, in any event.

Over on the Military Forum there is a thread which suggests NATO has achieved full member agreement to block boat people sailing from Turkey to Greece.

Any passengers "rescued from drowning" will be returned to Turkey rather than taken to Greece.

I wonder where they got the idea from? :E

MTOW 11th Feb 2016 22:38

Here's something I strongly suspect WON'T happen - and we should know if I'm right in that by this afternoon - but Barnaby Joyce has a unique chance to show Malcolm Turnbull how strong the conservative rump ("that can be ignored") is or is not by NOT signing on to the "Nats don't stand candidates in any Liberal-held seat" agreement. This would allow conservative voters to make a protest without throwing their vote away. First preference to the Nats and the preferences go on to the Libs - but the size of the swing to the 'notional' Nats candidate will show how unhappy many are with Turnbull's NuLiberalPardee.

criticalmass 12th Feb 2016 01:33

I like the way you're thinking, MTOW.

If Barnaby Joyce doesn't sign the agreement then Turnbull is in trouble.

If he does then Turnbull has everyone bluffed - shadow has won out over substance.

However, the very idea of such an agreement has appears to impply a lack of trust between the conservative sides of politics in the first place. Why am I not surprised?

Most of us know full well a political agreement isn't worth the paper it's written on when push comes to shove anyway, so perhaps Barnaby is quite prepared to sign it, knowing he can always renege come the election provided there is a genuine chance his party can cause enough electoral damage to the Liberals to really give them a fright.

Malcolm Turnbull - the best Labor leader they never had.

SOPS 13th Feb 2016 10:54

And in other news, it seems that Muslim schools have been ripping of the system for years. Two Dads and co are very quiet on this.

I think the whole lot should be closed, I'm not sure why the taxpayers are giving 50 million a year to this rort.

Stanwell 13th Feb 2016 11:14

Erm, yes?
Details please.
How does that compare with Catholic and other denominational schools?

I can report that Clive hasn't been sighted around Townsville 'pressing the flesh' etc as he used to.
From what I gathered, it wouldn't be a good idea to try, either.

At ease 13th Feb 2016 14:43

And Stanwell, what seems to be your problem with funding of church schools.

I finished high school in 1979 but before then I remember saluting the Australian flag, singing the national anthem(whichever one was in vogue at the time - thanks Gough), and no school I went to was a hot bed of intrigue hatching plans of violence against the system, or potentially having taxpayer funds finding their way overseas to fund jihad.

THe standard of discipline was also certainly higher than the equivalent state schools.

Furthermore, my parents sending me to a church school was saving the taxpayer money.

Christian schools - an asset to the community. :ok:

Stanwell 13th Feb 2016 17:33

Who said I had any kind of problem with denominational schools per se?
I'm responding to SOPS's rather incomplete post, OK?

I, too, was schooled by very pious Irish Catholic clergy - but I still turned out a ratbag.
I also stood for the 'God Save the Queen' in picture shows - but I still turned out a ratbag.
I would have my nails, hair and shoes inspected every morning - but I still turned out a ratbag.
I also, like my forebears, served my country in a time of need - but I still turned out a ratbag.
I've raised kids to be decent, law-abiding Australians - but I still turned out a ratbag.


At ease 13th Feb 2016 20:46

Being a ratbag as I understand it is not OK but that is your concern.

The way you phrased your post gave, to me anyway, the distinct impression that you are quite averse to Christian , especially Catholic, schools.

If that is NOT the expression you wish to convey, please take the opportunity to do so.

I did not find SOPS's post to be lacking in clarity - with which I agree with 100%.

I don't believe my post is lacking in clarity either.

Ethel the Aardvark 13th Feb 2016 23:21

Not sure which ones we should be funding, the terrible muslim ones or the ones that abuse children and wont allow women in high office.

John Eacott 13th Feb 2016 23:40

Originally Posted by Ethel the Aardvark (Post 9269132)
Not sure which ones we should be funding; the terrible muslim ones that abuse children and wont allow women in high office.

You obviously got your post a bit wrong. Fixed it for you :ok:

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