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Pinky the pilot 25th Jan 2016 09:02

10 pages of self-flagellation by the latte-sippers.
My initial thought when reading that was that maybe is was a bit hard....That was until I actually clicked on the link and started reading the responses.:ouch:

Yes, The words 'self-flagellation' is about correct I reckon.:ugh:

I wonder just how many of the respondents have actually met, lived, worked and socialised with any 'Indigenous' people.:confused:

And yes, I have done so! Only a tiny minority of them tried the 'poor bugger me/you whitey racist ****' thing with me.:mad:

The rest just got on with their lives. Together we worked, played, laughed, drank, cried, loved, lived and whatever else there is to do!:ok:

And we respected each other.

Stanwell 25th Jan 2016 13:06

And that's been my experience too, Pinky.
The only troubles I've had have been with 'bad buggas' who've been r-soled from their own communities.

I was chatting with an elder last night and he wasn't too complimentary about Stan Grant.
Exactly why, I couldn't get to the bottom of - but I'm sure it'll come out in due course.

Hempy 25th Jan 2016 14:48

He can't just shuffle off into antiquity can he...

Tony Abbott jets to US to address abortion and gay-marriage opponents Alliance Defending Freedom

At ease 25th Jan 2016 21:57

It's good to see that TA is still a burr under Marshmallow Mal's saddle.

Stanwell 25th Jan 2016 22:51

Fair enough, At ease, - that's probably a good thing.

Sadly though, Yesterday's Man is gullible enough to believe that 'a soufflé can rise twice' (with apologies to PJK).
And it's just so touching to hear him proclaim that his ONLY motivation is to 'serve Australia'.
Serve..? You wouldn't put him on the counter at Macca's - he might just get by flipping burgers under close supervision, though.

I really do think that our pure-of-heart 'Saint Anthony' should seek counsel from St Jude - 'The hope of the hopeless'.

CoodaShooda 25th Jan 2016 22:56

As gullible as Howard, Rudd and Turnbull?

At ease 26th Jan 2016 00:54

I realise it is a photo opportunity, but at least Tony Abbott is prepared to pitch in and get involved in such things as fighting bush fires.

He was not just there wearing a hard hat and overalls.

I can't recall too many other past PM's getting that close to actually doing something useful, except John Gorton's service as a WW2 Spitfire pilot.

Gough Whitlam gets a "credit" for his WW2 service.

IMO, Tony Abbott is somewhat less about "feel good" and a little bit more than most PM's about "do good".

And he tends to believe in what he promotes.....unlike Turnbull, who will shift his beliefs at the slightest provocation to ensure he gets or stays in power.

In a real crisis, Turnbull can't be trusted.

Let's just hope Australia does not have to face one any time soon.

Pinky the pilot 26th Jan 2016 01:58

except John Gorton's service as a WW2 Spitfire pilot.
Point of Order, At ease; Not sure if JG flew Spitfires but he definitely flew Kittyhawks. Crash landed one as well I am led to believe.:ouch:

Tend to agree with your post in general, but it is my hope that TA never makes another attempt to regain the top post. I see no reason to believe that he wouldn't cock it up again, with or without Peta Credlin's assistance!:ugh:

At ease 26th Jan 2016 03:03

I only looked quickly for pertinent information, but this is part of what I found:

He trained as a fighter pilot at Somers, Victoria and Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, before being sent to the UK. Gorton completed his training at RAF Heston and RAF Honiley,[10] with No. 61 Operational Training Unit RAF, flying Supermarine Spitfires.[11]

Pinky, your post made me look a little closer, so I did learn something today. :ok:

I just hope a related question is asked at my regular weekly trivia/quizzing night tonight or in the near future. :8

Edit: I forgot to mention William McMahon's service.

After first graduating, McMahon worked as a solicitor, before serving in the Army during the Second World War. He was commissioned in the Citizens Military Force (now Australian Army Reserve) and later transferred to the Australian Imperial Force. He achieved the rank of captain in 1942 and was promoted to major in 1943, before he was classified medically unfit for overseas service. He was confined to staff work in Australia, where he was quartermaster for the Australian II Corps and the Australian Second Army.[2]

John Hill 26th Jan 2016 03:43

So what is this I hear about putting Fred Hollows on the $5 note?

owen meaney 27th Jan 2016 18:46

The PC crowd may not be happy with Fred Hollows. His views on Gays and Aids would cause an outcry today.

Stanwell, I'm sure Mr Abbott wouldnt give a hoot about your opinion.

Reference Mr Stan Grants " poor bugger me, Goringi", he and his family have been urban people for three generations.
My people are still in the desert and Tennant Creek. Although my side are light skinned and do not make claims of injustice.

And remember, the "Elders" of today were the drunkards of yesterday.

Clare Prop 3rd Feb 2016 03:52

This High Court decision re sending people back to Nauru.

can someone explain to me...OK they are being sent back to some kind of hell hole of abuse and torture according to the S H-Y types. Who is doing the abusing and torture? I understand they are no longer detained but allowed to move freely around the island. Is it other asylum seekers or Nauruans, in which case why are the bleeding hearts not campaigning to remove all the Nauraun children as well if it is such a hell hole? :ugh:

Captain Dart 3rd Feb 2016 07:01

Apparently the test case is Bangladeshi. Michael Smith asks why is she considered a 'refugee' and not an illegal immigrant? What wars or persecution are going on in Bangladesh?

parabellum 4th Feb 2016 01:48

The High, (or Supreme?) Court have slung the case out. 10 Anglican churches have offered sanctuary to anyone being returned to Nauru but Dutton has said that won't happen. From my experience of working for Nauru the only torture likely to happen on Nauru is boredom! The main problem is the sh1t being stirred by the likes of SHY and her happy band of Human Rights lawyers, who are going to put the detainees up to every trick in the book and reap a big fat fee, from taxpayers money, for themselves.

Stanwell 4th Feb 2016 02:42

It was breathlessly reported on ABC radio news a little while ago that a crowd of some 300 (Gasp!) concerned citizens were demonstrating in Sydney's CBD.

The 250 or so country-shoppers, who were brought down to Oz for medical treatments, are due to be returned to Nauru to await formal processing.
Damned inconvenient, that - especially when they thought that they (and subsequently, their families) had a foot firmly in the door.
Even worse, they find they can't get a refund from the people smugglers who promised them the known world.

Of course, to pluck at the heart-strings, the ABC was at pains to point out that number includes some (violins please), .... BABIES! :eek:
So, High Court of Australia, shame on you for thwarting the plans of opportunists and queue-jumpers!

BTW, guess who, once again, picks up the tab for the (doomed-to-fail) High Court challenge?

Stanwell 5th Feb 2016 07:24

Oh, here's a beauty...
I heard on a radio news this arv that Tony Abbott (as a back-bencher) has, at public expense, been granted two 'staffers'.
This, of course, would be in addition to his normal publicly funded staff entitlement as an MP.

If I heard it right, these two extra staff will be a 'Senior Adviser' and a 'Junior Adviser'.

You can see why I'm giggling, can't you?
Made my day, it did.

bosnich71 5th Feb 2016 07:59

Stan ....at least Abbott is still working in parliament and not just taking the dosh like other ex P.Ms.

Stanwell 5th Feb 2016 08:33

Fair enough, bosnich.
Of course, though, my question would be... Working at what exactly?

Clare Prop 5th Feb 2016 08:33

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young has already responded to the judgement on Twitter, saying that "sending 90 children to dangers of Nauru is child abuse".

In a statement, Senator Hanson-Young called on Mr Turnbull to rule out sending children and their families back to Nauru.

"It's undeniable that Nauru is unsafe for women and children and sending them back would be torture," she said.

never mind that it is unsafe because if the people she wants allowed to enter Australia to walk free on the streets of Australia and molest our woemn and children as well.


Nauru Justice Minister David Adeang said Australians were entitle*d to their views, but “to insult* every citizen of Nauru by label*ling our country with such terrible terms is simply unacceptable”. “Refugee children can be seen every day of the year doing normal activities like playing with other children, swimming, socialising and interacting with local children,” he said.

“For Senator Hanson-Young and the Anglican Dean of Brisbane to refer to refugee children living in Nauru as child abuse is dishonest, unconscionable and outrageous.

I guess they don't do diplomacy at Greens HQ. :ugh::ugh:

chuboy 5th Feb 2016 08:45

I take that to mean you'd rather KRudd and Juliar were still gracing themselves in the lower house bosnich?

Or are you pining for more Howard :rolleyes:

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