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Ethel the Aardvark 3rd Jan 2016 02:35

Briggsy alledgely sent a photo of his staffer to all his mates. That sounds a normal thing to do, bit like the WA chair sniffer. Dutton found to be lying about the raped asylum seeker girl and we are only three days into 2016
What distraction are they going to come up with next. DD maybe?

parabellum 3rd Jan 2016 05:27

Dutton found to be lying about the raped asylum seeker girl
Oh Dear Ethel, No, Dutton has NOT been found to be lying, even the SMH say it is much disputed. Have you ever worked with Somalis Ethel? Some of the worlds most accomplished liars capable of manipulating any situation to their advantage. There are two sides to this story and you are promoting the lawyers and the alleged victims point of view. It was published some time ago and you possibly missed it, a chronological summary of all the events and it was very obvious that the said 'victim' was playing the game to see if she could engineer a permanent place in Australia, aided and abetted by the likes of SHY and a bunch of lawyers.

Fubaar 3rd Jan 2016 05:49

She's succeeded, hasn't she? I understand she's currently in Brisbane and too far gone to travel. So she will get her 'Aussie' anchor baby, who she'll have to stay with. Mission accomplished.

Ethel the Aardvark 4th Jan 2016 03:37

Day 4, whats that you were saying about Dutton again?

Hempy 4th Jan 2016 07:24

Andrew Bolt's tantrum sook of the year | Crikey

Flying Binghi 4th Jan 2016 19:00

Hempy, an opinion piece from a cadet journalist ?..:hmm:

Perhaps yer'd like one of Mariam Robins earlier efforts:

Abbott’s paid parental scheme is brilliant, and the arguments against it don’t stack up...

Myriam Robin ? Abbott?s paid parental scheme is brilliant, and the arguments against it don?t stack up


Hempy 4th Jan 2016 20:29

I figured most here would take some sort of offense at that article. The following quote is particularly relevant to most posters on here;

By September, Oz editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell had had enough and hit back at Bolt through his paper’s media section. “Bolt’s audience includes many conservative retirees whereas The Australian’s readership is younger, rich, better educated and working in legal, political or the business community,” he said by way of explaining why his paper had taken such different positions on such issues. “These people don’t read the Tele or Bolt.”
That's about the size of it.

CoodaShooda 4th Jan 2016 20:41

It's not like you to be writing in support of a Murdoch rag, Hempy.
Is this a new leaf turning for 2016? :E

Not young, not rich, not university educated but do work in the Business community and was once involved in politics.....and reads the Australian, and Bolt and Blair and Devine and Akermann and Fairfax and Farrelly and Ali and Crikey and Keane and...and...and...and the NT News. :O

PS. No offence taken at your republishing a puerile spat between pretentious journos. How can you take any of them seriously?

Flying Binghi 5th Jan 2016 03:33

Hempy promoting the Australian newspaper...:ooh:

Well, this barely literate hill farmer me with me limited grade 8 edumacation is obviously not the usual Oz newspaper reader..:)........ or perhaps Mitchell was being a bit fanciful with himself about the readership of 'His' Australian newspaper..;)

Meanwhile, our corrupt prime minister turnBull, trying to not apear to be even more hypocritical, comments:

"..Mr Turnbull said ... he would not hold an inquiry.
"These leaks inquiries, they tend to come up with very little," he said.

I think everybody understands that leadership requires us to lead by example,"

"The ministerial standards are very important. Australians expect their politicians, their leaders, to live up to those standards."

Malcolm Turnbull rules out investigation into Jamie Briggs's photo leak - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


Flying Binghi 5th Jan 2016 03:40

BOLT has an excellent commentary on the Harley piece in the Australian newspaper.

Finishes with: "...here is the real concern for me. Harley is not just a Turnbull ally but a director of the Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies at the Australian National University."



chuboy 5th Jan 2016 04:02

Affiliated with Muslims!? What could be worse!

bosnich71 7th Jan 2016 04:36

" Affiliated with muslims? What could be worse"?
Getting your head sawn off by one. Yup I reckon that might be a bit painful

Hempy 11th Jan 2016 12:09



At ease 11th Jan 2016 16:17


:D :ok:

During her appearance on Sunrise, Ms Hanson also noted the government had failed in their duty to protect people from disease by not carrying out adequate health checks on people entering Australia.

When the government brought in people from African countries only 37 per cent were tested for disease,” she said.“Tony Abbott admitted that when he was health minister.”
“The government needs to step up first to ensure that these people they’re bringing into the country don’t carry these diseases, like Tuberculosis that was just about wiped out here.”

I16 14th Jan 2016 11:06

Good move not to send any more.
Australian soldier undergoes emergency surgery after accidentally discharging firearm in Iraq - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Flying Binghi 17th Jan 2016 23:55

Hmmm... chuboy will be happy. Looks like there is an attempt to remove Bolt from daily commentary by buying him out...

"...several options are being considered which I can’t discuss and which I am thinking about. If anything, they involve doing more TV, not less.
My preference meanwhile is to stop working seven days a week, as I have done for the past five years. Enough with that. Just what I will end up doing and in what form is something I am thinking about at long leisure as I saunter around the country filming a documentary for the ABC, something which has turned out to be such fun that I wouldn’t mind more of the same..."

The Bolt Report and my future | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Politics is about to get back into high gear so it'll be interesting to see if Bolt ends up being made a fool a-la a couple of spots on 'Dancing with the Stars' ...then dumped, or, there's something of long term substance in that "more TV"


"Great reading – last September I linked to the New www site – Stop Malcolm Turnbull – now it is updated, expanded and even better..."



chuboy 18th Jan 2016 03:25

Why would I care? I don't watch TV at all much less the Bolt Report. If it weren't for people talking about it on the internet I wouldn't have even known he had his own TV show. :confused:

Ethel the Aardvark 24th Jan 2016 03:02


Say no more

porch monkey 24th Jan 2016 03:21

Yep, all aboard the bus.

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 24th Jan 2016 10:30

Had to laugh at the resulting 10 pages of self-flagellation by the latte-sippers.

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