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Dark Knight 21st Dec 2015 10:26

That being so the address the following?

How do we handle the threat we, our country, freedoms and lifestyle face?

Is it fair we demand Muslims living here; Granted the Privilege, Given the Permission to emigrate and live here gaining citizens ship adopt Our way of life?

Is it right we demand they do not foist their supposed religion upon us or seek to change Our ways?

Is it right we demand they speak our long and vociferously condemning their preachers of hate insisting these preachers change their ways or Leave?

The debate which must occur is not ad hoc immature, unsubstantiated ramblings attacking the man but a serious look at our freedoms and lifestyle to ensure these continue and improve.

It is a debate our politicians must allow to happen and be part of with their fellow Australians.

parabellum 21st Dec 2015 10:42

With out a doubt DK, you are right on the money. Problem is that, right now, there is not a single person in government who would even think of trying to push such a policy through, least of all Marshmallow Malcolm or Butterfly Bishop.

Stanwell 21st Dec 2015 10:45

All questions that do need to be calmly and objectively debated, as you put forward, DK.
I endorsed your view on that in the closing line of my post 19375.

Here's hoping that can come about on a national level - sooner rather than later.

Eddie Dean 21st Dec 2015 10:55

F me dead, the time is long past for calm discussion about these 5th columnists attacking us from within.
It is time to be wary and suspect all others.

I no longer view these people as my countrymen, prepare yourselves to protect your own.

And Stanwell, what the hell, I call you out on your ever twisting logic and you call me illiterate. Your mind is beyond comprehension.

Hempy 21st Dec 2015 11:34

You're being a bit over sensitive Eddie, old chap. I don't see any referal by Stanwell of you being illiterate (although the random Capital Letters and grade 5 spelling errors might give a bit of a clue...)

Suggest you dial up 'Doomsday Preppers' on youtube, you'll find some handy hints :ok:

Eddie Dean 21st Dec 2015 18:24

Well Hempy:
SInCe mY eNglish is CLOSe to being IlliTerAte TRY this:

Yupla tok tok tumas, nogat sumtin kumup - (numba wun tokples blo mipla)

Wati pampa puka wati - my grandmothers tongue from western desert

So correct you be, that my anglish may be a bit suus

bosnich71 22nd Dec 2015 01:23

Steady Eddie, else you'll find yourself being 'rested'.

Eddie Dean 22nd Dec 2015 02:31

Fair call Bosnich.
The naivety of people like Hempy and their willingness to lay back and hope for the best gives me cause for concern.

If just one person in the Cafe had stepped up and killed that idiot, the SNs would know we are not to be messed with.

Merry Xmas all and may the God of your choice bless your family

MTOW 22nd Dec 2015 05:20

If just one person in the Cafe had stepped up and killed that idiot, the SNs would know we are not to be messed with.
Eddie, if "just one person" had killed Monis, we'd almost certainly have had the Latte Left screaming for his blood as a "rabid right wing vigilante" who didn't give the "poor misguided, mentally disadvantaged Man Monis*" his day in court to explain how he was in the Lindt Cafe with a shotgun and (supposedly) a suicide vest because his mother wouldn't let him read Noddy when he was a child and we awful Australians had marginalised and alienated him since he arrived here UNINVITED.

*as Sydney's "Lord" Mayor, Clover ****ing Moore informed us was the proper description of the "poor" man, studiously avoiding the "M" word.

Eddie Dean 22nd Dec 2015 05:55

MTOW, one time, a long time ago I was sent to a place and carried a rifle with other blokes and had to kill other humans.

In the years since I have not felt the need to carry a weapon. Now in 2015 I feel the need in my own country.

How ironic the lefty thing, if it had been this man. they would have the most enormous head fvk as I am mixed - Papuan, German,Warlpiri (western desert), English, and either Chinese or Japanese. The Chinese Japanese confusion is due to both being in Rabaul

RJM 22nd Dec 2015 11:51

Time will tell who's right in this debate. I'd like to see the world in 50 years. I wonder what it will be like?

MTOW 26th Dec 2015 05:59

Article in today’s Australian saying that European politicians have seen the way the wind is blowing with their very unhappy electorates and they’re talking about sending many asylum seekers back.

The article says that the Norwegian are taking those who have not been accepted from Oslo back to the far north, handing them a bicycle similar to the one many of them used to treadle over from Russia and pointing them in the direction of the Russian border.

Imagine the outcry if an Australian government did something similar with the 50,000 Rudd/Gillard let in.

Traffic_Is_Er_Was 27th Dec 2015 23:28

Imagine the outcry if an Australian government did something similar with the 50,000 Rudd/Gillard let in.
Said outrage would be completely justified because: 1/ do you know how far it is to Russia from here?, and 2/, how expensive would 50,000 amphibious bicycles be?

Stanwell 31st Dec 2015 20:19

Well, well, well, everybody ... Happy New Year!

I guess to start the year off, Malcolm's been heard to say that he's not been able to find a suitable portfolio for Tony.
It seems there are more deserving and capable contenders for whatever vacancies may be coming up.
Aww dear!

Even worse, there's not even a knighthood for him from the poms (in return for knighting the Queen's Consort) in their years honours list.
Aww dear!

C'mon then Mal, how about appointing him Lord High Commissioner to the Court of St James or somesuch?
Anything to get him out of our sight. (Pleease?)

The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption's John Dyson has announced his findings.
(Wipe your mouth John, there's still some gravy there.)

I'm pretty sure nobody's surprised at all.
It had to be done. It's been going on for way too long - and blatantly so.
Who do they think they are ... politicians?

Oh, and poor old Mal Brough - after kicking and squealing for so long, he finally had to fall on his sword.
Aww dear.

Any predictions for this year, any insights, any clues, anybody?

bosnich71 1st Jan 2016 00:17

Stan ...."any predictions for this year"?
How about a continuation of sarcasm from the usual suspects.

MTOW 1st Jan 2016 01:06

Any predictions for this year, any insights, any clues, anybody?
The Libs will stick true to form and do their usual - snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

parabellum 1st Jan 2016 01:43

As MTOW says, as the year progresses towards the election we will see the gradual melt down of Marshmallow Malcolm's little parliamentary club into a gooey mess and reality turn in to dreams.

Ethel the Aardvark 1st Jan 2016 02:27

After predicting the rise of Mal Truffle and the demise of the half wit Abbott I think first up the true facts of the Briggs bar debacle will be first of the ramp, closely followed by a cabinet reshuffle that will have the positive righties seething at the bit.

megan 1st Jan 2016 03:25

Any predictions for this year, any insights, any clues, anybody?
Shorten wins in a land slide? Not sure whether to :{ or :E or perhaps :eek: and for a certain segment here abouts :ok: Think I've covered all options.

owen meaney 1st Jan 2016 18:32

Onya Stanwell,

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