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MTOW 13th Dec 2015 01:10

If Australia is to cut carbon emissions and maintain even a semblance of its current standards of living, can we assume that Malcolm Turnbull will announce tomorrow that we will be fast-tracking with every resource available to us a programme to establish a nuclear power grid to serve all of Australia? Despite the wishful thinking of the likes of Timfoolery and di Natale, there is NO other option available to us.


megan 13th Dec 2015 02:16

You'd rather people became rich the traditional way, digging a mine into the countryside
What are we going to build our windmills out of if we don't first dig a hole in the ground and mine some thing - like Fe, Cu or Al. :p

Ethel the Aardvark 13th Dec 2015 03:33

The sassy little number Jules Bishop has decreed a historic day in Paris. Removal of wind turbine ban. Looking better every week. Once Mal gets rid of the cabinet Neos then i might even become a lib voter next year!

parabellum 13th Dec 2015 03:38

Turnbull has just unfrozen the establishing of more wind farms! Abbott knew they were a complete waste of money but Malcolm knows best! :rolleyes:

Yes, nuclear power, the only sensible way to go.

MTOW 13th Dec 2015 03:44

megan, megan, megan... you silly goose. Don't you know that in Greensland, all that Fe, Cu or Al stuff comes* in pre-packed plastic containers? (Re-recyclable, of course.) Not that 99% of Greens would have a clue what you're referring to with those symbols. The Periodic Table, for them, is something a bit too private to discuss in public; secret wimmin's business.

The wind turbines too just appear on a nearby hill** already made. No metal or concrete required. They jus appear, as does the 'lectricity on days when the wind aint blowin'.

(*Just like 'organic' meat, milk and and everything else they eat.)

(**Well, not 'nearby' anywhere they live, you understand; they need pristine views of the inner ciddy flat next door.)

SOPS 13th Dec 2015 05:00

And when the wind ain't blowing and the sun aint shining? On TV last night was some lentil weaver at the Paris hot air conference, proudly proclaiming ' we are at the end of the fossil fuel age'. These people really do live in ga ga land.

Ethel the Aardvark 13th Dec 2015 06:09

Nearly 200 countries sign up in Paris. Our secret huggy fluff plan to take over the world is on track. Captain Irrelavant last seen with his Bolt buddy screaming " FOILED AGAIN" and having to take his frustration out on some defenslive muslim woman
Its been a lot more entertaining since Turns has been at the helm

chuboy 13th Dec 2015 08:34

Originally Posted by MTOW (Post 9209005)
(**Well, not 'nearby' anywhere they live, you understand; they need pristine views of the inner ciddy flat next door.)

he said, lacking-self-awarenessly.

I appreciate first-hand the need for a "resource extraction" industry.

The problem people have with wind farms, fundamentally, is that they are NIMBYs and don't like the sight of them.

Thus we have the flying binghis of this world objecting to businesspeople profiting from wind farms. All the while selectively ignoring the massively profitable eyesore that is a typical mine site, mind you.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, etc.

BEACH KING 13th Dec 2015 09:13

The problem people have with wind farms, fundamentally, is that they are NIMBYs and don't like the sight of them.

Thus we have the flying binghis of this world objecting to businesspeople profiting from wind farms. All the while selectively ignoring the massively profitable eyesore that is a typical mine site, mind you.
So I take it you would have no objection to having a wind turbine in your back yard Chuboy?
A mate of mine has a few up against his back fence, despite some fairly expensive objections. They sound like a C210 at take takeoff whenever the wind is blowing...which is most of the time.
Small price to pay though, as they produce enough electricity to nearly power your standard electric kettle.

chuboy 13th Dec 2015 10:38

Not bad at all, BEACH KING, considering kettles draw the most electricity of pretty much any household appliance, for the period of time that they are switched on of course.

I suggest you buy some yourself and make your own free electricity. Use the power savings to buy yourself a pair of Bose QC headphones and drown out all the noise of your neighbourhood (disclaimer, they don't work so well on speech so you will still hear your significant other nagging you). You can use your free power to recharge the batteries too, win-win. :ok:

As for your question, if you read back a few posts you will see my comments were not intended to pass judgement on either mines or wind farms, but on the disingenuous hypocrites who pretend that one is more entitled than the other to profit from blighting the natural landscape. :=

Stanwell 13th Dec 2015 10:52

And while you're at it, go for a fly over the beautiful Hunter Valley in NSW and see what open-cut coal mining does.

Cheap and nasty - so that a few 'entrepreneurs' can make a quick buck selling it to China - and the Chinese are our friends, y'know.
Anything else we can sell to the Chinese?
Have a riffle round in the bottom drawer - bound to be something in there.

Oh, but it's good for the economy and... jobs... Mate!

Don't make me sick please.

p.s. All windfarms should ideally be placed in the 'roaring forties', then it can only upset the Tasmanians - and they don't count.

parabellum 13th Dec 2015 11:24

The problem people have with wind farms, fundamentally, is that they are NIMBYs and don't like the sight of them.
Errr.......... No, the problem people have with wind farms is that they cost a massive amount to produce and erect and only produce a minimal amount of power, but require a lot of expensive maintenance, so they are a commercial disaster, an environmental disaster, (migrating birds, but not exclusively), with no chance of breaking even before they are worn out. They are a sop to the greens and Turnbull knows it. Will Turnbull have the courage to go ahead with a nuclear power?

chuboy 13th Dec 2015 11:38

" they cost a massive amount to produce and erect... require a lot of expensive maintenance, so they are a commercial disaster, an environmental disaster"

I'm sure you'd find no shortage of people willing to say the same about nuclear and able to furnish some very convincing numbers in favour of their view.

Quite rightly, you could argue technological advances have made their opinion obsolete - and the same can be said for wind power.

There is no silver bullet, a mix of technologies from which the most appropriate for the area can be selected is the best way to go forward.

Ovation 16th Dec 2015 07:34

Everybodys favourite (ex) politician Craig Thomson has been recently ordered to repay 458K for his misuse of Heath Services Union funds (paying for trips, prosititutes etc).

Surely you haven't forgotten him already? He's the one that put on the big sooky act in parliament protesting his innocence.

Disgraced former Labor MP Craig Thomson ordered to pay $458,000 over HSU spending

MTOW 16th Dec 2015 09:29

Will Turnbull have the courage to go ahead with a nuclear power?
Not holding my breath for that. He damn well should, for it's the only option if we're going to can coal.

SOPS 16th Dec 2015 09:34

But he did nothing wrong, I thought?

Flying Binghi 18th Dec 2015 05:40

To get rid of the corrupt turnBull: VOTE LABOR...

"I’m moving from my initial position of spoiling my ballot and voting informally at the next election to voting for Labor..."

"Those who, like myself, remain appalled by that have since been enjoined – including by commentators formerly seen as Abbott supporters – to ‘get over it’ and ‘accept the pollsters’ verdicts’. Well, I’m sorry, but as Margaret Thatcher famously told her Conservative Party colleagues: ‘You turn if you want to. The lady’s not for turning’. Nor am I.

Why not? Because if treachery and betrayal on this scale are not punished, they will beget more such treachery and betrayal....."

VOTES SHIFTING | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog


Stanwell 18th Dec 2015 06:17

I hear that those 'champions of free speech', Andrew Bolt and Steve Price, have suffered a "Disastrous crash in ratings" of their radio program.
I can't help wondering why.

Flying Binghi 18th Dec 2015 10:26

We'll take yer word for it Stanwell. Though, Bolt aint in govenment, He just comments on it..;)

Jo Nova has a look-see at whats on the way...

"...There’s a strange rush on in Australian politics to force Australian companies (and consumers) to send money to struggling bankers in Europe...

The carbon tax and ETS is right back on the agenda in Australia ? thank Gore and Palmer « JoNova


Dark Knight 19th Dec 2015 01:54

Most of us understand, agree with, see what needs to be done: why are OUR politicians incapable of understanding and taking the necessary action?

News - Islam Will Only Be Defeated By...Islam - The Pickering Post

The following is also of interest particularly to OUR American Cousins.

Why the Marine Hymn Contains the Verse "To the Shores of Tripoli"

This very interesting and a must read piece of our history. It points out where we may be heading.

Most Americans are unaware of the fact that over two hundred years ago the United States had declared war on Islam and Thomas Jefferson led the charge!

At the height of the eighteenth century, Muslim pirates (the “Barbary Pirates”) were the terror of the Mediterranean and a large area of the North Atlantic.

They attacked every ship in sight, and held the crews for exorbitant ransoms. Those taken hostage were subjected to barbaric treatment and wrote heart-breaking letters home, begging their government and family members to pay whatever their Mohammedan captors demanded.

These extortionists of the high seas represented the North African Islamic nations of Tripoli, Tunis, Morocco, and Algiers - collectively referred to as the Barbary Coast - and presented a dangerous and unprovoked threat to the new American Republic.

Before the Revolutionary War, U.S. merchant ships had been under the protection of Great Britain. When the U.S. declared its independence and entered into war, the ships of the United States were protected by France. However, once the war was won, America had to protect its own fleets.

Thus, the birth of the U.S. Navy. Beginning in 1784, seventeen years before he would become president, Thomas Jefferson became America 's Minister to France. That same year, the U.S. Congress sought to appease its Muslim adversaries by following in the footsteps of European nations who paid bribes to the Barbary States rather than engaging them in war.

In July of 1785, Algerian pirates captured American ships, and the Dye of Algiers demanded an unheard-of ransom of $60,000. It was a plain and simple case of extortion, and Thomas Jefferson was vehemently opposed to any further payments. Instead, he proposed to Congress the formation of a coalition of allied nations who together could force the Islamic states into peace. A disinterested Congress decided to pay the ransom.

In 1786, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams met with Tripoli 's ambassador to Great Britain to ask by what right his nation attacked American ships and enslaved American citizens, and why Muslims held so much hostility towards America, a nation with which they had no previous contacts.

The two future presidents reported that Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja had answered that Islam "was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Quran that all nations who would not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise."

Despite this stunning admission of premeditated violence on non-Muslim nations, as well as the objections of many notable American leaders, including George Washington, who warned that caving in was both wrong and would only further embolden the enemy, for the following fifteen years the American government paid the Muslims millions of dollars for the safe passage of American ships or the return of American hostages. The payments in ransom and tribute amounted to over twenty percent of the United States government annual revenues in 1800.

Jefferson was disgusted. Shortly after his being sworn in as the third President of the United States in 1801, the Pasha of Tripoli sent him a note demanding the immediate payment of $225,000 plus $25,000 a year for every year forthcoming. That changed everything.

Jefferson let the Pasha know, in no uncertain terms, what he could do with his demand. The Pasha responded by cutting down the flagpole at the American consulate and declared war on the United States. Tunis, Morocco, and Algiers immediately followed suit. Jefferson, until now, had been against America raising a naval force for anything beyond coastal defense, but, having watched his nation be cowed by Islamic thuggery for long enough, decided that it was finally time to meet force with force.

He dispatched a squadron of frigates to the Mediterranean and taught the Muslim nations of the Barbary Coast a lesson he hoped they would never forget. Congress authorized Jefferson to empower U.S. ships to seize all vessels and goods of the Pasha of Tripoli and to "cause to be done all other acts of precaution or hostility as the state of war would justify".

When Algiers and Tunis, who were both accustomed to American cowardice and acquiescence, saw the newly independent United States had both the will and the right to strike back, they quickly abandoned their allegiance to Tripoli. The war with Tripoli lasted for four more years, and raged up again in 1815. The bravery of the U.S. Marine Corps in these wars led to the line "to the shores of Tripoli" in the Marine Hymn, and they would forever be known as "leathernecks" for the leather collars of their uniforms, designed to prevent their heads from being cut off by the Muslim scimitars when boarding enemy ships.

Islam, and what its Barbary followers justified doing in the name of their prophet and their god, disturbed Jefferson quite deeply.

America had a tradition of religious tolerance. In fact Jefferson, himself, had co-authored the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, but fundamentalist Islam was like no other religion the world had ever seen. A religion based on supremacism, whose holy book not only condoned but mandated violence against unbelievers, was unacceptable to him. His greatest fear was that someday this brand of Islam would return and pose an even greater threat to the United States

This should concern every American. That Muslims have brought about women-only classes and swimming times at taxpayer-funded universities and public pools; that Christians, Jews, and Hindus have been banned from serving on juries where Muslim defendants are being judged; Piggy banks and Porky Pig tissue dispensers have been banned from workplaces because they offend Islamist sensibilities; ice cream has been discontinued at certain Burger King locations because the picture on the wrapper looks similar to the Arabic script for Allah; public schools are pulling pork from their menus; on and on and on and on….

It's death by a thousand cuts, or inch-by-inch as some refer to it, and most Americans have no idea that this battle is being waged every day across America . By not fighting back, by allowing groups to obfuscate what is really happening, and not insisting that the Islamists adapt to our own culture, the United States is cutting its own throat with a politically correct knife, and helping to further the Islamists agenda. Sadly, it appears that today America's STUPID leaders would rather be politically correct than victorious!

If you have any doubts about the above information, just Google “Thomas Jefferson vs. the Muslim World.

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