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SOPS 5th Oct 2015 03:59

And here in lies the problem. This guy is a Muslim community leader. And he identifies himself as a Australian_Lebaneese.

There should only be one community, the Australian one. And either your Australian or you're not.

Look at the shooters parents of the shooter, they have made no effort to intergrate, and you see these results.

No intergration, no English, no Western dress?......no welfare.


megan 5th Oct 2015 05:47

Don't forget people, according to Turnbull and Bishop in this morning's paper it was a political killing, not a religious killing.
When are they going to wake up Worrals? In the Muslim world politics and religion are one and the same.

SOPS 5th Oct 2015 06:09

Just when I thought she had gone way, Two Dads has just popped up demanding all the country shoppers on Naru be let back in to Australia.

We have had one person killed by a terroist this week, and she want more of them let in.:\:mad::mad::mad:

Flying Binghi 5th Oct 2015 06:57

Dunno what you lot are complaining about.

Oz under sharia wont be so bad. Yer get to throw fags off tall building. Any lass dare to say the wrong thing to yer and ya get to wallop her. Any lass goes out side the family or marital home with out a male relative, and whamo, gang-bangers delight.. and then she goes to jail.
And then there's yer wife... slave.. what yer mean, 17 kids is too many...:E

And all yer have to do for this heaven on earth is bang ya head on the floor a couple of times a day and say nonsense words to some imaginary god..:cool:

chuboy 5th Oct 2015 07:00

If anything, what we need are more camps to keep those Muslims under control. Considering the literal dozens of Muslim terrorists that have popped up around the world over the past few years, you just can't be too careful. Plenty of space in the outback we can keep them, they're used to the desert anyway so they will have nothing to complain about. I believe other countries have tried similar programs in the past with great success.

I mean these people come here with no intention to integrate at all, they won't even eat a pork chop with a cold beer at a Sunday BBQ. Forget about giving any of their women the old second glance at the beach either. Very un-Australian I tell you. The only course of action we can take to protect our great culture is to treat them so inhumanely that one by one they beg to be returned to the war-torn hellhole from whence they came. We must remain a proud nation!

Have I forgotten anything? Oh yes... welfare!


Flying Binghi 5th Oct 2015 07:05


Shorten actually said this! The man is starting to channel Abbott..:cool:

"If there are organisations in this country preying upon vulnerable young people, filling their head full of murderous, crazy nonsense, then those organisations are breaching their social contract with the Australian people," Mr Shorten said.

"These organisations preying upon young people are a sort of political or a terrorist version of the paedophiles who prey upon young people too. It is just unacceptable."

Parramatta shooting: Bill Shorten says radical groups preying on young people are the 'terrorist version of paedophiles' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Worrals in the wilds 5th Oct 2015 08:23

Shorten actually said this! The man is starting to channel Abbott..:cool:
Out of interest, was that a compliment? :};)

MTOW 5th Oct 2015 09:05

So everyone has been released into the community in Nauru. How long before a few "escape" onto a flight to Australia?

parabellum 5th Oct 2015 09:18

I spent nearly a year on Nauru, genuine escape would be difficult.

Giving the detainees the run of the island may be good, until the very first drunken assault and attempted rape, then there will be blood shed.

SOPS 5th Oct 2015 09:20

I like that idea Chuboy. Although I don't think your serious.

As far as me having a different view of reality, I was using a recently released government report regarding refugees and welfare.

Syrian refugees in Australia will struggle to get off welfare, find jobs

Latest study of refugees settled in Australia - 90% on welfare, 50% never held a job here or home country - Michael Smith News

Worrals in the wilds 5th Oct 2015 09:24

They're not big flights (737s into Brisbane and Melbourne) and I'd guess that anyone one board who isn't Nauruan, Australian government or an Australian contractor would stand out like the proverbial. It's not exactly a tourist destination.

parabellum 5th Oct 2015 09:29

Worrals, back in the days when it was a thriving phospahte producer it wasn't a holiday destination either, never has been and never will be, (I think!). We did have a very happy community spirit though, the locals, Kiwis, Oz and the (very odd!) Pom! (1978).

TWT 5th Oct 2015 10:34

Dark Knight

It is the duty of every Muslim to convert non-believers i.e. we the Infidels, to the Islamic faith; if we cannot be converted then we are to be eliminated.
No.There are more flavours of Islam than Tim Tams.

They don't all have the same fervour.I've met plenty of Muslims,none of them were of Arab or Persian extraction and they were pretty normal.Some of them drank alcohol and ate bacon and egg muffins from Maccas.

The problem is extremism and radicalism.

Generalisations and stereotyping don't help.

To use that old saying:

"All barracuda are fish.But not all fish are barracuda"
nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nnnn

Hempy 5th Oct 2015 11:11

Originally Posted by TWT (Post 9137501)
Generalisations and stereotyping don't help.

Hang on! Don't you understand that ALL Muslims want to kill you in your sleep because you are an infidel?? As we've heard from all the erudite and knowledgeable posters here, Islam demands either your acquiescence to the Muslim faith or death! They're all out to either convert you or kill you, you make your choice!

Oh, and they're all on government welfare as well. Scum sucking arseholes.

Of course, the other option is to arm the 'true Aussies' (white, anglo-saxon Christians) to the hilt with semi-automatic assault rifles so that we can defend ourselves against the marauding Islamist hoard. They're coming to get you, hide under your bed, or fight them on the beaches!

Be afraid Australia. They are coming to get you.

p.s. The author acknowledges the input of Fox News, the USA, and especially the hit TV show 'The Fear Factor' in deciding his views. He is about to apply for a handgun permit

Worrals in the wilds 5th Oct 2015 11:48

He is about to apply for a handgun permit
Hope you like paperwork and gun clubs. :ouch:

In fairness, very little information has been released about the offender or his family. Presumably that's deliberate, because otherwise the media would have been all over it like a rash, complete with links to his FB page, a list of his sporting achievements and video of his performance in the 2010 school play. All that's been reported is his name and some references to his ethnic heritage on news.com which may or may not be true, i.e. Iranian-Kurdish Sunni.

IMO the news reports display a lack of clarity/continuity and a strong smell of whitewash, but if that is the case, then I guess there's a reason. :suspect:

SOPS 5th Oct 2015 12:47

I agree Worralls. Looks like a white wash to me. There are fears of reprisals from both sides, so trying to keep it low key might be a good idea.

We have had the chocolate shoppe idiot ( on welfare all his life in Australia), the kid that stabbed police in Melbourne and the 15 year old who killed an innocent man. Plus a few foiled attempts.

Sometime soon, one of these events will trigger an enormous backlash. And that's why this one is been kept low key, to try and keep the backlash factor low.

One example of why it might be a god idea to keep it low profile...

I think the person that started this post on face book, may have missed the fact that he killed an innocent man, and was shouting religious slogans while shooting at police.

Worrals in the wilds 5th Oct 2015 13:00

One example of why it might be a good idea to keep it low profile...
Maybe that person is currently having an official conversation.
That said, if mocking Malcom Turnbull is an offence then we're collectively screwed. See y'all in Goulburn :}.

Dark Knight 5th Oct 2015 23:01

TWT: suggest you read the Koran and then spend a little time in Saudia Arabia observing how they are sending their evenagalists and preachers throughout the world.

Please get back to me following your studies.

No other religious group in Australia produces these sorts of tragedies and yet we are all asked to be inclusive towards Muslims.

That's fine and good, provided that Islamic leaders explicitly denounce this sort of extremism as being contrary to their faith and what is culturally and politically unacceptable in this country.

Muslims in Australia must see themselves as part of the Australian community and not exclude themselves on the basis of their faith.

The feelings of exclusion and marginalisation that some Muslims feel in Australia are, really, only in their own heads.

No one is telling them how to follow their religion or, indeed to renounce their religion, just to respect that Australia is a multi-faith and free nation.

TWT 6th Oct 2015 01:58

You missed the bit where I said I didn't know any Arab or Persian Muslims.Your statement was a blanket "All Muslims".I just corrected you on that,since it was in error.

MTOW 6th Oct 2015 02:04

Re the lack of information on the teenage killer's family being made public on the MSM: my guess would be that, after examining the family and what they've done since moving here, there wasn't much, that fitted the MSM's (and in particular, the ABC's) preferred positive 'narrative' for how incredibly successful multiculturalism has been since that sorry individual Al Grasby inflicted it upon us.

I sometimes wonder what it will take to shake our always overly quick to be apologist politicians - of all political persuasions - and the talking heads in our mainstream media out of their state of apparent ennui.

If an attack by (yet another) 'lone wolf'/'lone wolves' / 'misunderstood youth'/'misunderstood youths' was to prove to be massively successful, resulting in the deaths of many hundreds, perhaps thousands, or in the destruction of or massive damage to some Australian public icon, (like a packed MCG, the Opera House, Parliament House or the AWM for instance), would someone - anyone - in government come out and say, "OK, enough with Political Correctness. It's time to adopt a realistic response to this current madness, firstly by accepting that ALL these problems are coming from one specific group within our society."?

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