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MTOW 2nd Oct 2015 12:39

The Parramatta gunman was wearing a long black robe. That and the fact that the MSM is following the code it always seems to follow when the perp. is 'ethnic' (or of one particular ethnicity) makes me suspect strongly that the perp. is of one particular ethnicity.

"Nothing to see here; just another case of workplace violence by a lone wolf whose religion is immaterial."

How many clichés can you fit into one sentence?

If I was OiC of security at one of the Grand Finals this weekend, I think I'd have an ulcer the size of a dinner plate. The poor buggers protecting these mass gatherings must be worried sick.

SOPS 2nd Oct 2015 12:50

Any comment from our new PM yet? People may start wanting Tony back in charge shortly.

parabellum 2nd Oct 2015 12:54

Reading todays news release about the latest government and opposition 'think tank' forum that has just finished 'Marshmallow Malcolm' is front and centre and ready to bend over to any ALP demands any time they like. :sad:

SOPS 2nd Oct 2015 13:24

Melbourne man Omar Chandab accused of planning Syria fight demands Government overturn passport cancellation - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

And why are these people identified as part of the Muslim Commuinity? I would have thought they should be part of the general Australian community.

SOPS 2nd Oct 2015 13:59

And I'm sure after the events today in Sydney, those on the left will continue to tell us how safe we are.

Stanwell 2nd Oct 2015 18:10

"People may start wanting Tony back in charge shortly."

Well, I must say I'm missing him.
I haven't had a good laugh or a cringe for a while now.
I'm finding I have to rely on certain posters on this thread for those things, these days.
They're not quite as entertaining, however.

wishiwasupthere 2nd Oct 2015 18:19

The media are certainly tiptoeing around the identity of the shooter.

"Man of Middle Eastern appearance".
"Wearing black robes".
"Yelling something out the front of the police station".

He's not a terrorist, it was an 'ideologically motivated crime'. :ugh:

Stanwell 2nd Oct 2015 18:30

Yes, and keep in mind that his ideology is every bit as valid as yours.
Al Grassby told us so, all those years ago. :E

wishiwasupthere 2nd Oct 2015 22:35

15 years old.
Immigrated to Australia from Iran.
Visited the Parramatta mosque prior to the attack.
Ran down the street shouting 'Allah Allah'.

Yep, just another 'lone wolf' attack from the religion of peace. :mad:

MTOW 3rd Oct 2015 00:10

Since he's probably too young to have held a job, this will doubtlessly be labelled by the EhBC and Fauxfacts as just another case of "work experience place violence".

Ken Borough 3rd Oct 2015 03:53

I know that there are some here who will find fault with this report and its contents. I don't know what more the PM or Shorten could have done. Abbott's response would have been totally different but he wasn't one for inclusiveness. Division was the name of his game.

Parramatta shooting: Malcolm Turnbull condemns 'cold-blooded murder'

parabellum 3rd Oct 2015 04:10

Ken - be fair, if Abbott had still been PM the SMH would probably not have reported any speech Abbott made on the subject, Shorten yes, even SHY, but not Abbott.

SOPS 3rd Oct 2015 05:52

Just a question. Where does a 15 year old get a hand gun from?

Ken Borough 3rd Oct 2015 06:16


I am fair. I read the SMH each day. As best I could opine, the Herald never failed to report on Abbott's speeches, activities, and stunts. The Age probably took most of the SMH copy, and vv. The more partisan stuff was pushed out by Murdoch's tabloids but I'm not sure The Australian was not biassed in favour of Abbott.

'can the Hawks!! Looking good at the moment....

CoodaShooda 3rd Oct 2015 07:44

You must have a different interpretation than I to the use of the word "partisan".

I saw much more balance of competing views in Murdoch press than in Fairfax. Or is there only one true view of the world and it is "progressive"?

"believe half of what you see and none of what you read" springs to mind.

SOPS 3rd Oct 2015 12:12

Well this must be true. The ABC is reporting that the sister of the 15 year old isalmic murderer, left Australia on Thursday to go to Turkey. Guess where she is off to then?

And I bet the family have lived of welfare since they got here. Come to our country, enjoy the benefits, and then kill us.

And Hempy says it's all OK.

CoodaShooda 3rd Oct 2015 13:21

I'm still trying to reconcile the official line that "he acted alone" with the idea that a 15 year old is capable of self-radicalising, developing a plan to kill a stranger and manufacturing a pistol and ammunition.

Who dreams up these official lines anyway?

Hempy 3rd Oct 2015 13:59

Originally Posted by SOPS
And I bet the family have lived of welfare since they got here. Come to our country, enjoy the benefits, and then kill us.

And Hempy says it's all OK.

Care to supply a direct quote to back that last bit up, or are you just making things up so can engage in a little schoolyard worthy ad-hominem?

p.s I know the answer already. And yet you are happy to call the media liars for 'false reporting' of your beloved yet idiotic Tone.

You 'sir' are a hypocrite of the highest (or lowest) order. :yuk:

At ease 3rd Oct 2015 14:35

Come to our country, enjoy the benefits, and then kill us.
Come to our country - He was born in Iran..... check

enjoy the benefits - NSW taxpayer funded education made available.....check

and then kill us - one NSW Police civilian murdered.....check

I believe SOPS has a valid point.

Eddie Dean 3rd Oct 2015 19:06

It would appear the boy acted on the ISIS directive, question is who procured the gun and supported him.

The act was carried out to instill fear and trepidation in our community - Be wary but not frightened I say

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