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Flying Binghi 14th Sep 2015 10:42

via Ethel the Aardvark:
How do you get a copy of Jo nova in paper format preferably extra absorbent if possible. explains a lot if that's the sort of twaddle you read

Do tell. Perhaps Ethal the Aardvark can tell us where Jo Nova got it wrong ?.... :)


Ethel the Aardvark 14th Sep 2015 11:22

You can't be serious. If you are then I would be wasting my time.

Flying Binghi 14th Sep 2015 11:26

via Ethel the Aardvark:
You can't be serious. If you are then I would be wasting my time.
So, looks like Jo Nova is spot on..:ok:



parabellum 14th Sep 2015 11:31

Nothing is going to change until the Senate is sorted out and truly representative people fill the seats. Much more chance of Abbott achieving this than Turnbull, the true clone of Walpole, "Let sleeping dogs lie".

MTOW 14th Sep 2015 11:51

Turnbull 54, Abbott 44. The end of the Liberal Party as we know it. The new right wing parties will gain a LOT of votes - mine included. But not if my preferences go to Turnbull's Liberals.

We've just seen a mass political suicide.

SOPS 14th Sep 2015 11:53

Ok MTOW, I always like your views. I am genuinely interested why you think is the end of the liberal party.

Ethel the Aardvark 14th Sep 2015 12:02

You little beauty😃 he went quicker than I predicted
Labor will have to lift their game now and it's a win win for everyone
Probably saved hasties butt as well

Virtually There 14th Sep 2015 12:24

Can we talk politics?
Regardless of your political affiliation, the obvious prediction now is that Bill Shorten is toast.

MTOW 14th Sep 2015 12:28

SOPS, I said:

The end of the Liberal Party as we know it
Most Liberal supporters will swallow what's been served up to them eventually, correctly seeing that to do anything else would just be giving the keys of the Lodge to Labor. However, I believe that many will find the Liberal Party led by Malcolm Turnbull too far to the left for them, and so the primary vote for the Nationals and new far Right parties like ALA will be far stronger than it would otherwise be.

Most who will vote for the right wing parties will accept that their preferences will end up with the Turnbull Liberal Party, but I live in one of the safest Labor seats there is, so I lose nothing by showing my feelings and keeping my $4.50 (or is it more?) from the Liberal party coffers by voting informal, at least in the Lower House.

I can't tell you how happy I'll be to eat crow after finding that Turnbull delivers the goods as I'd like to see them delivered. Sadly, if his past performance is anything to go by, I fear I won't be eating crow any time soon and I look forward to him facing a spill motion to rid the Party of him as leader.

One of his main failings when he was Leader of the Opposition was his inability to understand the importance of the 5 second sound bite. He would waffle on with a 20 minute dissertation, which the media could never use, and so they'd clip some inappropriate 5 second 'bite' from his waffling that did nothing to deliver the message he should have been giving.

Let's hope he's learned that in the meantime.

Flying Binghi 14th Sep 2015 12:32

Now, we start to find out the true agenda..:hmm:


SOPS 14th Sep 2015 12:35

Thanks MTOW.

aroa 14th Sep 2015 12:51

Shorten ...possibly...hopefully

But beaten by Abbott who is now just burnt toast, out of the toaster tonight

Since this is an Av forum better chuck in an aviation topic.

Political " miniscule"/Minister Truss has stated that he 'cannot direct CAsA'
So that means the corporate entity that is CAsA is adrift and rudderless, left to do its own thing WITHOUT guidance from the 'Government' who is supposed to be running the place. So CAsA can go about its business of screwing GA into the ground without let or hindrance. :mad::mad:

ie we're fcuked. Or toast :mad::mad:

CoodaShooda 14th Sep 2015 13:08

Gobsmacking to hear an ABC reporter say that history will show that, while he could be criticised for several things, Abbott achieved a lot that was good.

Initial thought....bloody hypocrites.

Second thought....they are starting early to make Turnbull the villain du jour.

Be interesting to see how Turnbull handles the climate issue at Paris. Many dollars to be had there for his banker mates.

Virtually There 14th Sep 2015 13:44

Dick Smith throws support behind Malcolm Turnbull for PM

Av enough? Does Dicky sell toasters?

chuboy 14th Sep 2015 14:19

Commiserations to Bill Shorten :E

MTOW 14th Sep 2015 22:15

SOPS, further to my last, I think it would be fair to say that the Liberal Party's long standing claim to be a "broad church", under Turnbull, will be not quite so broad as it shrinks quite markedly on its right side.

I can't help but think that the Nationals, if they decide to field candidates in city electorates, will gather quite a few more primary votes than they once would have. Probably not enough to win the seats, but they'll get a lot more primary votes as people who were once in the right wing of the Liberal Party will give their primary vote to a Party they feel represents their views more than a Turnbull-led Liberal Party.

In my eyes, the big loser in this sorry business is Julie Bishop. Not that it will bother her one whit I suppose, but she has lost me.

Ethel the Aardvark 14th Sep 2015 22:58

Even the dollar rose due Abbotts loss. I hope Turnbull returns to a more honourable parliament with less sledging and more positive action. At least we now have a leader who believes in climate change and social fairness.
Abbott will slide into even irrevelancy. Maybe ambassador to the Vatican
Don't worry mtow. I am sure you will find a hard right party that you can rely on!

SOPS 14th Sep 2015 23:12

Turnbull believes in climate change? That's it, the alibis have list me.

CoodaShooda 14th Sep 2015 23:34

I hope Turnbull returns to a more honourable parliament with less sledging and more positive action
Do you ever listen to Parliament, Ethel? Or are you suggesting labor members will now behave themselves in a more dignified manner now that Abbott has been deposed?

At least we now have a leader who believes in climate change and social fairness.
Bill Shorten?

criticalmass 14th Sep 2015 23:47

Malcom Turnbull - the best Labor leader they never had. A true "mole" in the best KGB tradition. The ultimate "sleeper", waiting patiently until circumstances delivered power to him.

Now watch the systematic destruction of the Liberal party from within, and the rise of hard-Right parties to garner the votes of the disaffected. Labor might just be about to learn the truth behind the old saying "never wish for what you really want - you might actually get it."

Australian politics might just turn into the finest blood-sport ever seen by man to date.

As for the next Federal election, it is now a choice of the lesser of two evil parties and the less "unelectable" of two "unelectable" leaders. In a way it doesn't matter anyway, because no matter who "wins", the entire nation will be the loser because in both cases the political agenda will be the same. A carbon tax (by another name), open borders, and the political wheel as hard to the left as it can go. The destruction of Australia as we know it, and its re-engineering into the Democratic Republic of Australia - with all that implies - is now officially under way.

Comrade Shorten or Comrade Turnbull? Both traitors. Both untrustworthy. Both disloyal. Both only interested in personal power and self-aggrandisement.

What a choice we face in due course!

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