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RJM 30th Jul 2012 13:18

I have been waiting for the stone to gather some pace for a while.
You and the other 72% of us, SOPS.

Isaac Hunte 30th Jul 2012 16:33

Pickering v Slater and Gordon
Larry Pickering, a well known Australian cartoonist and outspoken critic of Gillard, has thrown down a challenge to left wing law firm Slater and Gordon to sue him over the allegations he's made about their involvement in the theft of funds from the AWU by Gillard's former lover, Bruce Wilson.

Read it here: Pickering's blog

If Slater and Gordon were to sue Pickering, he would be entitled to seek disclosure of any and all relevant documents, which of course would show how deep was Gillard's involvement and knowledge of this scandal that she's so desperately tried to put a lid on.

hellsbrink 30th Jul 2012 16:46

Don't suppose the GG will do anything to speed it up either.
The GG is in an impossible position.

Do nothing and get railed at for doing nothing.

Do something and give the screamers and hysterics the ammunition they need to cite "foreign interference" and swing the debate away from the current issues to "THIS IS WHY WE SHOULD BE A REPUBLIC!!!"

What would you do, in that position. Personally, I'd sit back, grab the beer and popcorn, and watch them hit the self-destruct button.

500N 30th Jul 2012 18:55

Why is the GG in an impossible position ?

The Gov't is still functioning, supply hasn't been cut or stopped,
we are far from the time that the GG has to step in.

And anyway, it would go to the polls before the GG has to step
in again.

hellsbrink 30th Jul 2012 19:04

Well, 500N, that was in reply to parabellum who posted the bit about the GG not "speeding things up".

Even if things were coming close to the point where the GG would have to step in, would you want to be the GG who did?

500N 30th Jul 2012 19:44

No, I wouldn't (want to be GG).

In all honesty, what reasons could crop up APART from stopping supply that needs the GG to step in ? I also think that numerous other ways to solve the problem would come before the GG stepping in.

If the Gov't becomes unworkable as it is, I am sure the independents would pull out which means they don't have a functioning Gov't so would need to go to the polls - and that would solve that problem.


hellsbrink 30th Jul 2012 19:48

You think that they wouldn't figure out a way to cling on to power for that little bit longer?

Andu 30th Jul 2012 22:06

You think that they wouldn't figure out a way to cling on to power for that little bit longer?
I've heard that that very point is what's causing quite a few people in Canberra some deep concern. With the constant pushing of conventional boundaries that Gillard has indulged in since usurping power ON A LIE, (the attempts, in part successful, to muzzle those sections of the Press that don't slavishly follow the government line, for example), the current government is very close (if not, in some ways, already past) to crossing that undefinable line where they will just ignore the rule book and say they must remain in power "for the good of the nation".

Whether any such action would be a hyper-cynical case of maintaining power at any cost ("whatever it takes?") or whether they genuinely believe that what they're doing IS good for an electorate (that is too dumb to see it) is in the eye of the beholder.

500N 30th Jul 2012 22:13

If the independent's pull support, do you really think Labor can say
that they can function as a minority Gov't ?

I think even in their dreams they wouldn't get away with that.

I'd have to read up but doesn't the PM go to the GG and say
she has the numbers to form a functioning Gov't ?

parabellum 30th Jul 2012 22:49

My remark about the GG stepping in was more about her politics than her position!

If the Independants pull their support would the Greens still support ALP in a vote of 'No Confidence' or are they daft enough to think they can improve their position by going for an election?

bob johns 30th Jul 2012 22:51

bob johns
Heard this morning that Kim Beazley ,our ambassador to the US is afraid that the alp is doomed,to come through the next election with as little as 30 seats .Is it likely that this excrecience of a govt will get that many, myself am praying for a total washout !Now wouldnt that be lovely?

500N 30th Jul 2012 23:02


Sorry, misread your thoughts.

I was thinking of posting something about the GG having to sack her Son in law
but decided to leave it out.

I don't want a total wash out of Labor because the alternative is the Greens who are likely to pick up many more seats and I don't want that as they are fundamentally opposed to my views on the majority of topics.

Also, I think the Libs need to have a decent opposition party and that is not the Greens.

david1300 30th Jul 2012 23:30

Kim Beazley's reported comments (remember that the report can stry from reality and the truth):
AUSTRALIA'S Ambassador to the US Kim Beazley has told American political figures Labor could be left with just 30 seats after the next federal election.
The former Labor leader is reported to have delivered a "deeply pessimistic" view of the Gillard government's "challenges" during a series of high-powered meetings two weeks ago in Washington.
But Mr Beazley is also said to have said it no longer mattered who was leading Labor and another leadership change was unlikely to make a difference.
It is believed the briefing was attended by senior US political figures from the Democrat and Republican camps, State and Defence Department officials as well as leaders of industry and media from both countries.
Sources confirmed two Gillard government MPs were also present during the briefing - one of the many held as part of the annual four-day Australian American Leadership dialogue from July 12 to 14.

Read more here: Former Labor leader Kim Beazley told US Labor is doomed | thetelegraph.com.au

eagle 86 31st Jul 2012 00:05

I note that 50 odd % say that the co2 tax has had no effect on them while 30 odd % say they have been disadvantaged by this tax. I fail to understand how either side can make a judgement. Income tax contribution is clearly annotated on your payslip or group certificate, gst is clearly annotated on every invoice or receipt. However the co2 tax, being very indirect, is a tax on "big polluters" who pass on their contributions with price adjustments. The price of most commodities fluctuates daily under the influence of many factors so any effect that could be attributed to the co2 tax is well and truly disguised and the true effect may never be known.

Andu 31st Jul 2012 00:14

Another 115 for CentreLink today...

Gold! Gold! Gold! Julia.

allan907 31st Jul 2012 01:34

Do forgive the little conspiracy theorist that lurks within me but when I click on the link to Pickerings blog I get a "Internet Explorer cannot display this page"

Anyone else get the same problem or is it just my computer and has no bearing whatsoever about Gillard abusing her powers?

gupta 31st Jul 2012 01:49


Take out the extra http in the address & add www

criticalmass 31st Jul 2012 02:13

This is purely personal opinion, but as I see it, Labor has few, but stark, choices:-

1. Go to the election in 2013 and face annihilation - possibly on a scale achieved by the Canadian Progressive Conservatives in 1993 (they went from a 151-seat majority to just 2 seats!)

2. Try to postpone - or indefinitely delay - the next federal election. Constitutional lawyers may care to examine the constitution to see under what circumstances this is possible, the duration such a delay may last, and ponder the consequences for the government - and the Governor-General - if this option is pursued.

3. Try to suspend the normal processes of executive government indefinitely and rule by executive decree - an overt dictatorship. This would need the backing of the military to succeed and would precipitate the country into a military-dictatorship. Just how far can Australia's military be trusted? I'd keep a watchful eye on any forthcoming appointments to senior military heirarchy between now and the end of 2013.

4. Try to rig the next federal election - given the Labor policy of "vote early and vote often" this is certainly one of the more attractive options, and the Australian Electoral Commission's "wrist-slap" penalties to those found guilty of electoral fraud certainly does little to discourage massive electoral fraud on a nation-wide scale.

5. Engage in covert action to remove a few Liberals in the lower house and try to replace them with Labor members. This requires the expedient "removal" of a few Liberals. Covert assassinations, accidents and disappearances have happened in other countries. Does anyone think Australia is immune to such events? I doubt it, given the demonstrated desire of this treacherous government to cling to power - at all costs. Rigging a few by-elections will be a lot easier than rigging an entire federal election.

6. Admit the government has lost the confidence of the electorate (for many reasons), prorogue parliament and seek an early federal election. As this is the only honourable thing to do we can be assured this is the one case which definitely will not happen.

I think these are the choices federal Labor has.

Now, a few other thoughts, again just personal opinion:-

The issue of who leads is now becoming largely irrelevant. The entire Labor brand is tainted, toxic and rotting in broad daylight. Over-weaning ambition and corrupt unions have so undermined it that the party is in danger of fragmenting the union movement and losing what little rank-and-file support remains. If it is of any comfort to the Labor die-hards, at least non-union voters have not lost confidence in this government - they never had any in the first place.

The loss of control of the nation's borders is the biggest ticking time-bomb facing the federal government and Labor simply refuses to do anything except direct the Navy to collect the invaders and escort them to our shores safely so they can carry on their work of subverting us politically and culturally. It is difficult not to conclude this is part of a Labor plan to ethnically, culturally and religiously re-engineer the population of Australia into a divided, strife-riddled bunch of ethnically and religiously-incompatible groups which can be played off against each other to ensure Labor remain in power decade after decade. This is the great plan of the men-of-the-left...and so far it is proceeding far better than they could ever have hoped. This is treachery, perpetrated against an entire nation by sheer inaction.

However, when it comes to treachery, none is more heinous than that of Oakeshott, Windsor and Wilke. No man in his right mind could countenance keeping this rabble of thugs, loons, spivs and union goons in power, yet these three continue to parrot their support. What was promised to them which keeps them toeing-the-line? What benefits after their inevitable defeat in the next election have they been granted? And why, given the record of this government at breaking promises, would an independent ever believe a single promise would ever be kept?

I have a feeling that the three most bitter people in the entire country after the next election will be Oakeshott, Windsor and Wilke...hung out to dry by Labor "for services rendered", pariahs in their own former electorates, unemployable in any further capacity in this nation (except possibly as a speed-hump in Woolworths car-park), their names forever recorded in Australian political history as the "Three Stooges" who gave Australia the worst federal government on record.

What a legacy to hand down to their families.

allan907 31st Jul 2012 02:27

Gupta Many thanks! Hadn't spotted the glitch.

500N 31st Jul 2012 02:40


Don't disagree that any of what you say can happen except the part about the military. I do agree with you re the GG being involved somehow.

I really can't see the ADF getting involved in the Political side of things.
We are not Fiji or some other third world country.

That is my HO.

Would like to know why you think the ADF would get involved.

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