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Andu 28th Jul 2012 07:54

Swan as Prime Minister.... I didn't think the position could be more demeaned than it has been by the last two persons to hold that office. But just when you think it couldn't get worse, someone proves to you that it can.

If we aren't already, (which I strongly suspect we are), we'd be the laughing stock of the world. Maybe that should read "we'd be an even bigger laughing stock than we are now".

There's a bright side to Swan taking over as PM - there'd be a very real chance that he would follow John Howard to be the third serving PM to lose both an election AND his seat in parliament.

allan907 28th Jul 2012 08:40

I think that Latham's reasoning was that as Swanny was a willing and active participant in the current train wreck under both Rudd and Gillard then he should be in pole position to take the flak and accept his responsibility for the mess.

Andu 28th Jul 2012 22:47

Another boat... this one bypassed Christmas Island and wasn't found until close to Broome. Straight to Broome for the latest lucky winners in "come on down!" country shopping.

RJM 28th Jul 2012 23:11

As Barrie Cassidy observed "the failure of the richest states to cough up a relative pittance towards the NDIS trials appears to be the dumbest - and meanest - act by leading politicians in a very long time.
In fact, it appears that at dinner with the premiers the night before the COAG meeting, Gillard failed to support a proposal by the premiers (and the Productivity Council) for the expiring Queensland flood levy to be replaced by a levy for NDIS.

It's common sense, but the reason she didn't go for it was her fear of Abbott attacking it as a tax. In other words, she was doing with the NDIS exactly what she put her hand on her heart and said should not be done - she was playing politics with the NDIS.

It's yet another example of poor judgment by Gillard, because in reality, Abbott would not have opposed a proposal put up by the Liberal premiers.

History will judge Gillard very harshly.

Barrie Cassidy, btw, is married to Left-leaning ABC 7:30 presenter Heather Ewart. Don't expect impartiality from Barrie.

CoodaShooda 29th Jul 2012 01:17

From Wiki

Barrie Cassidy (born 4 March 1950) is a veteran Australian political journalist.[1]

Cassidy was born in Wangaratta and grew up in the Victorian town of Chiltern, attending Rutherglen High School. He had many brothers and an elder sister, and grew up with a love of football and sports. Starting his career as a cadet on the Albury Border Morning Mail in 1969,[1] he moved to the Shepparton News about a year later before being hired as a court reporter for the Melbourne Herald. Joining the ABC Network, he initially covered state politics. He moved to Canberra to become the ABC's federal political correspondent for radio and television in 1979.

In 1986, Cassidy was approached by the then Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, to become his personal press secretary. He remained in the job—which he has described as "the most rewarding and interesting period of my life"—until Paul Keating took over the leadership in 1991 following a challenge.[1]

Moving to Washington, Cassidy worked as a correspondent for The Australian (a News Corporation newspaper) before returning to Australia to host the Last Shout and Meet the Press programs on Network Ten.[2] Cassidy returned to the ABC to replace Paul Lyneham as host on The 7.30 Report[3] before he, his daughter and his wife (Heather Ewart) were sent to Brussels as European correspondents.[4]

In 2010, Cassidy wrote The Party Thieves: the real story of the 2010 election (Melbourne University Press, October 2010, ISBN 978-0-522-85780-1), which one reviewer called "the standard text on precisely what happened in 2010."[5]

Cassidy currently hosts the Sunday morning political discussion show Insiders,[2][6] the sports panel show Offsiders and was until recently hosting the morning show ABC News Breakfast. He stepped down from his role as host of Offsiders to write The Party Thieves. He has a keen interest in horseracing, and is a devout fan of Collingwood in the Australian Football League. Cassidy is also a keen jogger, running almost every day. [7] Cassidy appeared as himself in the first episode of the 1998 Australia television series The Games.
What can you say about his judgement and impartiality?

He's a ........................................................Coll ingwood supporter!

RJM 29th Jul 2012 05:54

Honestly, I had no idea. Cassidy is obviously a paragon of impartiality, a man who would make Solomon look bent.

Good old Collingwood forever,
We know how to play the game....etc

Towering Q 29th Jul 2012 07:25

Yes, being a Collingwood supporter is a cause for concern.:uhoh:

However, I have been impressed with his role as host of Insiders. He does remain impartial and has a good rapport with the regular right-wing guests, like Ackerman and Henderson.

RJM 29th Jul 2012 08:02

Fair comment. He certainly doesn't have the attitude of, say, Fran Kelly (ABC Radio National morning presenter).

Willi B 29th Jul 2012 22:48

Interesting piece by Peter Sheenan in today's Sydney Morning Herald that sets out what he sees as the Oz draw factors that attract irregular maritime arrivals:

The truth on refugees is worse than fiction

allan907 30th Jul 2012 00:38

People granted refugee status become eligible for welfare payments immediately without having to wait the two-year period set for immigrants.


Why does breaking the rules and deliberately destroying your means of identification allow you access to benefits immediately while those abiding by the rules are effectively 'punished' by comparison?


People granted refugee status become eligible for welfare payments immediately without having to wait the two-year period set for immigrants.
And that's why Gillard and her motley crew are toast.

Dark Knight 30th Jul 2012 06:55

`Poll shows Gillard on slow road back'

Michael Gordon Political Editor The Age Melbourne

I have to get some of whatever he is smoking or drinking; it has to be good stuff!!!! :confused:

ps>>Allen; don't forget the free housing, motor vehicle allowance, plus, plus: Our pensioners should have it so good???? :mad:

SOPS 30th Jul 2012 07:46

Please Lord..give me strength...this rubbish has to stop NOW!!!

Dark Knight 30th Jul 2012 07:54

Section 51. of OUR Constitution states: (in part)

`The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:

(xix.) Naturalisation and aliens:
(xxvii.) Immigration and emigration:
(xxviii.) The influx of criminals:’

It is the Parliament which makes law; not the Labor,Liberal, National Party, The Greens or Independents but the Parliament.

And; it is certainly not the role of an outsourced committee of Unelected citizens!

If the Prime Minister, Her Ministers or Government are unable, unwilling, incapable of submitting legislation to the Parliament and have it passed then OUR Constitution is equally clear that the Prime Minister has a clear, unequivocal obligation and duty not to attempt to subvert the Constitution or Parliament but to return to the People where we, the People will make the decision!

SOPS 30th Jul 2012 07:59

In that case it is high time that WE were given a chance to make a decision, and lets us have an elecection NOW!!!!

Andu 30th Jul 2012 08:05

Two records for Jools this week -

(a) Not yet the end of July and we've exceeded the previous annual record for "undocumented arrivals", and

(b) more "undocumented arrivals" arrived here in the last two weeks than arrived on the First Fleet.

As someone (Tony Abbott?) said on the ABC this morning, if they were handing out medals for repeated failure, Julia Gillard would win the gold, silver and the bronze.

SOPS 30th Jul 2012 08:31

When does Parliament resume???? Is it tomorrow by any chance:ugh:

Captain Sand Dune 30th Jul 2012 09:28

Some interesting stuff here
Media Gagged - Gillard & the AWU Scandal - YouTube
Don't watch if you're a true believer though:E

allan907 30th Jul 2012 10:05

The first comment on Section 1 says it all:

The stench of corruption and lies coming from gillard's labour party and the unions has become unbearable...when will Australian's realise that we cannot afford to wait for an election...we need to act now
One would hope that this particular rolling stone gathers pace and rolls right through Gillard's door and ends up in a court of law.

SOPS 30th Jul 2012 10:10

I have been waiting for the stone to gather some pace for a while. It seems a person or persons is/are very good at impeding the stone's progress.

parabellum 30th Jul 2012 12:11

Don't suppose the GG will do anything to speed it up either.

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