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RJM 18th Jul 2015 00:29

Plibersek held the seat of Sydney at the last federal election with a narrow margin.

She has a traditional Leftist past, though she's not from the union movement - bright at school, university women's officer, first job with government office for the advancement of women, transition to political staffer, pre-selection and seat in Parliament. She's a member of Emily's list, and put simply, pro gender equality, pro indigenous equality, pro abortion, criticises Israel as a 'rogue state' and was against the Iraq war. She's on the Left within the ALP. She's also very ambitious. In my opinion, she is careful in her public statements to appear fair and conciliatory, expressing her heartfelt agreement that you feel aggrieved but not actually promising to do anything about it. She seems to me to be clever, ambitious, and deeply Leftist in her thinking. In other words, like Cassius, she is dangerous, from my point of view.

Hempy 18th Jul 2015 07:15

Good ole Bronny. Holds a press conference to explain one tax payer funded flight to a lib fundraiser, leaves the press conference after being asked about at least 3 more unexplained flights and no apology. Performance art at its best.

Of course, she still has Tonys 'full support' :yuk:

alisoncc 18th Jul 2015 07:45

Excuse the thread drift, but ..... Was it so long ago that a mid-Winter's evening on a weekend was classified as "Peak Viewing Time". So what the f*ck does the ABC do with the money it gets when the best they can do is repeats of previously shown garbage?

They should rename channel 2 as the THC - talking heads channel. Just bunches of dickheads trying to be funny.

PS. Might not have been garbage first time around.

david1300 18th Jul 2015 07:46

Originally Posted by SOPS (Post 9049679)
Next question...what is her family situation?

In 1986, at the age of 21, he was imprisoned on a nine-year sentence for conspiracy to import narcotics. At the time he was a heroin dealer and was addicted to the drug himself. He recovered from his addiction through a Salvation Army program.[1] He told the media in April 2007 that his criminal past made him more determined to do a good job.[2]

Coutts-Trotter is married to Tanya Plibersek MP, a Labor politician and the federal Deputy Leader of the Opposition.


Google opens doors

Pinky the pilot 18th Jul 2015 09:43

bright at school, university women's officer, first job with government office for the advancement of women, transition to political staffer, pre-selection and seat in Parliament
In other words RJM, She wouldn`t have even the faintest idea of what the real world is like!:*:ugh::mad:

RJM 18th Jul 2015 10:40

Yep. All she knows is the political world, and has always been on the public payroll.

SOPS 18th Jul 2015 11:34

And there in lies the problem.

Hempy 18th Jul 2015 11:38

You mean just like Bronny?

SOPS 18th Jul 2015 12:00

The problem is on all sides, Hempy.

SOPS 18th Jul 2015 15:35

And to make all you on the left happy, Im convinced, BB has to go.

Takan Inchovit 18th Jul 2015 22:04

Reckon Barnaby would make a good speaker, or maybe Bill?

Fubaar 19th Jul 2015 00:34

Of course, she won't go unless carried out screaming, with a half dozen backbenchers and staff levering her fingers from every doorframe as she passes - but she *** well should.

If she doesn't at the very least step down as spoeaker, the Libs lose all credibility and will look like the hypocrites they are when they next demand a Labor politician step down after he/she is caught with his/her fingers in the Public till.

Having said that, I'm sure I'm not the only one who is wondering why it is so that the same MSM that studiously ignored Craig Tompson's far more excessive dipping into union funds is now slavering at their collective mouth over BB.

I also think that the helicopter ride (while outrageous) is a diatraction. The real outrage should be over her $88k trip to Europe job hunting for a nice little earner for herself after she quits politics. There is absolutely no way the taxpayer should have picked up that tab.

Am I also not the only one who has noticed how many conservative (aka "rabid right wingers") have called for BB's demotion over this as opposed to the total silence from left wingers when one of "theirs" gets caught with his or her fingers in the till?

AND I wonder how much SHY's "fact finding" trip to the Med. is costing us?

RJM 19th Jul 2015 08:49

BB has to go. She's probably a net debit to the Liberals anyway. At 72 years of age with 20 years of parliamentary service behind her, giving her the boot is hardly ending a promising career. She's pretty much ended it herself. Her sense of entitlement is outrageous, and the over-priced helicopter ride is apparently the latest in a series of unwarranted expenditures. Who the hell does she think she is? What's holding the Liberals back? Has she got dirt on other senior figures? She's damaging the Liberals every second she stays in office. How can they criticise Labor for rorting and bring on the take with this brazen abuse in the public eye? She has to go.

SOPS 19th Jul 2015 09:11

I just realised that the $90000 trip was her, looking for a job. Why the hell should we pay $90000 for her to go job hunting? She has to go.

MTOW 19th Jul 2015 10:02

As an accredited rabid right winger, I'd like to enthusiastically second both RJM and SOPS' last posts.

Worrals in the wilds 19th Jul 2015 10:16

IME, over the past week Bishop's chopper has been the only federal political story that's passed the rank and file test; i.e. it's the only political news that's come up in the tea room/Coles queue. Of course it is footy season :\, tennis players are behaving badly and there's no upcoming election, but...

I've not heard any chat wrt emissions schemes or ALP leadership (and I was prepared :}) ; the state budget led to some passing commentary, but the only political news that's really made the cut has been Bishop's chopper, generally wrt pollies sense of entitlement and lack of real world awareness. Her response and complete inability to see why people have a problem with this has fanned the flames.

Reckon Barnaby would make a good speaker, or maybe Bill?
Stir the pot.:E

SOPS 19th Jul 2015 10:53

And I just saw that of that $88000, $42000 was for airfares for 3 people. Some people don't net that a year, but she can spend it on airfares in 3 weeks!!!

They are ALL out of touch. We have a class of professional politician, that has never had a real job in their life, and just think they can whip out the AMEX, because the bill will be paid by some aid.

SHY is on a fact finding mission in the MED? Spare me, she is on a junket, and will come back and announce we need to take in 500000 Refugees a year, as long as they don't live in her house, and that people are leaving one place to go to another on a boat.

This information will come at a cost of a few hundred thousand dollars.

They all need a reality check, and I put the PM in there as well.

Worrals in the wilds 19th Jul 2015 10:56

We have a class of professional politician
The elected oligarchy. :ugh:

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