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MTOW 3rd Jul 2015 12:31

Back in the early 90s, we had a Lebanese steward in my airline, a really good looking bloke (no jokes please, he really was). He was running three Australian female cabin crew at the same time - and all three knew about the other two, but each and every one of them "knew" that "she" was "the one" and that the other two "meant nothing to him".

He was up on the flight deck having a break once on a long night flight when he said to something I've repeated many, many times - and to absolutely no avail if it was to Australian (or other Western) female. He said: "Ahh, Aussie girls, I love 'em; it's like clubbing baby seals." (I kid you not. This is not something I heard of second hand. I heard those said word myself.)

Whenever I'd tell that tale to some star-struck (almost always new to the Middle East) Aussie girl, she would nod wisely and assure me that her man was different.

This was so widespread that we had a acronym to cover it: "MMID", for "My Mohammed Is Different". Almost without exception, within 12 months, you'd run across the same girl, no longer star struck after she's been replaced by "fresh meat" (the Lebbo boys' term for a new intake of trainee females from the West, fifty or more of whom who arrived almost monthly), who would then admit that THAT particular Mohammed had turned out not to be different. But it was amazing how often they'd latch on to another Mohammed who they'd convince themselves would this time be different.

I had to give the Lebbos their due - they could court a woman like few men from the West could - or would. But for most of them, it was the thrill of the chase. After they'd bedded the girl, they'd quickly move on to the next conquest - unless they'd managed to get the girl to take out a large loan to set up a business for them - which had to be only in the male's name in Dubai - or buy a car for them.

Then they'd stick around for a while - but not always. I knew one girl who married her Mohammed, took out a huge loan to set up his business and then, after she got sick of him bonking all her (supposedly close) friends, ditched him, but lost the car she's bought him (that was registered in his name) and had to pay out another very large business loan as well herself, which he refused to acknowledge. She said it was worth it just be rid of him. But she was locked in to Dubai for years until she could pay off the two loans. (Again, not a second hand story - I knew this girl well and she told me all the details herself.)

I also must stress that most of these guys were a very different kettle of fish to the vast majority of Lebbos we see out here.

Saltie 4th Jul 2015 11:59

Lots of the talking heads on TV seem to assume if the SSM question goes to a plebiscite, it will be a shoo-in for the Yes vote. I' not so sure.

There are a lot of first generation Australians here now from very conservative cultures who I think will vote No. Then again, I might be wrong.

Ethel the Aardvark 4th Jul 2015 12:21

Wow, are we back onto the Lebanese bashing again, the righties were only doing this about 8 pages back, if I had time I could go back over the threads and predict which community next will be attacked and labeled by the actions of the few. Or are they just blindly following the shock jock lead?
It's nice to see the lady that dum dum and Pyne so vervaciously admired in parliament for being an honourable person and whistleblower has allegedly stolen more than the people she informed on. You couldn't make this stuff up!

Saltie 4th Jul 2015 12:31

Have to agree that Ms Jackson seems to be as dodgy as hell, Ethel. But she did shop Williamson and Thomson, so, however dodgy she may be, we have to thank her for that.

oicur12.again 4th Jul 2015 18:19


“Does something tell you otherwise?”

Just look at the implications behind some of the posts on this page alone.

About 2% of Australians are Muslim. Lets get way out there and pretend 50% of these folk would like to have you “succumb to their system”. That means you fear 1% of the population.

This is not rational.

This issue is not about Muslims forcing Australia to move away from “our way” or “succumb to their system” or “bend over for them”. Its about having your attention diverted away from ineffective Government policy onto the classic fake problem/manufactured solution that Governments resort to when they are out of ideas.

“Do we also revert to the law of the jungle/desert because that's what they expect?”

“Of course this is not the Middle-Eastern way, but it's our way. If we move away from that . . . .”

“If we succumb to their system . . . . “

“But our huggy fluff legal type people just seem to want to bend over for them.

Takan Inchovit 4th Jul 2015 22:32

About 2% of Australians are Muslim. Lets get way out there and pretend 50% of these folk would like to have you “succumb to their system”. That means you fear 1% of the population.
100 snakes in a dark room, only one is deadly. Would you have no fear to walk in? It is only 1% after all.

RJM 4th Jul 2015 22:49

Well said. One random member of a crowd with a gun makes the crowd dangerous.

That's why our society sanctions crime. Only a tiny proportion of us may have criminal intent, but the effects of that proportion's success are unwanted, so we take measures against it.

It's a version of the precautionary principle in risk management championed by proponents of climate change: the effects of the fears becoming reality are serious, so we must take precautions.

Saltie 4th Jul 2015 22:55

Oic, I can only suggest that, living out of Australia as you do, you not worry about any of it. Either the wildly overstated and imagined changes that 2% are or are not bringing to the country or the overreaction of the crazy few who post here who don't like those imaginary changes. Nothing to be seen here. Move along.

RJM 5th Jul 2015 01:24

On the issue of the 'Islamic problem', saltie, time will tell who is is more right. You might consider, though, developments in France and Scandinavia, and consider the heavy security precautions next time you travel, their costs (which you pay) and the reasons for them.

As to 2% not mattering, indigenous Australians make up less than 2% of the population, and I would say that a considerably smaller proportion are gay and want to marry.

So, assuming that you are in Australia and your political views are 'progressive' rather than conservative, I suppose you would suggest that everyone ignores those two issues as well.

MTOW 5th Jul 2015 03:29

RJM, I think it would be a pretty safe bet that saltie would have inserted a "/sarc" icon at the end of his post if there was one. I really wonder what it will take to change the minds - or should that be 'remove the blinkers' - of those who keep telling us there's nothing to worry about with the fast growing* Islamic section of our society. They really are creating a parallel society within Australian society - and one that quite openly says it wants to remain separate from the rest of Australian society (except on Centrelink pay day).

*And far faster growing than all other sections of our society.

SOPS 5th Jul 2015 04:02

Here is a start....no English speaking? No welfare.

Worrals in the wilds 5th Jul 2015 09:20

I had to give the Lebbos their due - they could court a woman like few men from the West could - or would.
I dunno, Italians are pretty good at it. So are the Irish, but let's not go there :ouch::}.

On another note, if you are young enough (or old enough :\) to be familiar with the film The Breakfast Club, this Jules/Rudd version is pretty funny. :E

SOPS 5th Jul 2015 09:46

Come on Worrals, tell us, what makes the Irish so good?:O

Worrals in the wilds 5th Jul 2015 10:05

Blarney. :ouch:
He ended up marrying the next one off the conveyor belt, so as far as I'm concerned I got off lightly. :E:E:ok: MMID Syndrome is not limited to Mohammeds. MSID (with an S for Seamus) was equally contagious, particularly during the Aussie construction boom when plane loads of Irish subbies arrived on working 'holiday' visas.

MTOW 6th Jul 2015 04:46

Midday news says that 30 billion (that's Billion) dollars were stripped from the value of stocks on the ASM in one morning today in reaction to the Greeks' 'no' vote. While there will be some good buys to be had for the adventurous, I wonder, unless some quick fix is put in place by the EU banks, if the 'ripple' effect (some might describe it as something bigger than a 'ripple'!) will affect the lives of quite a few here?

The most obvious to be badly affected will be self-funded retirees, whose income from investments, already minimal, could be reduced even more, but I suspect it could 'ripple'(!) down to affect quite a few others as well.

Am I being alarmist, or could this sorry mess affect us all?

I'm gob-smacked to see tens of thousands of Greeks celebrating the overwhelming 'no' vote. Where do they think the money they're voting themselves to continue to receive will be coming from?

Terry Dactil 6th Jul 2015 05:07

I remember a quote somewhere around here about democracy being stuffed once the people realise they can vote goodies for themselves. It ties in nicely with the one about socialism being great until you run out of other people's money.

parabellum 6th Jul 2015 07:23

What I wonder is just how much does the Greek situation really effect the Australian stock market and how much is panic induced selling by brokers who get paid for a transaction, be it up or down?

(I'm a cynical self funded retiree!).

Spain have now, like Greece, voted in a hard left government so will they be next?

RJM 6th Jul 2015 08:24

If nothing else, the value of the Euro will affect the cost of our imports and the price exports to the Euro zone.

Saltie 6th Jul 2015 13:35

The Greek gummit has a couple of wild cards apart from their outstanding loans to worry them. The tens of thousands of illegal immigrants transiting the country (I doubt if many will want to stay) and our friend Vlad, who could really make things interesting if he was to make them an offer they can't refuse.

I'm like others here. I cannot understand where the Greek people who voted no think the money to continue life as they've become accustomed to will come from. I see the dual Greek/Australian finance minister has resigned. Does that mean he'll come back here? Oh joy. I know where he'll fit in well.

chuboy 6th Jul 2015 23:20

Not one pro-Greek articles I've read anywhere has addressed the fact that fully half of Greeks simply do not pay their taxes.

Their budget deficit would become an equally large budget surplus if the government merely collected the rest of the taxes it was owed each year.

A lesson for any government that thinks it can afford to turn a blind eye to tax evasion. It all started with the richest in Greece thinking they needn't pay their taxes because they got nothing in return. It was a slippery slope from there and the attitude seems well and truly ingrained now.

I do feel for the young people of Greece who have been royally screwed over by their elders.

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