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SOPS 18th Jun 2015 01:33

I have to ask, why would anyone have Kevin in their book of faces feed?

chuboy 18th Jun 2015 01:55

Well being Gen Y, a lot of my "friends" are left-wing. So when they "like" a post, sometimes it appears in my feed because FB presumes that I might be interested to see what it is they liked :confused:

I do like seeing Kevvie's jolly smile from time to time but I had no desire to see his presumably faux interest in last night's hand egg game.

PinkusDickus 18th Jun 2015 03:21

Chuboy said:

I could list plenty of strange things about our past prime ministers. The RWers here have already got Julia Gillard covered with the oft-repeated remarks about her appearance and nasal voice. I see no need to add any more.
Julia Gillard has been appropriately described as the Second best prime Minister Australia has ever had.

Our Best Prime Minister? Take your pick - any one of all the others.

When Gillard became Prime Minister Australia really did get second best, but what she looks and sounds like is irrelevant. A Prime Minister must have amongst other many other necessary attributes, good character and morals.

Gillard had neither; from her numerous affairs with married men (Emerson and Wilson), her dodgy dealings as a lawyer and her buried past having have the don't come Monday from Slater and Gordon.

Australia got second best because of the booby traps she left behind for the liberals. While we got a new government, we still have an enormous and ongoing hangover from her spiteful LW appointees (Trigg is a standout) and ill considered policies cast in stone.

rh200 18th Jun 2015 03:43

You think people beating their wives or committing suicide never happened when people went to church?
Of course not, its about statistics. As we touched on this subject before, and I didn't reply to a particular comment due to the fact the question, or opinion you posed demonstrated a lack of understanding in social evolutionary time lines, but I will now.

Culteral issues and change take time, they are a result of long term trends, hence blaming a particular government is a waste of time. What can be blamed is ideology.

Basically conservatives have been to p!ss weak, hence alowed change to happen to quickly.

As for wife beater sorry the majority of them are frustrated f#$% males who have no direction in ther lives and no self control. Actually discussing this issue with a shrink the other night at a do, along with the suicide rate.

The myth perpetuated by the left that wife beating wa the domain of conservative is just that a myth, well in our culture anyway statistically. A bit of basic understanding of social structures and our place in them will give you reason why that was so.

So the question is statistically where there more woman being killed and beaten before when we where a supposedly happy little nuclear society, than there is now?

As for priests, well another emotive comment without an understanding of the problem, and just an attempt at painting one particular group as the issue.

bosnich71 18th Jun 2015 04:07

Shorten is down to 28% in the approval ratings, must be doing something right ?????

chuboy 18th Jun 2015 05:21

Originally Posted by rh200 (Post 9015615)
So the question is statistically where there more woman being killed and beaten before when we where a supposedly happy little nuclear society, than there is now?

Possibly the only fair point in your post - the answer to your question is of course tainted by the fact that not every person who was ever beaten by their partner told the authorities, and not every authority that dealt with this problem kept a record of it.

Just because we may be recording more cases of DV now does not mean it is happening more, it can simply mean that victims feel better empowered to "come out" about it now than they did 50 years ago, and we are keeping better track of it.

It is no different to people wondering why more people are getting diagnosed with x mental illness, well the answer is the percentage of people is the same we are just getting better at working out what they have rather than giving you an official diagnosis of 'nutcase'. Not that there is something in our water or mind control waves being transmitted through the main stream media.

The rest of your post had promise but sadly turned out to be nothing more than

an attempt at painting one particular group as the issue
... the group in question being Lefty Huggy Fluffs.

Fubaar 18th Jun 2015 06:08

I wonder if this is the tip of another large iceberg?

No Cookies | dailytelegraph.com.au

Worrals in the wilds 18th Jun 2015 06:13

Abbott got down to 24% in February.
And yes, I will concede that Rudd is also strange, probably even more so than Abbott.

bosnich71 18th Jun 2015 07:51

'Abbott got down to 24% in February', agreed but he doesn't have to face the R. C. as does our mate Shorten. There will be a lot of union members waiting for that appearance.

SOPS 18th Jun 2015 09:16

That is an excellent article. I think all Immigration into Australia should be stopped for a while, while we take a deep breath and think about where our current immigration policies are leading us.

MTOW 18th Jun 2015 11:14

It paints a rather bleak picture for the future, doesn't it?

I wonder how many people today understand the relevance of Vienna in the title of the site? Christian Europe survived by winning the battle that saved Vienna only because the Catholics and the Protestants - who'd been killing each other off with great alacrity for years - put aside their differences and united to confront - and just barely defeat - the common enemy, the invading Muslim army. And it wasn't all that long ago.

I wonder, will the Left and the Right of modern day Europe be able to do the same? Current events, especially the Left's slavish adherence to Political Correctness and their apparent intent to commit cultural suicide by inviting as many potential enemies in behind the proverbial city gates as want to come - and then feed and house them for life - would suggest not.

Hempy 18th Jun 2015 12:08

Despite the hyperbole, it's called compassion (look it up in the dictionary). We are the 6th largest country by area, and the 52nd largest by population...the argument that 'we can't fit any more' is ridiculous.

So the sticking point seems to be these 'bad Muslims' who are all coming to kill us all in our beds. The 'Big Threat' from the Islamic hoards who want to take us over and make us something different. The same argument went around with the 'Chinks' during the Gold rush, and then against the 'Wogs' after WW2, and then the Commo 'Slopes' after Vietnam. All made by narrow minded people peddling 'fear' as an argument.

As Colin Powell said 'if you break it, you own it'. 'We' are responsible for putting common people, people just like you and me, into a position where they are prepared to give everything they have (as meagre as it might be) to give their families a safe place to live.

Awaiting all the howls of 'huggy fluffy', but I won't apologise for being a humanist. If you fall for the Bush created fear mongering hype, so be it. The Yanks needed an enemy after The Wall came down, so they created one. Simple as that.

SOPS 18th Jun 2015 12:31

The only difference I see Hempy, is that my mate from Vietnam who runs a local resturant, the family from Cambodia a cross the road who own the local IGA, and my friend Rosa who with her husband has the local post office, is that they have intergrated, work hard and don't expect us to change for them. And I don't remember anyone from their ethnic backgrounds actively planning as a group plots to kill ' unbelievers'

The new arrivals from the ME however seem to be of a different mindset. Don't intergrate, demand we bow to their beliefs and not tolerate ours, live off welfare, and in some cases, actively plan to kill us.

I know I keep brining img him up, but the idiot in the chocolate shop drove a Merc, and had lived on welfare the whole time he had been in Australia. He had money to go to the high court. How the hell is that possible?

And. I am sure that those that died in the chocolate shop wished he had shown some compassion, the type of compassion that granted him access to our country and welfare system in the first place.

rh200 18th Jun 2015 12:48

Those who ignore history are sure to repeat the mistakes of which, that includes both sides left and right.

The head in your sand approach, and ignorance of basic human nature in societys are just as bad as the rights extremist side. Calling your stand point some warm and fuzzy description to make once self believe yours is the just cause, doesn't make it so.

parabellum 18th Jun 2015 12:54

Well said SOP, right on the money.

the argument that 'we can't fit any more' is ridiculous.
Very disappointing Hempy, you are beginning to sound like a true Green or soft Left socialist, the kind that live in the inner city, rarely, if ever, venture out into the wider country and believe all food comes from the organic shop down the road.

You are correct on one thing, Australia is huge but, like true inner city Green/Socialists you neglected to mention that about 90% of Australia is uninhabitable and unless you have a major plan to turn desert into paddock that is the way it will remain. Another agricultural point that is missed by the inner city socialists is the fact that the top soil throughout Australia, on average, is very thin, in the order of six inches, and can barely support one good crop a year, Australia is very water short, introduce a drought or extensive flooding and you won't even get that, hay maybe, but certainly not a bountiful cereal or root crop.
Compassion has got absolutely nothing to do with it, Australia, in its present state, can support a population of about 23 million. Start importing lots of food stuffs and converting green paddocks into low cost housing commission houses and you may be able to up that figure a bit. Rudd, a typical inner city socialist, suggested a population of fifty million! Agricultural Australia fell about laughing. Unless major change, on a massive scale, is planned Australia is just about full.

Hempy 18th Jun 2015 14:31

It's funny you should say that parabellum, but unlike you I am an Aussie country boy born and bred. I was dipping sheep, rousing, and picking up 'bellies' behind shearers at 8 years of age. And despite my fathers politcal views, I'm still capable of picking wheat from chaff, despite what Fox News and the American media might tell me is 'fact'.

RJM 18th Jun 2015 15:10

I have to agree with Parabellum, Hempy.

I have a good friend who won't even listen to any suggestion that there is anything wrong with her commitment to the Left, in her case the ALP. she answers any criticism with, but they are the party of compassion, the inference being, I suppose, that she is compassionate and proud of it. The problem with umbilically connecting feelings of compassion with the commitment to support the Left come what may is that it is too simplistic. This lady also recites the mantra that the US/Murdoch media has an anti social agenda etc.

In reality, we have to think what is best for our own future and act accordingly.

MTOW 18th Jun 2015 21:39

I'm a little surprised someone hasn't mentioned the calls in yesterday's press to import East Timorese to work in the federal government's newly announced mega growth area in our far north - while we have tens of thousands of unskilled young Australians on the dole in the south.

What am I missing in that particular logic train?

Hempy, if you really are a country boy, I can't believe you've fallen for the "Australia has lotza room" canard. That one usually only works for more than five minutes in coffee shops in Newtown or Fitzroy - in Spring or Summer. On a fine day.

SOPS 18th Jun 2015 23:38

Muslim groups call for direct engagement with young people to prevent radicalisation - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I'm sorry this is more of......we are victims...mentaility.

The article says that yoing people are finding it tough to live in Sydney. Well bloody well move. It says they can't get jobs because they can't speak English.....you have been invited to live in our country LEARN ENGLISH...and for heavens sake stop telling us you are victims.

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