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MTOW 11th Jun 2015 01:16

Have I got this right? In pillorying Joe Hockey for what I'll accept was a politically-inept comment, what the MSM and Labor is espousing, by a simple extension of logic, is more or less what the Clinton administration forced upon the US banks - loans to people who could never hope to repay them. (Bringing Labor's economic policies down to an individual level - where who will pay is something someone a generation or two down the track can look after.)

And in 2007-08, that led to....?

But we didn't feel that here, because, according to Sarah Henderson, WE had King Kevni the Wise to lead us through the flames unscathed.

chuboy 11th Jun 2015 01:27

Actually MTOW you have it exactly opposite.

The banks are not being forced to give people loans they could never hope to repay. The problem is that they are doing it anyway.

bosnich71 11th Jun 2015 06:04

Chuboy ,there were stories at the time of the sub prime debacle in the US that banks were actually taken to court for refusing to give mortgages to those who could not afford them. Were they true ? Perhaps we could get some help from our American cousins on other threads about this.

chuboy 11th Jun 2015 06:43

I was referring to the practices of our own banks Bosnich, I cannot comment on what took place in the USA.

All I know is that property in Sydney is grossly overvalued, yet our banks need no encouragement from the law to lend over and above the "true" value of a place to any sucker willing to put their future in the hands of the self-interested FIRE industry :eek:

Worrals in the wilds 11th Jun 2015 08:31

Just spun the dividers on a map of Sydney and surrounds Worrals and have to dispute your statement! :).
Many of the ordinary earning people I know who live or have lived in Sydney were easily commuting that distance. One mate worked at the airport and lived in Wollongong, which I'm told is not unusual. Funnily enough the reason I know them is because they all moved to South East Queensland :suspect:. Naturally it's not a scientific survey, but this is not a scientific publication :}.

Of course this is not a new thing; in the 1950s later High Court Justice Michael McHugh worked in Newcastle as a bookmaker's clerk and travelled to Sydney to attend night lectures and back each night on the train, reading the Commonwealth Law Reports (starting at Volume 1) on the way :ok:. However, while commuting suits some people and etimegev is absolutely right about London and commute times, it doesn't follow that long commutes are great for the community at large. Apart from fatigue, they impact on family time. Three or four hours a day is a big bite out of the eight hours of so-called recreation time.

A barista in the Sydney CBD will surely earn a whole lot more than one 100kms away?
I don't know about that, I doubt it would be much more in run of the mill places (as opposed to ARIA and other high end establishments). Maybe someone has a concrete example? :confused: Certainly public servants earn the same whether they live in Sydney or elsewhere. Although some Commonwealth agencies do offer a Sydney allowance (and remote area allowances et al) that's a public service thing. Workers at big companies earn whatever is in their EA. If you work at Pitt Street Maccas you'll earn the same as the guy flipping burgers at Maccas Wagga Wagga, likewise if you're a labourer with one of the big construction companies or manning the counter at JB Hi Fi.

In pillorying Joe Hockey for what I'll accept was a politically-inept comment
This is my main beef with the comment. I don't blame the government in general or the Coalition in particular for high housing prices; it's primarily a supply and demand issue exacerbated by lousy, partisan short-term development planning by state and local governments. However, I thought it was an incredibly dumb thing to say, particularly after their buy-a-vote budget was generally well received by the public and they were looking a bit less :ouch:. To me it illustrates a complete lack of empathy with average Australians. Abbott's band-aid comments (he's got daughters, ya know :bored:, never mind that their Dad is a very high earner) has only added to it. Why Abbott would draw any attention to his daughters' tertiary study after the scholarship carry-on a few years ago is a mystery; why would you dredge it up again so the left can have a much needed free kick?

Put it this way; Howard would never have said anything so dumb, which is why so many traditional Labor types voted for his government for so many years. Howard was always quick to speak about his father's small business struggles and how that turned him towards politics. Unlike the current bozos, firstly he had (some) genuine empathy, and secondly he was an astute enough pollie to capitalise on it.

rh200 11th Jun 2015 11:03

Apart from fatigue, they impact on family time. Three or four hours a day is a big bite out of the eight hours of so-called recreation time.
Maybe it helps the divorce rate from going higher, less time to realise you really don't like each other:p.

Pinky the pilot 11th Jun 2015 11:57

Maybe it helps the divorce rate from going higher, less time to realise you really don't like each other
Struth rh200; That`s a bit cynical isn`t it?:ooh:

But FWIW, I tend to agree!:hmm:

CoodaShooda 11th Jun 2015 12:17

Are we talking about what Hockey actually said, or what he has been reported as saying? :confused:

There seems to be some distance between the two.

Hempy 11th Jun 2015 12:18

rh & ptp, I have no doubt that it's accurate in both of your cases..

p.s cooda, please post what he 'actually said'. Just for us folks who only listen to the msm..

Worrals in the wilds 11th Jun 2015 12:48

Maybe it helps the divorce rate from going higher, less time to realise you really don't like each other:p.
Funny ol' thing, life. Having worked for a government agency that had both shift workers and day workers, I saw quite a number of happyish relationships crash and burn when the shiftworker got redeployed into a 9-5 role and started spending actual time with their spouse :ooh:.

Are we talking about what Hockey actually said, or what he has been reported as saying? :confused:
For sure; that be politics :E. FWIW we're not talking about a couple of amateur local councillors from the Bulloo Shire Council mouthing off to the local rag about a passionate local issue; The PM and Treasurer are highly paid federal MPs. They're supposed to be good politicians, funded by Us. :rolleyes: Therefore, commentating on their dorky comments at scheduled media appearances is fair play; they should be on top of reporting bias and be competent enough to counter it... again, see Howard. They're on the big bucks because every word they say is recorded and discussed by both the MSM and us amateur enthusiasts :}. It was a dumb thing to say, particularly when they were just starting to look palatable. Knuckleheads!

bosnich71 11th Jun 2015 13:44

Hockey should follow the leader of the opposition....just have a "prior engagement" Shorten did this evening when asked if he would like to appear on the ABC show, 7.30. I wonder what the topic would have been this evening?

PinkusDickus 11th Jun 2015 23:05

p.s cooda, please post what he 'actually said'. Just for us folks who only listen to the msm..
It appears you're skilled enough to insert a selective extract of Joe Hockey's speech, why do you need Cooda to post the full version?

Let me make a suggestion: why don't you post the entire video, or would that show how negative and out of context that 22 seconds really is?

MTOW 12th Jun 2015 00:38

I think most of us not blinded by our political leanings would agree that what Joe Hockey said was technically 100% correct - but at the same time, was, politically, bordering on the stupid. As someone said before me, on a par with saying to the widow at an alcoholic's funeral that poor Bill would still be with us if he hadn't been such a drunk.

Napoleon said he didn't want good generals - he wanted LUCKY generals. Joe Hockey has demonstrated repeatedly that, (transferring Napoleon's dictum to today's political landscape), while he might be good - (although some would argue with even that) - he's certainly not "lucky", for too many of his comments over the years have been "own goals" that have given his political enemies free ammunition to use against him and his Party.

Napoleon got rid of his unlucky generals. Tony Abbott would do well to seriously consider re-assigning Joe to "a quiet sector of the front". However, since assuming the Prime Ministership, to date, he hasn't demonstrated sufficient "mongrel" - an absolute necessity in a successful leader - to do that.

Worrals in the wilds 12th Jun 2015 01:52

Agreed MTOW. However, I think the main reason Abbott hasn't dumped Hockey is that he's just as bad.

chuboy 12th Jun 2015 02:06

You guys should have waited until the LNP picked a new leader before voting in a Coalition government ;) It may be some time before a conservative party gets another go governing QLD after Can-Do's performance. No reason why Tony should bet on getting another term to finish enacting his grand plans.

MTOW 12th Jun 2015 02:40

I wouldn't bet on that, chuboy. The goldfish-like memory span of the Australian voter might work to the advantage of the non-Labor parties in Queensland come the next election if Queensland Labor stick true to form.

How many Labor MPs have been forced to resign since the election?

I have to agree with you on one point - the non-Labor parties in Queensland really need to sweep out damn near all of their current crop of politicians and replace them with ones not associated with the Newman government. Not that I can see that ever happening.

SOPS 12th Jun 2015 08:28

Labour's failed border policies cost the taxpayer billions, and continues to as we pay welfare to all the country shoppers, ....... ( maybe) some one paid a boat 5000 dollars to turn around and labour and the watermelons are hopping up and down with shock and rage.

Give me strength...........

Pinky the pilot 12th Jun 2015 09:00

Indeed, SOPS! Remember Lenin`s comment about the `useful idiots` whom he would use in the west to promote the rise of Communism.

I really wonder though just whose `useful idiots` the watermelons are though?

However, I prefer to think of them as useless idiots.:*

Fubaar 12th Jun 2015 10:17

SHY and co. are in outrage overdrive over the Australian Customs forking out $30k to the people smugglers to take a batch of asylum seekers back to Indonesia.

I'd hazard a guess and say that $30k would be about 1% - or less - of what those same asylum seekers would end up costing the taxpayer if they went to Nauru, let alone what it would cost us if they ever got to the mainland and got themselves on the welfare-for-life gravy train.

Seems a pretty good deal for the taxpayer to me - that's if (note that word) it happened.

Hempy 12th Jun 2015 10:33

Originally Posted by SOPS
Labour's failed border policies cost the taxpayer billions

Care to back that up with facts, or is it just your personal opinion?

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