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SOPS 5th Jun 2015 00:50

Why do I do this to myself? I listened to AM this morning. What a lefty left gab fest. First we had Two Dads pop up for another 10 minutes of fame claiming she was spied on while visiting Naru last year...pity they didn't lock her up and leave her there.....then we had a story how Australia was getting a rap over the knuckles from the United Nations over 'climate change'....why do we bother wasting money showing up at these things? Let them discuss the benifits of weaving hemp sandals and eating lentils by themselves. Then to finish off, we had some Melbourne University professor ( no doubt bearded and sandal wearing himself) has spent the last 8 years camping in the bush, ( no doubt at great expense to the taxpayer) to discover that when it does not rain, the numbats, wombats and fruit bats move. The interviewer asked " is this normal?"
"Oh no" replied Mr Proffesser. " it shows the end is coming. We must stop climate change now. We need to weave more sandals, consume lentils and live in tents".
I would suggest, that for the last 30 million years, when it hasn't rained in a certain spot the animals have said " hey mate, the waterhole is getting a bit dry, let's move up to Aunt Maudes place for a while, she has a good supply under her tree'. :ugh::ugh::ugh:

In other (good) news, a certain Saudi Arabian gentlemen, who was given the PRIVILEGE of studying in our country, but then decided he hated us and wanted to kill us all, has managed to blow himself up in Ramadi.

TWT 5th Jun 2015 02:08

Two Dads has a new name: " Raven"

SOPS 5th Jun 2015 02:21

And still the lefty gab fest continues. That idiot women that Juliar appointed to head the Human Rights Commision, and who loves to splash around tax payers money, including an attempt to give $350,000 to a guy who was convicted of bashing his pregnant to death, now says that the reasons that the drug smugglers were shot in Bali is because Australia stopped the boats.

Is it because it's Friday, did some one leave the gate open or something?

Pinky the pilot 5th Jun 2015 02:22

Two Dads has a new name: " Raven"
(Said in my best Nthn Qld nasal accent)

Please explain?:E:D

parabellum 5th Jun 2015 02:30

Its official!
Immigration minister on TV now has said that 'SHY always overstates the case and doesn't get her facts right' :D

PinkusDickus 5th Jun 2015 02:31

Two Dads has a new name: " Raven"
(Said in my best Nthn Qld nasal accent)

Please explain?
Raven Effen Loony?

410 5th Jun 2015 02:36

Or as Alf (from Home and Away?) would say it "...flamin' ravin', she is, and all the flamin' time..."

The woman is a figment of her own imagination and a legend in her own lunch box. When I first heard the report on AM this morning, I thought she was alleging that the guards had "fired on her" - and given her past form, I wasn't particularly surprised that she might be alleging something so utterly ridiculous.

My wife, making the same mistake I had, summed it up quite nicely when she said: "Pity they missed."

TWT 5th Jun 2015 02:53

Please explain?
That's the codename that the Nauru 'spies' who were keeping SHY under surveillance gave her for use on their radios

Nauru guards allegedly spied on Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young

Dark Knight 5th Jun 2015 04:26


Is it because it's Friday, did some one leave the gate open or something?
Full Moon Mate, Full Moon

With her evil record Raven needs to monitored full time: Reckon there is more tha enough evidence for Subversion charges to be laid.

Stanwell 5th Jun 2015 05:09

Hmm, got some juicy tidbits for us?

IMO, she sails pretty close to the wind - dangerously so at times.

She doesn't seem to appreciate the difference between speaking under parliamentary privilege and making public pronouncements.
Similarly, it doesn't surprise me at all that her actions and activities are, at times, being monitored.

'A dangerous fool' would be my assessment.

p.s. The code-name assigned to her was a misnomer - Ravens are relatively bright birds.

p.p.s. A tip for Julia: When you've reached the bottom of the hole, stop digging.

At ease 5th Jun 2015 06:32

Two Dads has a new name: " Raven"
It's a shame that it wasn't "Dodo" as in.....well, you know. :E

Fubaar 5th Jun 2015 06:47

A bit like when one word ("a" man) was clipped from Neil Armstrong's famous first words on the moon, I believe that SHY's code name was clipped on this occasion. The whole code name was "Ravin' Idjit".

bosnich71 5th Jun 2015 07:22

SHY now reckons that Abbott is "creepy". Coming from someone who is in the same party as Brandt that's priceless.

Saltie 5th Jun 2015 07:30

The woman makes oxygen thieves look like they might have a purpose in life. She certainly doesn't.

FullOppositeRudder 5th Jun 2015 07:43

I am almost overwhelmed with embarrassment, not to say shame for the uncomfortable truth that somehow my fellow South Australians - in what must surely be seen as some kind of mass delusion - are responsible for elevating this person to the position where the rest of you have to suffer this sort of thing.

What were they thinking? :{

I do apologise. Profoundly. From the bottom of my heart.

RJM 5th Jun 2015 09:18

I'm from South Australia, and I had nothing to do with elevating that bimbo, other than supporting the flawed system that grants a 'popularly elected' position to such people.

SHY was gifted her upper house seat by virtue of being top of the Greens' list for upper house seats, where only a quota of votes from the whole state is required to get in. The quota per seat is well below the proportion of misguided people who believe that by voting for the Greens they are doing the best thing for the planet plus the preference votes which flow the Greens' way. SHY would never have won a seat in a lower house election. Now she is on the same pay as lower house members who have to win a majority of seats in their electorates, but she has no specific electorate to appeal to. It pains me even more to think that she only has to be elected once more, and she is entitled to a very large annual superannuation income for life, paid by a grateful nation.

Pinky the pilot 5th Jun 2015 11:27

Likewise, RJM. Fact is that the last election I made a point of putting her last on the paper and I always vote `below the line.`

Ethel the Aardvark 5th Jun 2015 11:42

Careful pinks, you might be associating yourself with childish name callers!

Ken Borough 5th Jun 2015 13:03


Don't feel embarrassed! Think yourself lucky that Fred Nile wields power and influence beyond measure in New South Wales. We've gotten rid of the Fishers and Shooters (I think) but Fred and his running partner control the balance of power in the Upper House. In short, Fred can, and does, hold the Baird Government to significant ransom.

Hempy 5th Jun 2015 13:32

The Senate has it's good and bad points. I've heard Xenophon called a 'loon' on these pages, but if you care to search the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee hearings you'll find he's at the forefront of asking sticky questions of CASA, the ATSB, AMSA and ASA. And generally making fools of them. At least someone is trying to ask the right questions, and if you say the man isn't incisive and intelligent YOU are the 'loon' tbh

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