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Kodachrome 27th Feb 2015 09:33


Damn the ALPBC and their bias!

Worrals in the wilds 27th Feb 2015 10:08

Tee hee. :E
The Courier tried that with Newman and it didn't work. In recent post-election weeks they've been more conciliatory wrt Labor politics (even including a Guide To Labor Factions in one of their post election issues :\) but if they're seeking leftie credibility, that hasn't worked either. :}

After the last state election I'm convinced that even the most rampant partisan newspaper editorial effort has little to no effect on the electorate. I think that the dwindling number of people who buy a daily paper buy it either to affirm their pre-existing beliefs (I'm guilty of that) or buy it for the sports section, TV, real estate or form guide. The more rah-rah the Murdoch/Fairfax press carry on with, the more people just stop listening. :zzz: The Courier and Sunday Mail backed Newman fair and square, and he still lost. TBH, I think that if it had any influence at all (which is debatable), their glowing coverage (as per the Abbott headline above) only fuelled Newman's demise. As for Abbott, time will tell. For all the people I talk to on here or IRL, since about last Christmas I've yet to speak with a single person who will say that they think he's doing a great job. Not one.

Captain Dart 27th Feb 2015 18:50

I don't have to buy the Telegraph. But my taxes pay for the ALPBC.

Fubaar 27th Feb 2015 19:37

For conservatives, the dream result on Monday would be for Tony Abbott to fall on his sword and stand down - a huge ask, (and in my opinion, highly unlikely) - but to nominate Scott Morison as his replacement to hopefully put the skids under Turnbull.

I have to agree with Worrals to a point - many of Abbott's problems are self-inflicted. Like him or hate him, you have to accept that he's accident prone. His personality (or the one Joe Public sees at least) would have to be a 5% negative for the Libs in the polls. If he stepped aside, the opinion polls would show that - but not if Turnbull replaced him. If Turnbull replaced him, the Libs would lose as many if not more from the conservative side of the Liberal voter base than they'd gain from the middle.

But what would they do with him if he did step down? If he did an Edward Heath and stayed on the back bench, he'd be poison, 'the ghost of Christmas past' - as Heath was - to whomever was on the Liberal front bench. Ambassador to Washington? Untidy. Really untidy. High Commissioner to London? Less untidy, but still a huge step down for an ex-PM. Onto a few boards?

Paul Murray last night was positing Scott Morrison as a possible replacement on Monday. I really hope he's right, but I fear the Libs are just too damned CONSERVATIVE (as in 'stick in the mud' conservative) to put Morrison in. But if they put Turnbull up, I think it will be the end of the Liberal Party as a major political party. It will go the way of the DLP as the bulk of the conservative voter base will desert it to new start conservative parties that will rush to fill the void that Turnbull will create.

The most hopeless, (or should that be 'most hopelessly led'), Opposition imaginable - the current Australian Labor Pardy - must be speechless, unable to believe their luck, as they watch the Liberals inflict this death of a thousand cuts upon themselves.

parabellum 27th Feb 2015 20:01

Don't think it is the newspapers that influence Joe Public anywhere near as much as the TV does. Easier to watch TV than read a newspaper and TV 'tells' the public rather than leaving them to interpret printed information.

At the moment, on most free to air channels, the Labour opposition get about one minute air time to every ten seconds they give the government, yes, there is some sort of charter that is supposed to give equal time but right now that is being ignored wholesale. The jounos have only one topic, a spill, so the public are being conditioned to believe one is inevitable if not necessary. The ALPBC are a law unto themselves and make no secret of their left leaning agenda. Turnbull has had ample opportunity to correct this but made no effort at all, could it be that he is using them to further his bid for the PMs job?

The conservative media are far less in favour of Turnbull as a PM than the left wing MSM are, (and Ethel!), which tells it's own story. One wonders if the socialists have realised that should Turnbull become PM and follow a left leaning agenda he will guarantee the ALP being in opposition for several years to come, unfortunately this scenario is unlikely to do any good for Australia, as a country, or the Australian residents that pay taxes.

alisoncc 27th Feb 2015 20:14

The most hopeless, (or should that be 'most hopelessly led'), Opposition imaginable - the current Australian Labor Party - must be speechless, unable to believe their luck, as they watch the Liberals inflict this death of a thousand cuts upon themselves.
Similar was said about the ALP when they were in melt down. So nothing has changes. They are all as bad as each other.

It's easy to criticise, without making any positive contributions. To use a much-maligned third world phrase, if we had a "government of national unity" of the 75 senators and 150 house of reps members, who would JB's select for the various ministerial posts? Phil Ruddock would be one of my choices.

Jeps 27th Feb 2015 20:49

My legal friends tell me Shorten's mother entered law school the same time he did and beat him (and pretty much everyone else) at everything and went on to become a successful barrister. He entered a trade Union friendly law firm and became a standard labor hack. Too harsh?

parabellum 27th Feb 2015 21:11

It's easy to criticise, without making any positive contributions.
But this is what the ALP do best Alison! ;)

alisoncc 27th Feb 2015 22:02

Many said exactly the same about the LNP when Abbott and Co were in opposition. It's so much easier to oppose something than to do better in practise. Which I believe is the reason why the country is in the mess it is. Both sides are playing the same game.

Ethel the Aardvark 27th Feb 2015 23:30

Amazing Para, there are all sorts of remedys for age related memory loss.
simple fix, the Libs and their gaffes would be less news worthy if that they stopped stuffing up. If Dum Dum stays in I see a royal commission into the ABC on the horizon. One of the few they haven't done yet!
Also Tim Wilson was allegedly offered Triggs role a while back, Another Pyne clone. Where do they get them from? Surely Brandis is looking down the end of the barrel as well.

rh200 28th Feb 2015 02:15

gaffes news worthy:ugh:. Yep explains it all, good government we are after they say. With all the things going on in the world, at home etc, it's the gaffes that are news worthy and what we use as a competence measure these days, we truly have progressed.

Though it is typical of the left, they can't seem to get out of bed or just get on with a productive life unless they have someone or a cause to inspire them.

As for Brandis, he should get Australia highest honor:E

alisoncc 28th Feb 2015 02:24

As for Brandis, he should get Australia highest honor:E
Perhaps Tony could give him a knighthood - not. Captains choice of course.

bosnich71 28th Feb 2015 03:05

Here's someone who didn't get a Knighthood, Dr. Rajendra Pauchari. Then again he did get a Nobel "Peace" Prize. It seems that he has now resigned from the IPCC after allegations of sexual harassment of female staffers have arisen. Perhaps his 'computer modelling' of the female staffers feelings toward him wasn't modelled properly.

Ethel the Aardvark 28th Feb 2015 03:39

Phony is trying the old send the troops back in vote winner. Wonder if any are shot he will use the " shit happens" line again.
Brandis as AG gave Credlin a blinding character reference when she was caught drink driving. Nothing like being impartial I suppose.

Fubaar 28th Feb 2015 04:15

Ethel, a hint from an old reactionary if you'll take it: your posts, with their welcome contrary views, will gain a lot more credibility with most readers here if you drop the inane name calling of the Prime Minister. If you think it's clever, let me assure you that I for one don't share your view.

As for your thinking that sending more troops to Iraq is a vote winner for Tony Abbott, let me assure you, this old reactionary sees it as a huge negative. Make that a HUGE negative.

RJM 28th Feb 2015 04:31

Journalist John Lyons who wrote the article accusing Tony Abbott of saying that he favoured a unilateral invasion of Iraq has qualified his remarks somewhat.

Lyons now says that 'unilateral' was not actually the word used, and that 'invasion' was not mentioned either.

He also admits that he has no-one who will corroborate what he said he heard.

But, Lyons got his piece on page one, and the story will damage Abbott by supporting Shorten's recent not very subtle revival of the 'Abbott as wall-punching thug' idea. So, from Lyons' point of view, what's a little loss of reputation for honest reporting?

Kodachrome 28th Feb 2015 04:36

Fubaar, you can't tell Ethel to not call the PM names but then turn around and use ones like ALPBC, Sarah two-dads and juliar. Even if you don't personally, plenty of others do.

Ovation 28th Feb 2015 06:53

Fubaar, you can't tell Ethel to not call the PM names but then turn around and use ones like ALPBC, Sarah two-dads and juliar. Even if you don't personally, plenty of others do
Some people deserve respect for their noble but sometimes misdirected efforts, while others deserve scorn for their public lies and double standards. Whatever the outcome of the current destabilisation of Abbott, he'll always be able to hold his head high with a clear conscience.

"Two Dads" is a generic nickname for those inflicted with hyphenated surnames, and SHY (also referred to as the child senator) is, along with Rudd and Gillard responsible for luring thousands to a watery grave, the ALPBC should be renamed just that given its incessant and biased criticism of Abbott and all things Liberal, and Juliar refers to Gillard, a failed lawyer (and failed PM for those who've forgotten) who tells lies, breaks promises, stabs people in the back and sleeps with other women's husbands.

Ethel the Aardvark 28th Feb 2015 06:56

I can't can look at Abbott without seeing the totally Dum Dum expression, walking like a large ape and the having to repeat every sentence twice routine.
And that is before you listen to what he has too say.
I rest my case me'lord

Flying Binghi 28th Feb 2015 07:41

Cyclone Marcia
Has anybody got any credible links, or personal knowledge of, mass areas of leave stripped trees curtesy of TC Marcia ? And I mean stripped bare just like cat 4 TC Tracy. Reason being I'm going for a look-see fer me-self fly and would like to know I'm at what is the worst area claimed rather then spend hours grid patterning.

There were a 'damage' picture posted by the village idiot at WXzone though as another poster noted... "You would expect no less damage from plantation pine, ... an introduced softwood with little cyclone resilience..I think the same US company that leased the 25000 acres of Yasi destroyed pine around Kennedy/cardwell also leased the Byfield plantations..long term forestry in cyclone prone coastal areas would have to be one of the riskiest investments imaginable.."

Severe Tropical Cyclone Marcia (Coral Sea) February 2015 - GENERAL DISCUSSION - Weatherzone Forums

And in the news...

"...misleading public declarations ..."

Looks like Australia's BoM has been found out. More at...
Australian BOM under fire ? questions about ?adjusted? temperatures exploding around the world JoNova

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