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Hempy 6th Feb 2015 23:56

If they were the Powerful and Almighty leaders sent to us by the grace of God to pull our country back from the precipice that the ALP had nearly led us over, surely the electorate would have given them the majority and the seats they need to allow them to pass all the legislation they like???

Fcuking Labor Opposition...all they ever do is oppose stuff :rolleyes:

parabellum 7th Feb 2015 00:27

Hempy - That is what you get for having a stuffed up electoral system.
Stick to the Primary vote.

Fubaar 7th Feb 2015 00:42

It's a sad indictment of our modern day 'educayshun' system that Ethel has no idea how ridiculous his/her posts are with their many spelling and grammar errors while he/she attempts to be superior to us old reactionaries.

rh200 7th Feb 2015 00:53

Any credible sources for your allegations?
ROFL, good one:ok:

CoodaShooda 7th Feb 2015 01:06

Surely you mean "we old reactionaries". :p

Personally, I enjoy Ethel's posts, regardless of whether s/he is a wind up merchant or a true believer.

It'd be a boring old thread if we sat around and everyone agreed with everyone else. (Note to self - perhaps that's why the ABC public affairs shows and Fairfax papers are losing audience share.)

david1300 7th Feb 2015 01:33

Originally Posted by alisoncc (Post 8857152)
Sorry Parabellum, but Abbott and his mates did exactly the same in opposition.

Not correct. They may have opposed many measures, but they could not block them. Do you think the following would have got through if they could:
1 - GFC free money handout, that mainly boosted the Chinese economy as people rushed out and bought flat screen TV's
2 - School Halls debacle
3 - School computers debacle
4 - Ceiling Insulation debacle
just to mention a few Labor policies that were implemented :ugh::ugh:

Fubaar 7th Feb 2015 02:55

Cooda, it follows a preposition "...to", so it should be the objective "us", rather than the subjective "we". Or that's the way it was taught when such rules of grammar were drummed into me. (When such rules were still taught in Australian schools.)

However, the way you suggested is so widely used today it's become the norm, and employing the grammatically correct usage jars a bit with many, along the same lines as the grammatically correct "than I", (which sounds totally pretentious, like something Christopher Pyne might say), rather than the more usually used (and incorrect) "than me".

Back to politics, Tony Abbott is following John Howard's lead in dishing out goodies to buy votes. How many international flights a day will Townsville attract a day to make it worth the outlay of establishing a Customs and Immigration presence there? Some lucky Public Serfs are going to have a lot of time on their hands to go fishing or to play an awful lot of Tetris.

I'm already looking forward to the "tell all" book that will surely come out in the years to come describing who in the Liberal Party was behind the long-planned plot to overthrow Tony Abbott. Somehow I don't think one Malcolm Turnbull will come out untainted in any such expose.

Saltie 7th Feb 2015 20:16

From the Piers Ackerman site. This bloke echoes my sentiments exactly.

Stop Pretending

Dear Mr Abbott,

As an historic leadership battle begins on Tuesday between conservative Liberals and those with progressive left-leaning inclinations, may I offer the following observations and suggestions?

Let me preface my remarks by stating that I am a lifelong Liberal voter who deplores the direction Labor and the Greens have dragged Australia, in or out of office, with their poisonous socialist agenda.

I voted for you in 2013 and will vote Liberal again in 2016 if you are still PM.

I voted in 2013 with high expectations that you would drag Australia back from the brink of Greece-like bankruptcy and Labor profligacy and reverse six years of Rudd/Gillard/Rudd social engineering, designed intentionally to weaken our freedoms, sap incentive, create welfare dependency on an unprecedented scale, turn a discredited IPCC hypothesis into a new religion, bloat the bureaucracy, pander to unions, and grow and centralise big government.

With some things, like the abolition of the carbon tax, and stopping the boats you have lived up to my expectations, but with other issues you haven’t.

I realise you have a hostile intransigent Senate that won’t pass your budget measures, but you have disappointed me and other Liberal voters with other decisions, which I will detail below.

The one thing that impressed me about you was your authenticity.

Unlike the phoniness and false persona of Kevin Rudd, and the many versions (real or otherwise) of Julia Gillard, I expected you to be true to your colours, your commitments and your free enterprise spirit.

I implore you to regain your authenticity and let us see the real Tony Abbott.

Stop Pretending that you can be all things to all people.

All prime ministers on election night claim they will govern for all Australians, not just their party supporters who voted for them.

Then all Labor prime ministers and state premiers in recent history immediately drop the pretence and govern to favour the unions, the minority pressure groups and their own Labor held constituencies, leaving Liberal voters and small business out in the cold.

You, on the other hand came in and have been far too soft and generous the Left, rewarding the likes of Greg Combet and Natasha Stott Despoja with plum government jobs and continuing ruinous policies like Gonski and the NDIS which were unfunded thought bubbles of the failed Gillard era.

You don’t have to kowtow to the left – you will never win their respect if you were the archangel Gabriel!

Stop Pretending that free speech is safe without the repeal of 18C.

You promised it gone, yet buckled to the noisy Muslim minority who claim to feel victimised by its repeal.

Free Speech is the key element of a free society, and no amount of regulation and punitory penalties can quell the free expression of ideas, no matter how offended certain parties may feel about the truth.

The threat of prosecution under 18C merely drives resentment underground, it does not prevent it.

Stop Pretending that the discredited IPCC global warming hypothesis is real, dangerous or a threat to mankind.

I understand the difficulty you face when roughly half your Liberal parliamentary colleagues believe in global warming a.k.a climate change.

But your authentic original assessment of it as “crap” was both accurate and perceptive.

18 years of no warming and countless studies by independent sceptical scientists have revealed this global scam as nothing more than a giant political and financial ponzi scheme, designed by the UN to redistribute money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries, and usher in the UN’s not so secret ambition to form a One World Government with powers to destroy the sovereignty of nation states and independent prosperous western countries.

Stop Pretending that the UN is a beneficial worthwhile global body for good.

It may have started out that way after WW2, but today it is an autocratic socialist organization, dominated by third world dictatorships, with a vision of world domination through UN treaties, edicts and centralisation of power.

I would like you to declare just how many treaties the UN has imposed upon Australia, and how many freedoms we have lost because of these impositions on our national sovereignty, local laws and freedoms.

Stop Pretending that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’.

It clearly isn’t under any circumstances.

The word ‘Islam’ translates to ‘submission’ and the Koran itself is a bloodthirsty account of a warlord whose vision was to conquer the whole world in the name of Islam.

Islam is also a complete legal system which followers are expected to obey on fear of death, and include stonings, amputations, beheadings and female subjugation and mutilation, among other barbaric medieval practices.

Islam is peaceful only if you submit totally to its will and allow its misogynous doctrine to control your life, your beliefs while sacrificing all your personal freedoms.

There is no such thing as a ‘moderate’ Muslim.

Only subservient Muslims who obey their spiritual masters and keep their heads down (or covered) to avoid persecution.
Infidels (the rest of us non-Muslim Australians) are regarded as scum, not worthy of consideration or respect and fair targets in the ongoing war of terrorism.

Religion of Peace? Do me a favour!

Stop Pretending that Halal Certification of food is just a simple commercial exercise.

It is an obscenity that 100% of Australians are paying more for food to satisfy the religious prejudices of 2% of the population. If this was the Mafia imposing this tax instead of Islam, there would be an outcry and swift legal action to curtail this extortion racket and bring the perpetrators of the scheme to justice.

Stop Pretending that the ABC is worthy of continued government taxpayer funding, in light of its Labor socialist bias.

There was no need to have promised ‘no changes’ to the ABC when so many of your Liberal voters were begging for it to be privatised or dragged into line back to its charter of impartiality.

Putting that ABC lover and socialist, Malcolm Turnbull, in charge of it was one of your poorer decisions.

Stop Pretending that Australia is still the Lucky Country, the best place on earth.

It once was, but it is rapidly losing its traditional appeal with the growing menace of Islamification, soaring debt, restrictions on free speech, and a dysfunctional parliament.

The Senate was created as the States House, to act as a brake on centralist federal governments. It has devolved into a house of noisy minority groups, who owe no allegiance to any particular State, only to themselves.

Stop Pretending that our electoral system does not need reform.

It’s obviously broken, open to all sorts of abuse, and mired in a horse and buggy era mechanism of misplaced trust of voter honesty crossing names off the roll.

It allows multiple voting, voting in the names of dead people and incompetence in counting, with ‘missing’ bundles of votes, and other discrepancies.

If not a ‘first past the post’ system we at least need to limit the preference flow to a certain number of places, to avoid the micro parties getting in on tiny first preferences, with an exchange of preferences with other micro parties.

A Swiss system of Direct Democracy, as advocated by Professor Davd Flint, which would allow citizen initiated referendums and recall elections would be the ultimate best option for Australia.

Together with non-compulsory voting to ensure voters really cared about the outcome.

In conclusion,I urge you to find your authenticity, not just pretend that the Liberals are just better economic managers than Labor.

We do not need Labor Lite, or a Liberal Party moving further left of centre under someone like Turnbull.

Take us into your confidence; explain the reasons for your policies and actions.

Take bold actions that your conservative base expects and demands.

If the Liberals lurch left with Turnbull, I will not vote Liberal at the next election or any other, for my preferred party will be no more.

And I am not alone in this decision.

Jim of Sydney (Reply)
Sun 08 Feb 15 (12:10am)

SOPS 7th Feb 2015 20:28

I Sent a letter very similar to the above to TA a few weeks ago. Amazingly similar in fact. The answer I got back was PC waffle.

parabellum 7th Feb 2015 20:40

Not so much a prediction but what I would like to see after Tuesday is the LNP with a new leader, a ten point advantage in several polls, then a double dissolution with the LNP returned with a workable majority in both houses.

Dream on I hear you say! :)

Fubaar 7th Feb 2015 21:58

Reports appearing online that Turnbull supporters are saying he's willing to withdraw from any leadership contest if Abbott will agree to roll Joe Hockey and put Turnbull into Treasury and that Julie Bishop supports this (or at least the rolling Joe bit).

Even the most rusted on Liberal supporter would have to admit that Joe hasn't delivered the goods. In fact, he's been a bit of an anchor around the Coalition's political neck.

Prediction time. I think Abbott will survive this week. But not long term. The only way he could survive long term would be to follow Jim of Sydney's letter to the letter - STARTING THIS MONDAY AFTERNOON. (Saltie's post, last post of the previous page.)

I really don't think he's got it in him to follow that very good advice. Which is a real pity, because I don't see anyone in the wings in the Liberal Party, with the possible exception of Morrison, who would be an improvement, and Morrison doesn't seem to have the numbers within the Party to gain the leadership.

And 'having the numbers' in a situation like the Liberal Party currently finds itself is everything.

Ethel the Aardvark 7th Feb 2015 22:23

Blabbotts brought the day of knifes forward to mon. Presumably to catch the enemy napping, I hope you all realise if Dummy remains in the top job then his polls may improve a small amount but it will still be the same continuous gaffes and embarrassments, worse leader and gov in living memory which after the last lot is quite an achievement,
Now Sinodinas has anounced that bringing the spill motion forward shows disrespect to party and parliament. Phoney must of really pissed him off!

Ozzie Mozzie 8th Feb 2015 00:59

A return to a first past the post voting system? I'd love to hear the argument behind that but I bet it amounts to people who vote green or independents often preference labor over the Libs. I've heard some dumb things in my day but that really takes the biscuit.

Hempy 8th Feb 2015 02:10

The funniest part is that people actually read 'how to vote' cards...

Mimpe 8th Feb 2015 02:34

Hard to pick, but I think it will end up Turnbull as leader merely on electability in the wider community, Bishop remains Deputy - if not now then within a month or two.

Saltie 8th Feb 2015 02:58

I think TA might cling on on Monday but it will just be delaying the inevitabe. Who knows what 3 months wil bring up? An illness 'forcing' TA to retire?

Hempy 8th Feb 2015 03:43

Yeah a chronic mental one.

SOPS 8th Feb 2015 05:39

I see the loonie left are out in force. I assume sprintmam, as soon as next boat arrives, you will be happy to have them sleeping in your spare room?

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